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Written by Abdun Nur   

In this written labour I wish to explain why minds are enslaved and subjugated, this being why true freedom and true Islam is lost to the world, a subjugated mind forces all around to conform to their position, robbing others of their free will, by imposing their beliefs, laws, dictates and social doctrines, never established or reasoned out for themselves, but blindly accepting all that is propagated from their sovereigns, and ruthlessly imposed upon all with conviction.

The apathetic slave psyche of modern human beings restrains all growth.

Humanity is inadvertently detached emotionally from all reality, so each is driven to a state of thought, not their own, holding the thoughts of others as self created, obliviously subjugated to insanity?

A state of insanity hidden from the mind of the victim, constrained in a phantom community decimated by the same widespread psychosis.

Are you cognizant of your own mind?

Viewed detached, within the sea of equally detached humanity, early on, all learn, as they fall through life, that even those that weren't supposed to let them down probably will, tearing away the bonds, so your veiled soul dwells in disconnected sorrow.

A sorrowful soul of pure emotion, churning through each heart, who’s conscious shepherds dictate passions, or apathy‘s upon the actions and intentions of all, a selfish mind has no belief in others, so occupied with the infidelities that consume them.

What truth will free you of emotional infidelity?

The detached, view love as a blind expression of rational abandon, pouring everything into the emotional sewer of contempt, rendered hollow, self inflicted anguish spilling upon a lustful whim

Carnell lust beats abuse upon innocence, the un-reflected emotion withers the heart, each abuse weakens the indispensable.

The lustful demand egocentric benefit, the sane realise every palpable love; is simply a reflection, without that reflection you devastate emotion unashamedly, and lose the riches of your soul to the cruel wind, a wind that draws them out, then snatches it from you.

The deepest commitment, solemnly avowed, puts at ease the conjoined multitude of souls, but this assurance detached and dishonoured, renders trust and fidelity ambiguous, emotion boils with many untamed lusts.

What truth will free you of avaricious lusts?

The insane demand return from all, a return even on thought; the sane present a gift. The generous soul is withered by the miser, subliminal screams frenzied in the darkness of the madman’s insensate silence.

A miser holds there own life cheap, but holds unreserved contempt for all poorer than themselves.

What truth will free all crushing contempt?

Contempt of generous friendship seen consumable. When familiar you’ll hold them in contemptuous indifference, regarding always novelty over connection, a discarded grain upon a desert sea.

What truth will free you of emotional isolation?

The insane consume and seek advantage, they see no worth in refuge, in the solace of the true advocate. The sane hold emotional altruism above personal advantage, they hold emotional connection as a depth of sentiment beyond profound value, beyond fleeting consumption.

The detached self’s view is to fear everything in solitude, emotional isolation drains unity, twisting the mind to make you cry in loneliness because time is passing too fast, fearing death, fearing the deterioration of youth, fearing the future as uncertain, fearing your neighbour, fearing abnormality, fearing knowledge itself.

What truth will free all fears?

The insane worship fear, they hold it in reverence and whisper of its power; intently vocal, they marvel at the fear they hold; advocates and subjugators all.

The sane fear nothing, they worship nothing, they refuse all sovereignty, and so their mind is free of subjugation, they hold all in unity; humanity as a whole, creations as a whole, consciousness itself as a whole.

The detached self loves to worship, searching for sovereign guides, doubting reason, attacking truth, swallowing daily meals of media validation, indoctrinated consent, defending murder, theft, torture, exploitation, and justified immorality of all defenceless life; man, tree, or insect.

What truth will free all sovereign worship?

Sovereign religious worshipers dominate conscious thought: carefully the Jew constrained the community around them, the power of a death cult reined all powerful, many longed to escape its terror; the Christian view emerged, carefully the Jew constrained the Christian, transforming thought to subjugation, two death cult reined all powerful, they longed to escape the terror; the Muslim view emerged, carefully the Christian constrained the Muslim, transforming thought to subjugation, now the death cult is a trinity, only the single view remains, a death cult trinity, terror, confusion and hatred now dominates the thoughts of man.

Now they all three worship sovereign men from beyond the grave, beyond reality, beyond humanity, they all three believe they are chosen alone and only through them can you be saved from terror, as sin is forgiven for them, prayer is answered for them, truth is given only to them, the sovereign man will stand between their God and their sins, and only they will escape retribution.

What truth will free all idolatry of the mind?

Worship, bend and kneel before your sovereigns, worship feigned media idols, worship wealth, worship power, worship celebrity, worship or be afraid, never look up from prostration, never dare to question your sovereigns; worship and have blind faith, ‘you are powerless’, is the mantra inveterate and deeply understood, just trust and worship.

What truth will free all subjugation?

Humanity fights in sects, each sect is again divided, each sect worship man; they declare blind faith, coveting pure ignorance, and smile in piety, while subjugating those around them, so all wallow in self deception. Their subjugated soul withers, poisoned slowly, consciously holding bloated false pride and pompous self delusion, as an expression of thoughtless abandon, this is the piety of faith.

What sanity will free the mind; what sanity will open the heart; what sanity will transform each thinker into their new state of conscious existence?

The sane reject worship and serve, they reject sovereign subjugation and serve, they reject a man God and serve, they reject all idols and serve, they reject all religions as worthless, and serve, not in worship, but in service, they serve the unity of humanity, they serve the unity of creation, they serve the unity of a single thought, being a drop within an ocean of thought, of a unified consciousness.

The sane know the true power is held within each human being, only your subjugation diverts that power to a sovereign, only your subjugation enslaves you and those around you, only your subjugation holds you in ignorance, poverty, fear and hatred.

What truth will free all ignorance?

To be detached from your deeper essence, is to be detached from creation, reconcile your disconnections and live Muslim, free of the rancid compost of religion.

The foundation of Islam is unity.

The foundation of Islam is reason.

The foundation of Islam is humankind, a single family, a single nation, a single purpose, a single hope.



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