Proposed Method of Allodium Witnessed Declaration
Written by Abdun Nur   

Version 5 – 12th December 2012

Proposed Method of Allodium Witnessed Declaration

There are four points to address in an equitable witnessed declaration of land utilisation:

1.                 Is the land utilisation already equitably held by another tangible man or woman?


To answer this question an affidavit is created to allow all parties who wish to prove their stronger equitable utilisation a chance to do so, and if they cannot then to establish that there is no dispute in the exclusive utilisation of the land and resources, and to be able to defend that position with an un-rebutted affidavit after the passing of the 40 day period of pursuance.


2.                 Have I made every reasonable effort in natural equity to inform all interested parties, so allow all tangible living parties to rebut my witnessed declaration through their provable stronger equitable utilisation?


To answer this question a notice of pursuance is created, to be posted physically upon the declared land utilisation for 40 days, with the same notice posted on all local noticeboards within a 5 mile radius of the lands location, in such places as libraries, town halls, courts, supermarkets, clubs etc.; and posted reference to the land and location once a week in a local paper, so demonstrating every effort has been made to inform all of the pursuance of your witnessed declaration.


3.                 Have I established an equitable request of allodium utilisation through the local community members directly affected by my utilisation, those physically neighbouring the declared land?


To answer this question a unilateral behaviour bond of the allodarii is created witnessed by 23 neighbours and recorded once completed at a place of record, and a duplicate copy given to signatories who are all men and women who neighbour the declared land directly, or very closely, who have signed and thumb printed the original as witness and to be unilateral bond holder of the allodarii establishing the exclusive utilisation.


4.                 Have I made my position clear in every detail to all those who request full disclosure of my behaviour?


To answer this question a declaration of equitable allodial utilisation is created, which is simply a document that explains in detail the understanding of the allodial concept, its foundation in axioms of the land and its structure within community.



1.  Visit all the neighbours surrounding and in direct attachment to your declared land utilisation, explain your intention to establish a declaration in allodium of the land, provide them with the printed declaration of equitable allodial utilisation, explaining clearly yourself the equitable system of land utilisation if they need further clarification.


2. Ask them once they are fully informed of the equitable system of land utilisation, if they would be happy to provide their witnessed affirmation that: ‘They have no objection, and give no dispute to this equitable declaration of land utilisation, and know of no tangible living man or woman who holds a stronger prior equitable exclusive utilisation as allodarii’ if they have no objection they sign as witness of the unilateral bond of good behaviour, and are on completion provided with a copy of the bond. Once twenty three (23) neighbours have signed with witnesses the unilateral bond affirming the innate obligations and responsibilities the new allodarii is declaring unilaterally, and there affirmation they are not in dispute of the exclusive utilisation as allodarii, this creates a full community sealed and supported bond.


3. Fix a notice of pursuance of the witnessed declared utilisation upon the land you wish to utilise, in a clear and prominent position, fix notices on all public notice boards within a 5 mile radius of the land, post a reference to the details and location in a local newspaper once a week for 6 weeks.


4. Post recorded delivery affidavit of allodium witnessed declaration to all agents whose principles or legal fictions ‘claim’ a share in the land you wish to utilise, a fictional ‘claim’ through conquest, contract or debt, giving them 40 days to rebut your equitable declaration.


5. After 40 days have passed without any equitable rebuttal of your witnessed declaration, you can take possession physically of your land, as it is now not in dispute and you have acted within honour throughout you witnessed declaration at all times.


6. Send recorded delivery a Plenary Allodium Utilisation Averment to the principle agent of the land registry to allow them to remove all title from the land you are using.


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