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Before you imprudently disregard the true guidance of the Qur’an, your dismissal based on preconceived dogma, formed over a life time of cultural traditions and indoctrinations, through the establishing one deception building upon another through the ages, judge this expression of the Qur’an upon the Qur’ans own stated purpose:

A guide complete in every detail.

It is a simple and clear guide to live in this world, presenting every concept and principle in clarity, needing no historical references, no conversations written down centuries after they were spoken, if they were ever, indeed spoken.

It is in this correct translation a clear guide complete in every detail, please reflect on this before you dismiss the guidance of Allah for the confusion of religion.

Active Image   Active Image Surah 1        Al-Fatiha

Active Image  Active Image Surah 2        Al-Baqarah

Active Image   Active Image Surah 92      Al-Lail

Active Image  Active Image Surah 93      Ad-Dhuha

Active Image   Active Image Surah 94      Al-Sharh

Active Image   Active Image Surah 95      At-Tin

Active Image   Active Image Surah 96      Al-‘Alaq

Active Image   Active Image Surah 97      Al-Qadar

Active Image   Active Image Surah 98     Al-Baiyina

Active Image   Active Image Surah 99     Al-Zalzalah

Active Image   Active Image Surah 100    Al-‘Adiyat

Active Image   Active Image Surah 101    Al-Qari’a

Active Image   Active Image Surah 102    At-Takathur

Active Image   Active Image Surah 103    Al-’Asar

Active Image   Active Image Surah 104    Al-Humaza

Active Image   Active Image Surah 105    Al-Feel

Active Image   Active Image Surah 106    Quraish

Active Image  Active Image Surah 107    Al-Ma’un

Active Image  Active Image Surah 108    Al-kauthar 

Active Image  Active Image Surah 109    Al-kafirun

Active Image  Active Image Surah 110    An-Nasr 

Active Image  Active Image Surah 111    Al-Lahab  

Active Image  Active Image Surah 112    Al-Ikhlas

Active Image  Active Image Surah 113    Al-Falaq

Active Image  Active Image Surah 114    An-Nas

The History of Arabic grammar.  Click Here.



This is an ongoing translation of the Arabic text of Qur'an, based on our ongoing work in understanding the purely linguistic concepts utilised in spoken and scripture writing, utilised at the time of the Messenger Muhammed and his immediate companions.


The preservation of the written script was started very early on by the great Arab scholars, but the lexicon also continued to evolve, and continued to add the newer meanings and concepts of the words as well. This has created a lot of confusion regarding the actual concepts given at the time of Messenger himself. This is a very detail oriented work but we are confident, that with patience and with the lifting of the cataracts of blind faith, and engaging upon the research of true knowledge, we will not only get to the true message, but will embark upon the peaceful journey of life as is envisioned by our Creator.


Since this is an ongoing translation and as it is unfolding, the readers may see few or multiple changes, as our concepts and understandings evolve to a level of greater clarity.


We do not feel ashamed, to rectify our mistakes, as the purpose is to reach the true message, rather than to create and establish an authority of yet another group claiming to be correct. We will not only continue to change and improve the concepts, but we promise to incorporate any corrections, pointed out by our readers, with due diligence, as long as it is supported with sound reasoning and appropriate references.


We will also not incorporate any meanings, unless we have a sound linguistic basis, open to new information, of every thing with proper references. May our Rabb help us all to embark upon this journey to understand the message, the way it was intended to be.

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