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Written by Abdun Nur J   
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What is God?

The word means “that which is invoked,” another way of saying this would be “that which is called upon,” so your calling upon a greater power, an attempt to summon a force from outside of you.

This separate force, or entity requiring prayer to establish communication with, and must be informed of your needs and desires through ritual and individual prayer.

God is a supernatural being worshiped as the personification or controller of some aspect of the universe, an object of worship something that dominates somebody’s life: something that is so important that it takes over somebody’s life. Making God a personification to be worshiped?

Meaning this, a personification is an attribution of human qualities to abstracts, religions treat somebody or something as god: to treat somebody or something as divine and show respect by engaging in acts of praise and devotion. So religions are groups of people showing their adoration, devotion, and respect for a god.

So all Gods require religion, which is obligation and reverence. All Gods require worship “condition of worth,” which is engaging in acts of praise and devotion. All Gods require blind faith, which is ignorance and baseless trust, keeping faith with somebody or something to be loyal or true to a person or promise on faith without demanding or requiring proof. All Gods require religious dogma, which manifest as removal of free will and the removal of rational thought.

Interestingly Christianised Muslims refer to Islam as a faith, but to have faith is to have nothing, to form belief is the creation of a Muslim, to confirm belief is the attainment of knowledge; to transcend knowledge is the transformation of the self, the evolution of your essence.

You can invoke a God, summon him simply from the act of a prayer, (in the view of the ignorant), which is the earnest request for something you wish for, something that is wanted or hoped for very much; you pray for it, like the throwing of magic spells?

A God is a separate and powerful entity, which has generally the physical form of a man, not exclusively.

A God is in control of only certain aspects of existence.

This is the general understanding of God expressed by the majority of the world, but this understanding has been carefully shaped by the artificial religions, based in the emotional confusion of Iblis (base desire), all religions impact negatively upon humanity, pulling down all higher emotional values, who’s concepts and practices are disseminated predominantly through the Catholic and Zionist Jewish religions, moulding the views and practices of the ignorant to clone the religious structure they propagate, people adhering to this concept of God enforce and inflict their beliefs onto others. Christianised Islam is a poignant example.

The history of this world has created many and varied personified or objectified Gods, too many to mention, the description above would in almost every aspect quantify each and every one. But how can the creator of all be a man or an inanimate object, this would be the delusion of an ignorant mind, a God in name only, but as I have described this is always the case.

The concept of a God cannot be harmonized with the concept of Allah (who is not God), the description the religious cultivate of the creator of all, set within boundaries, limited, constrained, is the direct opposite to the truth. It is a certainty that Allah (who is not God) is not interchangeable with the word God, and should never be expressed as such.

Modern Muslims commonly believe the Christian concept of God is the same as the understanding of Allah (who is not God), simply a synonym, if this is the case these Christianised Muslims must believe a man can be a God, and God is a trinity, this is the concept of a Christian personified God, the absolutely false and insane concept of the ignorant, not only is this specifically, and comprehensively denied within the Qur’an, but would be considered a Shirk.

Some modern Muslims believe the Jewish God is again simply a synonym, but you would have to believe the Jews are the only human beings of value to that God, been his chosen people, that all the non-Jewish human beings are worthless and sub-human in comparison to the Jew, so to be exploited and abused as the Jewish people feel fit, to view this perversion as true would again be a Shirk.

Some even believe themselves to be Gods, or equal to a god on this world. They should view it in this way, a man is a light bulb, as compared to a power station of infinite proportions, we cannot create the power, but simply shine from the power given to us from the power station, we cannot take more power than our capacity allows, if the power is removed we are in darkness, we have no function or purpose.

What is Allah (who is not God)?

Two views of Allah (who is not God) are given to us within the Qur’an.

These following verses describe the emotional and conscious Allah (who is not God) (please note these are the traditional translations of the Qur’an, meaning they are only a shadow of there full express, and will be replaced as the correct translation have been completed):

The One is Allah (who is not God), there is No deity besides No God, Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. the One is the Instant and Sustaining Source of all Mercy and Kindness.

The One is Allah (who is not God), there is No deity besides No God, the sovereign, the Impeccably pure, the perfection of peace and the source of all peace, the Bestower of Confident Conviction, the overseer, the Exalted in Might, the Compeller, the All Powerful, Exalted is Allah (who is not God) above whatever they associate with the One.

The One is Allah (who is not God), the Supreme Creator, the Shaper out of Nothing, the Fashioner, to Whom belong the most beautiful attributes of perfection. All things in the heavens and the earth constantly work to manifest the One’s Grandeur and to fulfil the One’s Plan. And the One is Almighty, the Wise. (Surah 59-22 to 24)

(The meaning of the words the One: Allah (who is not God), the One being exchanged for he, she, him, her as this gives both gender and personifies Allah (who is not God).)

This following verse describes the physical conceptualisation of Allah (who is not God) as far as we can comprehend within this realm of existence:

24:35 Allah (who is not God) is the Energy of the heavens and the earth. The example of the One’s Energy is that of a lamp that is placed inside a niche enclosed in glass that shines like a radiant star. This lamp is kindled from a blessed tree - olive - neither of the East nor of the West. Allah (who is not God)'s Energy issues forth in all directions. The oil glows by itself even though no fire has touched it. Energy upon Energy. Allah (who is not God) guides to the One’s Light anyone who seeks guidance. And Allah (who is not God) sets forth allegories for mankind. And Allah (who is not God) does know all things.

The problem is the ignorant look externally for what exists internally; there is no God, no outside force to call upon. What you seek is to be released, expanded, cultivated, nurtured from within yourself.

A God is an outside force.

Allah (who is not God) is a force emanating our essence out from within us, this is the difference between God and Allah (who is not God), they are in opposition, one emanates all reality, while the other concept simply controls all reality.

So in actuality the creator of all cannot be a personification, (as it is conscious energy, upon energy, upon energy) blind faith is ignorance and laziness in truth, (man has been created for knowledge), religion is a creation conceived by greedy men for the control of the human mind and body, religion removes rational thought, free will and understanding, again a direct opposite of the truth. Religions establish parasitic hierarchies, to plunder the poor, abuse the venerable and exploit the weak, almost without exception, a representative of religion been the most usurious occupation ever conceived.

The religious hierarchy take all you can give, and in return; they will take all you could attain, they live from the premeditated theft of the fruits of the labour of others; and in return for your money and your sovereignty, they blind you to the truth, they starve you of knowledge, they frighten you with falsifications, and they hold you in ignorance.

O you who have believed, indeed the scholars and the monks devour the wealth of people unjustly and avert them from the way of Allah. And those who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah (who is not God) - give them tidings of a painful punishment. (Surah 9 - 34)

The Qur’an makes it plain, all the knowledge required to establish the correct, concepts and principles, is held within the Qur’an, it is a complete book, but the privileged, the powerful have perverted the message of Islam, to allow them to continue to exploit and abuse the mass population. They focus the people away from the understanding of the Qur’an, telling them they are not capable of understanding such a deep book, only the scholar can interpret and decipher the message. They encourage the people to read the Qur’an in Arabic, an alien language to most, and advise them to take the interpretation of a favoured scholar so removing the ability to fully understand the concepts and guidance it represents, focusing them on the noise as an alternative to the understanding, confusing the truth with dogma, ritual and superstition. The key to understanding Islam through all the confusion generated by the privileged is the comprehension of the first part of the Shahada, understand this completely then you will be more able to easily understand the Qur‘an and so your function and purpose.

To worship is without point, Rumi said, “You worship what you fear. So watch where you place your fears.” (To seek the truth and be submissive to it, is part of the purpose), to call upon a personified God would be futile as the attributes of the creating conscious energy are within everyone always.

‘There is No God, there is only God’. Many state this as true, a statement without point or purpose, lacking truth and understanding, as I have explained God shares only one aspect with the energy.

If we examine the Arabic concept, ‘Allah’, this has to be considered with script writing technique as well as grammar. But more importantly script writing technique. To the best of our knowledge there is not lot of work done in the past on writing technique. A surprise really.

The Arabic word
اللَّهِ is not one word. It actually consist of three words in this order. First word is الذي =Allathee means "who is". This in writing is well know to be only written as ال or Al but this Al does not mean "the". It is followed by لا , Laa, meaning "not" and finally الهَ , illah, meaning the pagan Arab God or God in general. Hence the whole phrase would translated as "who is not god".

Le = no/denial/is not: There is No.

ila = except/nothing but.

No Illah (God) except for one who is Not Illah (God)

Allah (who is not God) is the perfect anti-name, it is neither a name, nor, not a name, it describes what is not in existence, a God, and what is in existence, not a God, as no name can be given to the emanating reality; not God; is the best we can achieve.

‘Allah is really not a word. It is combination of words, or in English part of a sentence. The issue is how Arabic script was written. Common belief is that Arabic script is written as cursive.

The English language is Cursive, however, in English word separation is indicated by space. In contrast Arabic script can join words, but uses certain signs to indicate word separation. These are called Jezm and Sukoon:

Gezm is used to indicated declinable words attached to other words.

Sukoon indicates a non Mutherick consonant in a non-declinable word.

Words can be joined together as well. This joining is indicated by Teshdeed. This is the case with Allah.’ Dr Badar Kanwar (pease read 'A Careful Linguistic Analysis of the Term Allah.' )

Not God tells us to understand attributes and express these, Allah (who is not God) is: the Supreme Existence which is out of sight; whose extremely exalted position leaves the human intellect perplexed; whose sovereignty reigns supreme in the universe and to whom subservience is due by all components of the Ones creation, Allah (who is not God) is beyond human perception - “No vision can grasp the One”, yet the One is apparent in all things.

No Illah (God) except for one who is Not Illah (God).

This statement has both point and understanding, there is No God, no personifications, no idols, no living human God ever, there is only Allah (Not God), the consciousness, layered as multi infinite nesting dimensions, multi-dimensional energy, in truth absolutely nothing else exists, only Allah.

If you consider the predominant structured phrase, of the English translation of the Shaharda, using the word ignorance in exchange for the word God, this is how it reads:

No ignorance but the ignorance.

There is one ignorance that is the ignorance.
(This sentence does not conform to the Arabic with the use of ‘that is’, it being directly opposite to the Arabic preposition - except, but, no, denial, there is no.)

There is no ignorance. Except the ignorance.

Now using the correct translation with the word God exchanged:

No ignorance but who is not ignorance.

There is no ignorance. Except who is not ignorance.

There is no ignorance. But who is not ignorance.

No ignorance. Except for who is not ignorance.

They have certainly disbelieved who say, “Allah (who is not God) is the third of three, and there is no god only the 'One' served.” And if they do not desist from what they are saying, there will surely afflict the disbelievers among them a painful punishment. (Surah 5 - 73)

The Qur’an tells us plainly, the prevailing doctrines of the holy trinity and the belief that all the religions fundamentally following a single God, the same god, are completely false. For how can Allah (who is not God) be their God when the concept of Allah (who is not God) is totally alien to that of a God, the underlying understanding of Islam is there is no God. The verse expresses both concepts of firstly the trinity and then the concept that there is a single God we all worship and give blind faith to, it then without doubt tells you to desist from this misconception and understand the foundation of Islam, No Illah (God) except for one who is Not Illah (God).

They take their doctors of law and their monks for Lords besides Allah (who is not God), and (also) the Messiah, son of Mary. And they were enjoined that they should serve the only one who you should serve - there is nothing to serve only Him (Allah- who is not God). Exalted is the One above whatever they associate with the One. (Surah 9, 31)

Say, “What thing is greatest in testimony?” Say, “Allah is witness between me and you. And this Qur'an was revealed to me that I may warn you thereby and whomever it reaches. Do you testify that with Allah there are other deities?” Say, “I will not testify.” Say, “He (Allah) is but one to serve, and indeed, I am free of what you associate.” (surah 6:19)

Again the Qur’an makes it clear there is no God, and tells the ignorant that it is a Shirk to call Allah (who is not God) God, it is not stating Allah is a god and no Gods along with Allah, to make this very clear the verse states Allah is free from this association of God.

And do not invoke with Allah (who is not God) another authority. There is no authority except Allah (who is not God). Everything is mortal except Allah (who is not God). the One is the judgement, and to the One you will be returned. (Surah 28, 88)

To worship is of little value, and to have faith in God as described previously is indolent ignorance, only complete submission to the will of supreme existence is required, ignore the will of existence at your own peril. Only in one aspect does the concept of God make reference to the energy of the infinite, that of been the creator, however to equate the understanding of God with the true understanding of Allah (who is not God) is as foolish as to state, a bicycle and a plane are indistinguishable, simply because they both transport people.

We must submit to the will of the creator or we will not be in unity, exist without religion, without worship, without God, without dogma, without experts, without arrogance, without blind faith, without been wilfully ignorant, without greed, without indoctrination, without conditioning, without usury, simply be in servitude to unity, this is your purpose.

‘Lá iláhá’ can be interpreted as negative as a certainty to any concept or idea presented as representing Allah (who is not God), while in fact simply transforming the truth of Allah (who is not God) into an idol, a personification or a misperception.

It is a disservice to clarity of understanding to propagate this belief in God, by doing so it transforms the word Allah (who is not God) into the concept of God, you could never do the opposite, so the purpose and logic of expressing the first part of the Shahada is made clear.

Understand your purpose, understand your actions, understand your opportunities, understand your practices, do nothing blindly, essentially understand why, this is all part of realising your potential. Understand this, the mind works just as a muscle works, if you use a muscle it grows ever stronger, if you never use your muscle it will wither and grow weak, if you use your mind Allah (who is not God) will increase its power, if you don’t it will wither, you were made for knowledge, expand your mind to enlightenment.

17:46 It is Allah’s (who is not God‘s) Law that people who do not use their faculties, lose them. Their minds, hearts, and ears act impermeable when you mention your Lord alone in the Qur’an. And, they turn their backs in disgust. (They wish to hear about other deities and false ‘authorities’.)

The final part of the Shahada is, ‘and Muhammad is the Rasul of Allah.’, it is articulated that for the first 12 years of Muhammad’s serving as an envoy of Allah (who is not God), he only expressed the Shahada; he would have only ever expressed the first part, the second part is an addition, Muhammad would never have said, ’and I am the Rasul of Allah (who is not God). Yet this is the original and complete Shahada, being, ‘No Illah (God) except for one who is Not Illah (God).’

I am not denying the fact Muhammad is the Rasul of Allah (who is not God), simply it is a contrived addition to the Shahada, I also see no real problem with this addition been tagged onto the end of the original Shahada, but it can not be used to support the concept of Hadith, sovereign worship, idolatry, or

We are guided to see all messengers of Allah (who is not God) as equal.

The concept of the Shahada as an oath of allegiance, again a sovereign concept, the old Persian Kings were wise in their manipulation of the ignorant Christianised Muslims; unless you swear in front of witnesses to give sovereignty to Muhammad through the Shahada, you can not be a Muslim, and so they subjugate the people and hold them in a re-established monarchy, allowing taxation, and exploitation to be re-established.

A Muslim is not created through the utterance of a sentence, as is evident from the character of the world today.

A Muslim is defined purely through action, not false oaths, you must live as a Muslim, to be a Muslim, to state allegiance, while living in confusion and in opposition to Islam, would be in direct opposition to that ambition.

(In your mind) Do not create a (concept of) God in addition to Allah. (Do not delude yourself) Otherwise, (due to this act of equating God to Allah) you will be denied, rejected and you will be left alone (helpless). (Surah 17 : 22)

A similar perspective can be investigate at Ahmed Hulusi at this link: http://www.ahmedhulusi.org/en/

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