The English Translation of the Qur'an.
Written by Abdun Nur and Dr Badar Kanwar   

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Linguistic understanding of Al-Qur’an

Al="the" / Qur, is next word, not Qura, as there is Jezm on Ra= One establish(usually used for one with authority.) / Aan= I / meaning of the phrase Qur'an:

 "The one I established with authority”

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The true purpose of the broad message in Al Qur’an, being the same message expressed within the original accounts of preceding scriptures, was to liberate humans from all oppressions, including mental oppression.

Our Creator communicates with us, and want us to be able to transform ourselves and those around us from state to state, through the following of those direct communications, presenting Allah’s guiding principles, comprehensively detailed within the Qur‘an.

However, throughout human history; people have ignored truth, suffering, exploitation, and actively want to create barriers between all human beings, for their own selfish advantage, so to this end, confusing the truths of the Creator, for the sake of their own power and status, to dominate those around them.

In early human history, the only form of communication, and so transfer of information, was through oral traditions. Speech can be understood as sound symbols representing the transfer of knowledge. However, the sound of spoken word dies as soon as they have been uttered. Hence, verbal communication is subject to alteration and can never be reliable.

Later on humans learned to preserve sound symbols on paper in the form of script, so it became less likely that the scripted messages would alter. However, revisions, corruptions and additions transformed scriptures over time, as the powerful used their influence and positions of trust.

This direct revision could not be employed against the Qur’an, so a new route had to be established.

It is a natural phenomenon that all spoken languages change over time, so the people who want to continue their oppressive control can capitalize on this phenomenon. This may occur, deliberately or subtly, without most people realizing it.

This slow transformation happened to the original Qur’anic Arabic language, the original spoken Quran, from the tongue of the Rasul into the established script techniques of that time.

Natural changes in language, both intentional and unintentional, and rapid expansion of the message beyond the boundaries of Mekkah and Medina, in whose language the verbal message’s source scripture was preserved, made it difficult to conserve the exact meanings depicted in the script, and gradually the message was degraded, until finally lost again.

Luckily, the original script is preserved, and the rules and meanings of the script and writing techniques were well preserved by great Arabic scholars, and later translated by great linguists from Arabic to other languages. These Arabic books and translations have been greatly ignored, or more significantly, have been out of the reach of most common people.

Recently, with the explosion of communication tools in the form of electronic media and the internet, has put these books again in the hands of common people. These common people can potentially get back to the real message, by utilising these tools.

The original Qur’anic Arabic can be studied as a scientific discipline, when the correct rules are applied to Quranic text, these principles bring forth an understanding, completely different from the conventional one. Like any other old script, one has to go back in time to understand the writing technique used at the time, so uncover the real message preserved by original scribes.

Following are only some of the reasons to look at the script in a scientific manner.

It is hard to believe that meanings rendered are completely error free, otherwise we would have had no discrepancy.

The language is corrupted/changed naturally or deliberately through rational phenomenon of language evolution, and so requires a comprehensive re-evaluation to uncover real meanings of the message. Self evidently, a collective effort would be better and more fruitful than an individual effort.

It is always helpful to keep an mind open to dissenters, this helps to avoid exchanging one corruption for just another’s preconceived notions.

By diversifying the group one can use group wisdom, a very powerful tool.

Using an open internet model helps to keep individual anonymity, if they desire, but still contribute in a positive manner.

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