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Written by Abdun Nur J   
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The word means “that which is invoked,” another way of saying this would be “that which is called upon,” so your calling upon a greater power, an attempt to summon a force from outside of you.

This separate force, or entity requiring prayer to establish communication with, and must be informed of your needs and desires through ritual and individual prayer. Without this direct communication you would seemingly be ignored.

God is a supernatural being worshiped as the personification or controller of some aspect of the universe, an object of worship something that dominates somebody’s life: something that is so important that it takes over somebody’s life. Making God a personification to be worshiped?

Meaning this, a personification is an attribution of human qualities to abstracts, religions treat somebody or something as god: to treat somebody or something as divine and show respect by engaging in acts of praise and devotion. So religions are groups of people showing their adoration, devotion, and respect for a god.

Religions establish parasitic hierarchies, to plunder the poor, abuse the venerable and exploit the weak, almost without exception, a representative of religion been the most usurious occupation ever conceived.

So all Gods require religion, which is obligation and reverence. All Gods require worship “condition of worth,” which is engaging in acts of praise and devotion. All Gods require blind faith, which is ignorance and baseless trust, keeping faith with somebody or something to be loyal or true to a person or promise on faith without demanding or requiring proof. All Gods require religious dogma, which manifest as removal of free will and the removal of rational thought.

Interestingly Christianised Muslims refer to Islam as a faith, but to have faith is to have nothing, to form reasoned belief and express those reasoned beliefs in moral actions is the creation of a Muslim, this is in a true expression a state of virtue, to confirm reasoned belief is the attainment of knowledge; to transcend existing knowledge is the transformation of the self, the evolution of your essence.

If you can invoke a God, summon him, her, it simply from the act of a prayer, (in the view of the religious), which is the earnest request for something you wish for, something that is wanted or hoped for very much; you pray for it, like the throwing of magic spells?

All God/s is/are a separate and powerful entity, which has generally the physical form of a man, not exclusively.

A God is in control of only certain aspects of existence.

This is the general understanding of God expressed by the majority of the world, but this understanding has been carefully shaped by invented religions, based in fear of death and the emotional confusion of a life without the benefits of reasoned discourse, all religions impact negatively upon humanity, pulling down all higher emotional values, whose concepts and practices are disseminated predominantly through the Catholic and Jewish religions, moulding the views and practices of the ignorant to clone the religious structure they propagate, encouraging people adhering to the concept of God, enforce and inflict their beliefs onto others. Christianised Islam is a poignant example.

The history of this world has created many and varied personified or objectified Gods, too many to mention, the description above would in almost every aspect quantify each and every one. But how could a creator of all be a man or an inanimate object, this would be the delusion of an fearful mind.

The concept of a God cannot be harmonized with the concept of Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship) , the description the religious cultivate of the creator of all, set within boundaries, limited, constrained, is the direct opposite to the truth. It is a certainty that Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship) is not interchangeable with the word God, and should never be expressed as such.

Modern Muslims commonly believe the Christian concept of God is the same as the understanding of Allah (A word meaning- One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship), they claim falsely this is just a simply synonym, if this is the case these Christianised Muslims must believe a man can be a God, and God is a trinity, this is the concept of a Christian personified God, the absolutely false and insane concept of the religious, not only is this specifically, and comprehensively denied within the Qur’an, but would be considered a Shirk.

Some modern Muslims believe the Jewish God is again simply a synonym, but you would have to believe the Jews are the only human-beings of value to that God, been his chosen people, that all the non-Jewish human beings are worthless and sub-human in comparison to the Jew, so to be exploited and abused as the Jewish people feel fit, to view this perversion as true would again be a Shirk.

What is Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship)?

The meaning of the word Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship), represents the single consciousness, this unified One, is being exchanged for externally perceived terms such as he, she, him, her as this gives both gender and personifies that which has neither the reference nor reality of these terms, the single consciousness Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship) is a fractal whole.

The problem is the religious look externally for what exists internally; there is no God, no outside force to call upon. What you seek is to be released, expanded, cultivated, nurtured from within yourself, because an empathic soul is a fractal of the One consciousness, integral to that whole.

A God is an outside force, a separate entity, this is absolutely wrong, there couldn't be a distinct, independent, or self-contained entity separate from any fractal soul consciousness, nor any thought of creation, being the material universe we all perceive within that shared conscious mind outside that imagined product.

Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship) is a force of consciousness emanating our essence out from within us, into the ocean of perception all fractals of the single consciousness share.

This difference between God separate entity and Allah (One who is not at all, a deity for adoration or worship) unified one, they are in opposition, the One emanates all reality anarchically and polycentrically, while the other ‘God’ concept simply controls all reality hierarchically.

To understand the real nature of the single consciousness you have to consider the shared perception, this perception is not external, but internal, we perceive it externally, but considerate it only internally, the external is the misunderstanding.

I will reiterate, the single consciousness is all that exists, nothing else except that single consciousness, therefore no entity of any sort may exist, as there is no other than the single consciousness in existence to be a separate entity.

So in actuality the creator is integral of every soul, being a fractal of the ‘One’ consciousness, so cannot be a personification, (as it's conscious energy, energy is thought, upon thought, upon thought). Consciousness is the engine and thought the product of its labours.

Blind faith is ignorance and laziness in truth, (man has been created as a form of perception to master reason and gain knowledge, experience emotions, and realise axioms of reality), religion is a creation conceived by greedy deceitful men for the control of the human mind and body, religion removes rational thought, free will and understanding, again a direct opposite of the truth.

Religions establish parasitic hierarchies, to plunder the poor, abuse the venerable and exploit the weak, almost without exception, a representative of religion being the most usurious (riba) occupation ever conceived.

The religious hierarchy take all you can give, and in return; they will take all you could attain, they live from the premeditated theft of the fruits of the labour of others; and in return for your money and your sovereignty, they blind you to the truth, they starve you of knowledge, they frighten you with falsifications, and they hold you in ignorance.

The Qur’an, assessed from the small amount correctly translated, makes it plain using the original rules of grammar and lexicon meanings that a guide to anima is evident (presently this translation of the original message does not exist, only fragments of the original message are now left, but this original message is once again being slowly uncovered from the layers of deception and corruption the religious have replaced that message with).
Anima is the feminine principle of the inner consciousness, animus the male, that is turned toward the unconscious of the individual (contrasted with persona), 

It's likely all the knowledge required to establish the correct, concepts and principles, is held within the original Qur’anic message, it is known as a complete guide, but the privileged, the powerful have perverted the message of Islam, to allow them to continue to exploit and abuse the mass population. They focus the people away from the understanding of the Qur’an, telling them they are not capable of understanding such a deep book, only the scholar can interpret and decipher the message. They encourage the people to read the Qur’an in Arabic, but even if Arabic is native it bears little resemblance to ancient Arabic, so has become an alien language, and advise them to take the interpretation of hadith and a favoured scholar so removing the ability to fully understand the concepts and guidance it represents, focusing them on the noise as an alternative to the understanding, confusing the truth with dogma, ritual and superstition.

To worship is without point, Rumi said, “You worship what you fear. So watch where you place your fears.”

The God idol is very ingrained sadly and cognitive dissonance prevents reality from being easily accepted.

The examine the grammar and lexicon determination of the term Allah see: A Careful Linguistic Analysis of the term Allah.

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