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Written by Abdun Nur J   

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(Nizam-e-Rububiyath: The system of sustenance)

A presentation of an Islamic world financial and governmental system.

Forget your preconceived understanding of a caliphate (if this is harboured), and then consider a fresh perspective on this Qur’anic concept. The Qur’anic caliph is simply the inheritor, the successor, nothing more, so if you view it as that, Adam (Humanity) was the successor, from primitive man to evolving human. The conventional interpretation of a Caliph as a ruler is against the concepts expressed within the Qur’an and therefore wrong, to enthusiastically propagate the conventional view is to rise against the truth of Allah, the Qur’anic concept is so fundamental to freedom it is in fact its foundation stone, the root of all freedom, that concept is simple, as all Qur’anic concepts are, you can have no sovereign except the guidance of the Qur’an itself, being the guidance of Allah, the conscious energy of all creation, emanating from the heart of every atom of creation, no human being alive or dead can be your sovereign, not even the messenger Mohammad. As stated in the Qur’an.

Yet the promoters of sovereignty do not sight the Qur’an, they sight Hadith, the most popular Hadith that contradict the Qur’an, yet is heavily promulgated is:

“when three or more people travel they should elect one of them to be their amir (leader)”
Many similar Hadiths are expressed with this sentiment, reinforcing this misconception.

It is not for a human that Allah should give him the scripture and authority and messenger hood and then he would say to the people, ‘Be servants to me rather than Allah,’ but, ‘Be pious scholars of Allah because of what you have taught of the scripture and because of what you have studied.’ (Surah 3 : 79)

Nor could he order you to take the angels and messengers as lords. Would he order you to disbelief after you had been Muslims? (Surah 3 : 80)

It is clear from this you can have no sovereign not even Muhammad, if this is the case, to hold a lesser being as sovereign is a state of insanity and can not be justified.

Sovereignty is giving your decision making over to another person, without input or refusal to adhere to their will, even to the detriment of your own welfare, you become subject to their will, hence you are a subject of a sovereign.

If you examine the history of the past you can understand the death cult of sovereignty, evident again and again are examples of the ultimate price people pay for being subjugated, and conferring that subjugation to others.

One historical example is the last potato famine of Ireland:


At the top of the "social pyramid", being the regional sovereigns, were the "ascendancy class," the English and Anglo-Irish who owned most of the land, and who had more or less limitless power over their tenants.

Some of their estates were vast: the Earl of Lucan, owned over 60,000 acres (240 km2). Many of these landlords lived in England and were called absentee landlords. They used agents to administer their property for them, with the revenue generated being sent to England.

A number of the absentee landlords living in England never set foot in Ireland. They took their rents from their "impoverished tenants" or paid them minimal wages to raise crops and livestock for export, the landlords regarded the land as a source of extracting as much money as possible from those who laboured upon it; pure usury.

During the eighteenth century a new system for dealing with the landlord’s property was introduced in the form of the “middleman system”. This assured the landlord of a regular income, and relieved them of any responsibility; the tenants however were then subject to exploitation through these middlemen. Described by the Commission as “the most oppressive species of tyrant that ever lent assistance to the destruction of a country,” they were invariably described as “land sharks” and “bloodsuckers.”

In 1845, 24% of all Irish tenant farms were of 0.4 to 2 hectares (one to five acres) in size, while 40% were of two to six hectares (five to fifteen acres). Holdings were so small that only potatoes — no other crop — would suffice to feed a family.

The Celtic grazing lands of Ireland had been used to pasture cows for centuries. The British sovereigns colonized (commandeering personal sovereignty and ownership) the Irish, transforming much of their countryside into an extended grazing land to raise cattle for a hungry consumer market at home.

The sovereign priority for financial gain, with contempt for the people they exploited and robbed, had a devastating impact on the impoverished and disenfranchised people of Ireland.

Forcibly evicted from the best pasture land, and mortally intimidated, through subjugation, to farm smaller plots of marginal land, the Irish turned to the potato, a crop that could be grown abundantly in less favourable soil. Eventually, cows took over much of Ireland, leaving the native population virtually dependent on the potato for survival

Records show Irish lands exported food even during the worst years of the Famine. When Ireland experienced a famine in 1782-83, ports were closed to keep Irish-grown food in Ireland to feed the Irish. Local food prices promptly dropped. Merchants lobbied against the export ban, but government in the 1780s overrode their protests; that export ban did not happen in the 1840s.

In 1845, the onset of the Great Irish Famine resulted in over 1,000,000 deaths.
Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid declared his intention to send 10,000 sterling to Irish farmers but Queen Victoria requested that the Sultan send only 1,000 sterling, because she had sent only 2,000 sterling. The Sultan sent the £1,000 sterling but also secretly sent 3 ships full of food. The sovereigns, subjugating the Irish used the English courts in an attempt to block the ships, but the food arrived at Drogheda harbour and was left there by Ottoman sailors.In 1847, midway through the Great Irish Famine (1845–1849), a group of American Indian Choctaws collected $710 and sent it to help starving Irish men, women and children. "It had been just 16 years since the Choctaw people had experienced the Trail of Tears, and they had faced starvation. It was an amazing gesture. By today's standards, it might be a million dollars."

It is not known how many people died during the period of the Famine, although it is believed more died from diseases than from starvation. State registration of births, marriages or deaths had not yet begun, and records kept by the orchestrating primary sovereign power, and so the most culpable, the Roman Catholic Church, are incomplete.

Mitchel later wrote one of the first widely-circulated tracts on the famine, The Last Conquest of Ireland (Perhaps) in 1861. It established the widespread view that the treatment of the famine by the sovereign powers was a deliberate murder of the Irish.

Mitchel was charged with
sedition because of his writings, but this charge was dropped and he was convicted by a packed jury under the newly-enacted Treason Felony Act and sentenced to 14 years transportation to Bermuda.

It is argued that we need leaders and sovereigns, in this example a million people died at the hands of the usurious sovereign overlords they held themselves in subjugation to.

It is sighted that in nature sovereignty is the common form of hierarchy with pack animals.

Take a pack of wolves, would they starve to death at the command of their leader, while he gorged himself on every scrap of food available? No, they would ignore his protests and feed, so within nature a leader is not the same as a sovereign, a leader in nature is not comparable to the human experience of sovereignty, but that of a caliph, being a small community of brothers and sisters working together to protect, support, and advance each individual.

To understand the correct path is simple, you must observe the example given to us by Allah, simply copy the fundamental elements of Allah’s system, and you will have harmony and unity. Many of Allah’s systems are a recurrence of a simple structure, independent parts in submission to a guiding consciousness, while each component influences the parts they interact with, so in their submission to the guide they are in unity, whereas in opposition to it, they are in confusion. This is the system of Allah, therefore this is the system of government humanity could unite under, if the correct model is conceived of through the understanding of this principle.

My view is expressed here: the macrocosm of humanity, diversely living in independent cells (or communities), meaning: no centralised authority, no sovereign government, no monarch, no religious hierarchy, no dictator, no usury, no hegemony, that is, or can be, conceivably manifest.

A system of people, widely distributed into groups that communicate with one another, and work together as a unit or system, following a simple set of concepts and principles as expressed within the Qur’an, even if nothing else is accepted, the two foundations of freedom must be universally agreed, no sovereign and no usury.

These concepts accepted free of the influence of religion, without the conceptual manipulation of a personified, objectified, or compartmentalised God, without God, without blind faith, without worship, praise or prayer, without ritual, hearsay, dogma, schools of thought or sectarian authority. Just the bare concepts and principles, irrelevant of any other understanding or misconception, these simple concepts and principles must be universally accepted and maintained within society.

An example of this organisation is as Allah has ordered the human body, trillions of cells, each one independently self contained, performing a multitude of diverse and complimentary tasks, yet an independent life form, still completely reliant upon their neighbour, and working in concert and unity with them. All subservient to a single consciousness, this order should be followed in the formation of community.

Allah, being the conscious energy of all reality, is that single consciousness the family of Adam must be in submission to, by the following of these simple principle and concepts, given by the single consciousness, as expressed within the Qur’an, it matters not if you believe in the Qur’an or in any other concept of the universal conscious energy, but you must accept as a specie the simple concepts and principles of personal freedom in concord; principles that create, maintain and expand all freedoms.

Refusal of Sovereignty.

(A Sovereign: decides with authority over the conduct of people, that are subject to those decisions, subjugated without negation.)

The foundation of any freedom is the absolute and unconditional refusal of sovereignty; this simple concept is the key to every reasoned freedom, security and development of the individual. This is the true message of Isa (Christ), and the powerful concept, that the death cult and dictatorial religion of Christianity was founded to subvert, and destroy. The rabies of the Jews needed to preserve the office of sovereignty over the people, the creation of the new testament, around 140 years after Isa (if indeed we accept some of the histories of the past as holding some truth, filled as they evidently are with embellishments and fabrications, building through the ages) had failed to educate the Jewish people of the true nature of existence, and had moved away from the Jews to foreign climbs, leaving only the seeds of his teachings, which festered), was to extinguish the fire of this idea, this message, you can have no sovereign; no person or organisation can hold sovereignty over any human being. (Refer to essay ‘

Refusal of Usury.

(Usury: the premeditated theft of the fruits of somebody else’s labour.)

The strict prohibition of Usury, being; the premeditated theft of the fruits of someone else’s labour, this concept must be comprehensively understand as a common knowledge. (Refer to essay’s ‘
The Truth’ – ‘Spiders’ – ‘Human Energy’.)

It is theft, and it is not unreasonable to prohibit theft as a form of commerce, they argue they provide a service, but these services are not required, they are based on deceptions, manipulations, concealments, monopolies, and exploitations, all these values are against the benefit of the people.

You will see the pattern of the concepts and principles emerge from the pages of the Qur’an as you view them without the contamination of indoctrinated traditions inherited from the world of the past. There is no compulsion in any of these concepts, they must be embraced with passion by each individual, each person that no longer wishes to exist in a stagnant, constrictive environment, but desires to expand themselves and the people around them, in every sense of the word. This is a system of freedom, not a system of control, a system of justice, not repression, a system of continuous learning, of self-development, not of stagnation.

Therefore the onus is upon you personally, not by force through sovereignty, but through understanding and conviction. Each person is responsible for his or her actions; they and no one else can carry the load, whether an offensive load or a fastidious load; making personal submission compulsory or obligatory, removes power from the individual, and once more places it with a sovereign. If a person is too stupid to wish to be free, they must be allowed to live as a slave, if they force that ignorance on others, as a believer in truth, you must educate and free anyone they contaminate, if that contaminated person wishes to be free. (See the essay, ‘
The Subjugated Mind.’)

So you might be thinking, the only model of finance I know is that of usury, so how does the Islamic financial model, entirely free of usury work?

As far as I can see there are three avenues open, the first is to re-establish the basic monetary system that existed for thousands of years before the Jesuit and Jewish money lenders perverted and corrupted it, secondly a money free system, and finally you could combine the two to form a extremely strong foundation, and so a more stable financial system.

The old coinage system:

Any individual can mint coins, under the prerequisites, universally agreed, of a set thickness, shape and purity, in silver, gold, platinum, whatever metal they like, being established as of value, the reason this conformity is required is to allow everyone a simple way to test the purity of coins, as only a pure metal will weigh an exact amount if made of an exact size, contamination will change the weight, so a simple set of accurate scales and a holder to test the size, are all that is required; other than that they could be of any design. No monopolies of money production by individuals or organisations can be tolerated; the universality of all things is freedom, while monopolies are a road to slavery once more.

The central repository of each cell, or community can lend money, at absolutely no interest, to people the repository find to have the intention to repay the loan (the ability to create certificates is only sanctioned for the central repository of each cell, no individual or separate organisation can do this, however any individual or organisation could lend coins at absolutely no interest if they so wished). Only a person can borrow money, no abstract business entity can be created to borrow, it is only through combined efforts large loans can be achieved, when many people join together to form a strong purpose.

The community agree to create the required number of certificates to cover the loan, the individual that has borrowed the money spends his certificate, representing silver coins, and at any point people in possession of certificates can collect the silver coins that these certificates represent, from the central repository.

The individual that has taken out the loan, over time repays the loan with coins, or certificates that he acquires, returning either the certificates or the coins that have been loaned by the repository, back to the central repository, in so doing, no inflation, no interest, no shortage of funds will exist.

The money will simply circulate through the community, no hardship or usury.

This system is based on 100% intrinsic value, therefore if an individual refuses, is unable or dies and the loan is unpaid, it must still be honoured, no loan can be written off by the repository without exoneration, as it must balance the books.

The community that issued the loan must stand the cost of the loss, three methods are open to acquire a loan, it must be backed by personal assets, it must be guaranteed by an individual (a guarantor) with sufficient assets to cover the loan, the community at large must sanction the loan and therefore carry the burden of the risk, have members of the community accept the risk, by signing on the loan, if they wish to allow it.

The requirement to attain a loan, it must not be used on usurious practices, it must not be lent to another individual, if an individual practices usury within their life even if the loan is not intended for a usurious transaction it will be denied. If an individual has failed to adhere to the agreement of repayments from an outstanding loan, a further loan will be denied, until that loan has been paid in full, or a new agreement can be created that is conformed to, and commitment to upholding the new agreement is demonstrated, however hardship due to forces beyond the control of the individual must be taken into account, as hardship is not the purpose of loans, activity and fulfilment is.

If the paper certificates are stolen they will be registered as void and new certificated issued to the individual that was robbed, a system of certificate number verification would be practiced and be readily available to all, to eliminate fraud.

If the community at large wished to borrow money, for public works for example, they would perform the same service for themselves, under close scrutiny, and with the consent of the community.

The community would cancel out these certificates as they paid for central council services, or when they gave the council monetary gifts to fund social or community projects.

As ultimately these certificates would return to be destroyed, this mandatory destruction is the key to the system; this would place no burden upon the community, no inflation, no interest, no taxation.

If individual cells wished to dispute the validity of another cells certificate, they would be exchanged upon return to the central repository that issued it, for either a certificate from the cell the person presenting the certificate originated from, or for coins.

Another alternative would be universal agreement of certificate structure and value, as to make them interchangeable throughout the system, invariably and ultimately being returned specifically to the place of issue to be destroyed, of course this could be done remotely by other repositories through serial numbers and exchange of certificates having one cancelling out another.

Of course if an abundance of coins existed within the central repository, they would be used first, having no need of certificates, as long as a minimum store was retained for daily demands.

The Islamic system cannot exist in tandem with a usury system, they are mutually exclusive, if a community establishes this Islamic system they must refuse to participate in the outside usury system as far as possible, but unfortunately people will through greed and self interest corrupt the Islamic system quickly, contaminating it with usury if they are unchecked.

Under the most stringent and exacting oversight, a system of debit of credit, built within a repository system, based on an intrinsic positive balance, without exception, always under comprehensively enforced regulation; then a digitised system could be established, although I am strongly against this concept, finding it too open to widespread abuse.

Another dimension to the concept of money, a money free system.

All money is fundamentally a physical representation for labour, therefore the modern concept of money could be devolved; instead of using gold or silver we could simply accumulate labour accomplished.

This could be done easily in the modern age with secure technologies, using a physical labour based credit card system, but could just as easily be done free of technologies with a registry, ideally in combination to prevent fraud.

It would in some respects work the opposite to money, it represents physical value in pure product, you cannot tax this system without dominating its administration and this is a system that would continue absolutely independent of any outside financial model, having no need of any physical money, either paper or metals. It would work directly opposite to all other monetary systems in respect to hoarding wealth, with paper or metal it restricts the circulation of wealth, with this system it benefit’s the community, as it’s the accumulation of physical labour within the community itself, the more you hoard the more you accomplish.

So I can present an example of this system of payment, in this example it would be for physical services, say mechanic, builder, gardener, a physical service:

If the basic or lowest hourly pay is set at 1 dirham, for unskilled work, unless a labourer worked past his normal 8 hour day, then they would receive 1 and a half dirham an hour, as over time, this is how the standard system already works, time and a half it called, however they pay that in usurious debt based money, while it could be easily paid in time worked.

If you are semi-skilled you may deserve to earn 2 dirham’s an hour as your basic pay, if your skilled 3 Dirham’s an hour, if your exceptionally skilled then perhaps 4 dirham’s an hour for example.

It removes the concept of enormous profits above the labour worked, it removes many frauds, you work in the secure knowledge you will receive full credit for the hours of labour you complete, no guess work, no excess payment unless you agreed a bonus for a particular reason, but you in essence receive 100% of the benefit of your labour.

In so far as good are concerned, it would function as described in the essay, ‘
Law of Men’.

The hours worked could be registered on a debit card system, each hour represented by silver dirham’s, so when you go to the shop and buy food, it would be priced in dirham’s, and you could pay for them with your card. This is a simple way to combine this labour register with an outside silver coin monetary system, allowing people who are not a part of the community receive goods or services.

However this system could be administrated totally free of silver or gold, if these coins were unavailable.

The second advantage of a money free system would be an inability for the sovereign powers to extract a share, as you only accumulate hours worked on a register, no intrinsic or physical asset would be available to take away, you could utilise these hours in anyway you’d like, just the same as a monetary system, you could buy food to feed a hungry person, you could buy anything for sale based on a reprehensive value of your hours worked.

You could donate your time as Zakath to the communal charity, you could donate your time to charity outside of the communal effort, a direct interaction, unlike paper money, which is donated without connection, so in isolation and detachment.

The community can credit time to your account to pay for work or a purchase, and needs no physical store of metal, it relies upon a control system that maintains its honesty and balances its accounts.

If you ran this system in unison with the silver and gold coin system it would then remain up to the people to decide how they wanted to be paid, but a labour based system would value labour not the certificates of debt, and so free the community from the existing monopoly which generates immense misery and is nothing more than a restrictive and expensive money exploitation.

Personal Freedoms.

The concept of personal freedom; no group can compel an individual to do anything against their will, the freedom of an individual to act as they see fit, if that action harms no one else (physically, mentally or socially), that action cannot be disputed, freedom of expression, freedom of belief, freedom of diversity (cultural, social, personal), freedom of comedy, freedom of creativity, etc. (refer to essay ‘The Advent Of A Muslim.)

The concept of free education; free of outside influence and manipulations, free of dogma, free of biased views and deceptive facts, a right to be educated to the height of each individual’s abilities, in intellectual or physical disciplines. (Refer to essay ‘
Islam demands reason
.’) We have been created for knowledge.

The concept of responsibility; (refer to essay ‘
Freedom means Responsibility

The concept of truth; if a person is proved to have intentionally lied under oath while holding a position of authority within the community, they will not be allowed to hold such a position again, e.g. a policeman, committee member, doctor, etc.

If a media outlet that presents information as true, and is proved to be intentionally lying, the people responsible will no longer be free to express information as true, having to publicly state they are known liars, upon each outward show, being obligated through the harmony of the community. (The most unpleasant punishment for a liar is the truth.)

If a business is proved to trade intentionally deceptively, defrauding its customers, the guilty participants will no longer be endorsed to work in any aspect of management within any company, any business that is used by a believer of truth, not through force, but through the individuals of the communities choice, as any business they exist within as management, must be exposed and deserted, with intention and reason. Through a public monitoring of company feed back, by customers registering complaints and compliments, held by the central council, so building a picture of a company, and its members, having them connected to the feed back individually, no matter their relocation or change of profession.

It cannot be a system of force but of choice, if people choose to live like swine, no amount of force will change that, it will only increase the depravity, freedom means responsibility, to live as a caliph of Allah’s guidance, is to live as a free, fearless, reasoning, lover of truth.

Everyone of us is a potential caliph (potential only; some people exist at a level so dormant they cannot be realistically a successor, they exist as a potential, capable of evolving, but in a retarded or retrograde condition); been a custodian of the Earth (because each generation succeeding the next must leave the Earth in the same good condition they were given it, even improve its condition, see essay, ‘
Allodial Earth.
’), responsible in conferring respect to the environment they exists within, as they are dependent upon this structure, capable of understanding the laws of nature, ultimately through this understand utilising them to their advantage, having them bow to their will; a servant of humanity, a protector of the innocent and vulnerable, a scholar and teacher, always honest by word and deed, selfless and generous; they are responsible to themselves and the people and animals around them, to demonstrate respect and concern for their welfare and edification.

Within the community at large the caliph is the spokesmen not the decision maker, the decisions are generated through the comprehension and unbiased understanding of the concepts of the Qur’an, free of any Hadith, being unmitigated conjecture, free from Christianised, religious Sharia Law; or if a communal decision, through committee based on this principle, a committee selected specific to the task under question, the caliph is simply the orator of the decision, and may be viewed simply as the automaton that has inherited the message they express from the collective decision.

There are many caliph’s who form committees each from their respective communities, who elect a caliph to be the orator of their decisions (the inheritor of their decision), made within the constraints and in accordance to the concepts expressed within the Qur‘an, never is a caliph a dictator nor a king simply a spokesmen.

People love firstly to revere, then to idolize ultimately to worship other individuals, pop stars, film stars, politicians, monarchs, religious figures etc., this therefore precludes the establishment of the contemporary Caliph model, which was based to a great extent on the previous systems of kingship or quickly reverted to such, based 100% upon the concept of sovereignty.

The view of the majority of Christianised Muslims in regard to, as they describe them, the first four rightly guided Caliph’s (if it is true), of the establishment of a sovereign office, I firmly believe would be a shirk.

According to the common belief of Christianised Muslims, Islam would have been lost the moment Mohammad died, if the sovereign office of Caliph was truly created, it would mean that through ignorance and lust for power, and in defiance of the wisdom of the Qur’an, these men forged the chains of the Muslim world.

It would seem more plausible to contend, that the elite fashioned the minds of the ignorant, to re-establish their authority, after it was lost through the people following only the Qur’an, into believing, and to supporting, the right to sovereignty upon their designated office of Caliph (king), to allow them to dominate and exploit the people once again, in this action the ignorant malign, defame, and dishonour these men, discourteously and without intention, these four rightly guided men.

Many concepts must be abandoned: No nations, only unity, a single species. No borders, we inhabit a single planet. No sovereign government, only submission to the concepts and direction of the Qur’an. No usury, only honest trade. No inequality, every human being is unique, gifted and able to expand their consciousness, and must be given opportunity to develop their abilities and personalities, and build knowledge of the correct understanding of existence and so manifest a conscious desire to be in submission to the guide entirely free from compulsion.

Each community is self-contained, the people working as a group for the benefit of themselves and their family, and in so doing for the community at large. Each element of public service independent, with self determination guided through the singular consciousness expressed within the Qur‘an, yet reliant and submissive to the community as a whole.

No royalties, no copy right, no money lending at interest, no gambling (stock market, futures market, commodities market, pensions, insurance, etc.), no income tax, no sales tax (VAT), no rates payments, no levy’s on energy (petrol, diesel, etc.), no ownership of property beyond your requirements, no letting property private or commercial (beyond unintentional acquisition, short term), no poison chemical additives within the human food chain, no genetically modified food products, no propaganda to misguide the population, propaganda from Hadith, newspapers or television, the Qur‘an is a complete book you need no other guide of fundamental concepts.

It is said, Hadith has a great deal of important information vital to Islam, but mixed in with falsehood, however whether perceived as good or bad this is of no value, given equal weight to the Qur’an, it gives excuse to your action in opposition to the concepts of the Qur’an, based on unmitigated conjecture, initially created to subvert Islam, if the Qur‘an was the guide to the Muslim world we would still be in unity, no division, if the Qur‘an was understood as a book of concepts and principles to follow with confidence and enthusiasm, the usurers would be nonexistent, a Christianised model of a Mohammedans religion would not have taken root and replaced the Deen of Islam, it would be understood irrespective of ritual, the concept of a Caliphate would not have been subverted into a dictatorship, the worth of a human life male or female would be understood implicitly.

No decision that interferes, hinders, or obstructs an individual's personal freedoms as expressed within the Qur’an can be enforced or coerced, the communal body selected to establish boundaries and obligations cannot indulge personal or conciliatory undertakings or responsibilities upon the community at large. For example, the instigation of a war, would be absolutely rejected by the community, only the instigation of the defence from an unprovoked attack would be embraced, and that only after investigation, however it would apply to any community, not just the one you exist within, Muslim are required to stand as a single force against all repression, whether a single man or an entire country.

The establishment of standing armies is wasteful and expensive and not in the spirit of the Qur’an, the most effective defence against a modern army is unity, to hope to win with force would be impossible against a modern first world army. Take for example Iraq, they are divided, in fact the Zionist Jews / Jesuits have through false flag operations and media propaganda increasing the divisions at every opportunity, if they had stood united as Muslims they could not have been subjugated. If they had refused as a single will any assistance to their mutual enemy, if they had given absolutely no aid to the invading force, if they had refused to work, supply, support or cooperate in any way, the invaders would have been forced to leave, if they had hindered them at every turn, if they had resisted them without fear and with honour, they would now be free, of course they should have done the same thing to their dictator, but it’s simply an example.

This is a principle that would function anywhere, in any country, to remove any parasitical force, refuse to empower them, abandon their services, refuse their taxes, hinder their efforts at every opportunity, they function on sovereignty, without it they are powerless.

No man or woman, no organisation, no community can hold sovereignty over you or anyone else, the only force you can be in submission to, and therefore hold as your sovereign is Allah, the conscious force generating all realities from the inside out.

The obligations for the communities various administrations is simple, they function to empower and facilitate each individual in an attempt to allow them to achieve their potential, within this life and the next, the key to this is mutual consultation.

The community has no right to your honestly earned money or labour, the Qur’an tells us to give whatever is surplus to our requirements. Hadith has set a basic minimum in a concept of taxation, but the concept of taxation is utterly and comprehensively denied, nothing is forcibly collected, merely voluntarily donated, ignorance of this Qur’anic concept has established through Hadith a tax, set at 2½% of your savings and disposable assets that have not used for a full year. A tax is subjugation, and so once again Hadith blinds the truth of the Qur’an with the opposite of the truth.

The community would function with unthought-of prosperity, once the Christianisation of Mohammedans has been lifted from the minds of the people, they will be Muslim, and so without the slightest compulsion every individual will give whatever is surplus to their requirements, and that is truly Zakat (communal charity), which is, as all the concepts of Islam relating to freedom are, utterly without compulsion, having consequences for every path built into the system, Allah gives you free will to choose the wrong path, but sign posts the correct path. In addition you may give to any other charitable cause as you see fit beyond the community infrastructure and services.

Within Zakat you give your honestly earned money to whatever facet you‘d wish of the community services, you may think no one would pay anything, however a true Muslim (in submission to truth, a believer in truth) is one who is always at the service of mankind, and this is a system based upon this principle. In clarification, this means, NO governmental body, or human being, can compel any individual to contribute against their will a single coin, in so doing it transforms them from servant to sovereign, this is the foundation of an Islamic government and vital to its mandate as expressed within the Qur‘an. All revenue collected, absolutely, must be given as charity, without compulsion.

However each area of the governmental body could independently restrict access to facilities to abstainers if they so wished, or impose restrictions on use, but only if the service could not cope with the pressure imposed by the freeloaders, ideally this would never be done, as the members of the community could firstly attempt to gently educate if they are open to that, without malice, but with tolerance, this would be the true Muslims path, as misers are only harming themselves ultimately.

Full freedom to express your opinion, however ridiculous, follow whatever delusions you’d wish, as long as it didn’t interfere with anyone else, live this life as your see fit, tolerance for the confused and delusional has always existed within a Qur’anic system and is important.

A woman is 100% as valuable as a man, with the same obligations and potential in the accommodation of Allah, but a different function, a different perspective, ultimately the same objectives, so given equal value, to treat a woman as inferior or as worthless is a grave offence, as the opposite would be. This is not the same as seeing a woman as the same as a man, as the sovereign system wish you to perceive it, a woman has abilities that far exceed any man, and a man has abilities that far exceed any woman, we must respect and celebrate the differences, to do otherwise is to treat something complimentary, as something lost to homogeny, a loss that will pain man, and destroy women.

Punishment, (see essay, ‘
Theft and Punishment
.’), to help correct individuals misconduct is important based within the concept of physical action, the usurious concept of monetary fines is of little benefit, other than for reparations to a victim. Unpaid physical labour, working within the community for the betterment and improvement of the society, would be the basic punishment, physical pain would be the advancement of this, incarceration the next level, combinations of these the next and ultimately the termination of an individuals physical life for the most vile crimes.

There are four sections to public services:

Public services of a utilitarian nature, such as refuse removal and street cleaning, water purification and sewage treatment, public roads, energy (if free energy systems have not been established) etc. would be paid for as utilized.

Public services of an essential nature such as, policing, fire brigade, street lighting, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, doctors, dentists, etc. would be paid for through donations of Zakath

Public services of a communal nature such as, public buildings, parks, historic buildings, museums, public performances, etc. combination of donations, trade and minimal fees if a short fall occurs.

Public liabilities, obligatory to protect the innocent, car insurance, is a contribution to a central pot, relatively proportionate to the value of the vehicle, the surplus at the end of a year, after claims, is divided up proportionately to the original contribution paid. Voluntary insurances such as, home insurance, would work upon the same principle.

A system based on community not on profit, would function at a small fraction of the costs incurred through a usurious system, the burden of basic existence would become small, and the time to explore and expand the self would be opened.

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