Equitable Allodial Utilisation
Written by Abdun Nur   

Version 4 – 12th December 2012


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Equitable Allodial Utilisation

The basis of allodial utilisation is a foundation of all creation, which states you can only have or hold as one's own, that which you create yourself, the fruits of your labours, otherwise you only have its utilisation as a reciprocal obligation and responsibility as it existed independently; this means the Earth cannot be bought and sold, only the labours invested can be traded, as you came into the world with nothing and you leave with nothing tangible.

Each of us has an unalienable inherent custodial utilisation in allodium of all the abundant resources of nature, based upon stronger equitable utilisation than any other tangible living man or woman, we have a reciprocal obligation and responsibility to be the custodian, holding resources in our custody, meaning a defender, protector, nurturer; the land is held in the care of the one working or living on the land.

The natural resources of the earth are also allodial, as we did not create those either, for example:

If I plant a field of watermelons, the watermelons are the bounty of the Creator, grown from the earth and out of the seed, and from the design of the Creator, but the physical labour you invested in the planting of the seed, the preparing of the land, the harvesting and marketing of the watermelons, is what you have honestly earned and deserve in reward of your labour, so when you sell the watermelon, the watermelon itself is free, as it is the bounty of the Creator, but the labour it took to reach its end consumer must be paid by the end consumer.

The animal life upon the earth is also allodial, as again we did not create it; animals need only one ‘right’ although we now suffer inequitably a culture of entitlement based upon rights; animals cannot establish equity against man’s actions, therefore man must grant, unattested,  the right from a superior to an inferior, as an extension to believe without witness a superior will give a benefit or privilege of protection of the right not to be ‘property’, animals are unable to enter into a social written witnessed agreement or make moral choices, and for that reason cannot be regarded as possessors of rights that can be defended or established by them independently, any living man or woman has the inherent power to champion the causes of the weak, defenceless, oppressed, or tortured.

Like the watermelon the animal is not owned, only the labour invested in the animal has value, the animal is the property of the Creator, the right of the animal not to suffer from the hand of man is unalienable to all life, we have a duty of care.


Allodial utilisation of land is unalienable, in that it cannot be taken by any operation of a moot or court for any reason whatsoever (beyond the single intentional actions of manifesting long term damage to surrounding land through a unilateral bond of behaviour, in written agreement with those surrounding your land).

You cannot hold a declared utilisation of land beyond that you utilise yourself.

Without ownership, you cannot rent, be tenant, or landlord, you cannot mortgage, lien, or leverage upon your land, no other can ‘claim’ a duplicate account or share gains, especially trusts, corporations or State. Allodial witnessed declaration is the absolute resource of their custodian as allodarii, and not subject to any service or acknowledgement to a superior; this concept denies any legal municipal power and cannot be alienated by seizure by a creditor.

An allodarii custodian can through written agreement, abandonment or death, give up allodial land as custodian and that allodial land can be restored back to natures care, or the added value only, that has been invested within the land can be passed on to an heir. Allodial utilisation of land cannot be exchanged by deception (for example a gambling debt), only by equitable written agreement with the unilateral bond of behaviour passing to any inheritor for their witnessed signature.

Allodial resources without a custodian are held in the care of nature and as such have common utilisation by the local community, and are also available to individuals when they are needed for their exclusive utilisation, as long as no objection is declared by the men and women that neighbour the desired land utilisation, and they seek to determine no other living man or woman has a stronger prior exclusive custody of that land.

Allodial utilisation contains no legal fiction of rights of dominion being transferred through title, grant, claim, deed, charter, property, estate or any other fictional delivery, nor through registration or tenancy, but simply recorded in unilateral bond of behaviour witnessed by those neighbouring the allodial land. The unilateral bond gives protection through written bond of the behaviour the custodian will adhere to for all parties holding local custody neighbouring the new area of the adjuration of utilisation. The bond is only established once all are given opportunity to be made aware of the desire of the man or woman to make exclusive utilisation of that area of land, to make certain no other has stronger prior custody.

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