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Written by Abdun Nur J.   
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The dichotomy of life would be death, but this tension is held with the same potency and impotency as the overarching dichotomy itself, nothingness does not hold perceptible, only its tension exists. So the same state exists with the dichotomy of life and death, only life holds, death is simply an illusion of perception.

The human body is constructed of 30 trillion independent living organisms, called cells, they function in harmony and work in unity, as a general rule, they are directed through the subconscious mind (conventionally explained as chemical communication, not true), and work to sustain the environment they exist within, collectively they form much more than the sum of their parts.

Every single cell of that collective life form dies and is replaced over a seven year cycle, some have shorter lives but all have been replaced by the seven years point, at least once.

So if you take the view you are your physical body, it would mean you have been removed from existence and a new life form has come into being, at the passing of each seven year interval.

If of course you take the view that it is your body in the first instance, personally I view myself as the caliph (custodian) of my body, as it is a collective interdependent network of life. As such to intentionally injure, poison, or neglect your symbiotic body, as its caliph, would be a grave reflection upon your appropriateness to perform the same function, being a Caliph, within any wider communal position. So to smoke, drink alcohol, take recreational drugs, eat copious amounts of junk food, or to never participate in exercise, further, to exist in a state of constant fear, subjugation, stress, hate, would impact detrimentally upon the psycho-reactive energy you have inherited, and this type of conduct, physically demonstrate your true level of evolution. It demonstrates your capability as a caliph, and so reflects the same to all aspects of existence, upon the measure of caliphate you would be capable of achieving.

Your body is in truth a symbiotic community, holding our conscious emotional life form; your consciousness, and your memory, as they are not held in the physical brain, but in the energy field held around your physical community body.

Life is not a chemical soup that somehow is transformed from inanimate to living, but an indestructible psycho-reactive ambient energy, this pervasive energy, in its nature, under the right conditions, cultivates itself, infusing inanimate elements, organising them, transforming them, building itself into palpable, vigorous life, this energy form has been identified and named by many talented scientists, Royal Raymond Rife, Gaston Naessens, Antoine Bechamp, and I’m sure many others, it is psycho-reactive life energy, which some call Orgone.

This energy is indestructible, when a symbiotic communal life form dies, the life energy is released, and returns to the ambient pervasive field. The battery packs of the cells, containing the life force energy, are called mitochondria, even when all the other energy sources in the cell, including the nucleus, are wiped out, the cell remains alive, if the mitochondria are kept intact and functional. The real growth and development of life is from the psycho-reactive energy held within the mitochondria, not physical exotic chemical reaction as expressed through conventional biology.

So from this perspective nothing dies, ever, we are released into the underlying manifold upon death to be transformed from state to state, and the symbiotic communal life form we reside in, simply sheds its material form and returns to its origin, the ambient field of life, to be recycled.

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