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Written by Abdun Nur J.   

Before a person can be free physically, they must first be freed mentally.

Wisdom is the highest attainment of truth, as truth rises from the underlying nature of reality, for reality is drawn from an infinity of active, vibrant information, unified as an integrated network, every point, of every point, fundamentally connected, pulsing with living streams of collective sustenance.

But in this world wisdom is hidden under the non-Islamic jihad of the dajjala, a crushing blanket of deception, pressing down upon humanity, constricting and forcing blind conformity to the will of the all empowered sovereigns.

Rather, We dash the truth upon falsehood, and it destroys it, and thereupon it departs. And for you is destruction from that which you describe. (Surah 21-18)

The wiseacres fill minds with confusion, irrational hate, and self promoting propaganda, they care nothing for truth, or the wellbeing of others, they love authority, both the powerful prevailing sovereigns, to the minor local niche sovereigns, both confer sovereignty and demand it, the adulation of celebrity, they find irresistible, the wielding of sovereignty, with ever greater disdain for any subject to it.

In the case of political power, they smile in contempt behind their hands, as their subjects line up to select a superficial sovereign, a puppet figure head, they smile as their media whore deceives and confuses the subjects, they giggle with the efforts campaign activists instil into the process of pretence.

They control but remain free from blame, the puppets dance before the masses, elected to be culpable, yet free from accountability or prosecution, each new puppet removes the culpability of their prior sovereigns legacy, they present a fresh face, but always in truth, they (the hidden sovereigns), remain the sovereign dictators upon Earth.

At the zenith of this control, the Jesuits command, under the perverse papal theocracy, constructed on an all powerful dictatorship, carefully concealed beneath layers of deceit, to appear outwardly as disconnected and irreproachable. The evolution of the Roman empire into the Roman Catholic church, demonstrates the resourcefulness of these parasites, and the largely unchallenged power they have inflicted upon the peoples of the world for thousands of years.

The deception of democracy, in reality a constrictive system, enslaving the population economically to the bankers; indoctrinating the population religiously through faith and God, to the priesthood; controlled through a corrupt legislative body, that is simply a body of lies, all built on divisions, from tribal patriotism to engineered racial tensions; and the social conditioning from state education, and sovereign controlled mass media, blankets all.

In the case of religious power, individuals seek adulation, and therefore must confer adulation to other men, to demonstrate example, and to encourage the imitation of this behaviour from others, to bestow reverence upon themselves.

The subjugated mind demands subjugation of those around them, the ignorant conformity of indoctrinated sovereignty. They insist upon this conventionality of historical, and cultural president, if the truths are identified, exposing the prohibited practice of sovereign worship, or wilful subjugation of yourself or those around you; they are outraged and insist you are ignorant, ill informed, ‘nonsense thoughts and theories. (As Dr Shabbir expresses it)’.

It is expressed, we can not change the system around us, but my point is we are not required to, we must change our self from within, we must remove the subjugation of our mind, before we can remove any subjugation of the community, so the first step is always to transform from within, to invoke a physical transformation without.

We must remove the shackles constricting our judgment, force fed thoughts poison the mind, we function as a lens, magnifying and examining creation, experiencing in unity, we absolutely require a free, and unconfined mind, to perform this primary function.

The blind worship of a sovereign, a sovereign held high as a figure head of idol worship, seems to me, to be a reality in the world, not a theory, to believe this is a masochistic state of detrimental belief, according to Dr Shabbir would be a nonsense thought, but I would leave this up to each to decide.

The individual has become powerless within their own mind, they doubt their own ability to make decisions, convinced they are ineffectual to a powerful, yet incompetent state, indoctrinated daily from a media designed to curtain any dangerous truth.

Told to trust the endorsed experts, because we as the masses do not understand, we haven’t got all the facts, we are not qualified to judge. When the test of time is applied to the sage wisdom of these officially sanctioned experts, they are exposed as liars, but this is never mentioned, so the deception goes on, and on.

The state endeavours, with a myriad of mechanisms, to convince each person they are powerless; that they, as a vulnerable individual, are completely at the mercy of the sovereigns, so they encourage conformity, and so subjugate the people.

As with all systems founded on deception, murder, corruption, and greed; from the moment the seeds of their power structure germinated, the death of the structure was established, the system we suffer today is in the final stages of its self destruction.

The real question is simple, will you take responsibility for yourself, or will you continue to be subject to the dictates of these parasitic, conscienceless, warlords, the men responsible for the wholesale rape of the natural world, the pollution and destruction of both our natural and civilised environment, the murder of hundreds and hundreds of millions of human beings, the enslavement of the vast majority of humanity, the exploitation and extortion, the propagation of ignorance, the very disintegration of community, the removal of love, compassion and empathy from the common man.

If you and the people around you, do continue, the easy road leads directly into a constrictive reality, a place like now, where ignorance dominates, where you look but cannot see, listen but cannot hear, touch but cannot feel, a world of escalating misery, pain and regret.

It is a time of enormous danger, and the extermination of the majority, by their sovereigns seems inescapable, I would expect. They will absolutely do whatever it takes, no matter the cost to humanity, to maintain their power and control.

But all this misery is so easy to avoid, simply refuse any Usury within your life, and absolutely refuse any and all sovereigns, and from this basic act, we can all exist safely within this tiny world.

Sadly I realise I write unheeded, from a position of a marginalised social outlook, I hold no position, no authority and am very happy to remain so, I simply request you consider, when your sovereigns have asset stripped your community, removed your food supply, and emptied your life savings into their own pockets, you rethink your perspective. But of course at that point, you have travelled beyond a point of escape, so you will suffer your sovereign worship, and drown in its usurious effluent.

The sovereign subjugated mind is easy to spot within the mind of a self proclaimed Muslim, that mind will defend the system, be embarrassed, even accusing, or combative, towards Muslims who openly deny, that Muslims are the creators of terrorism; avoiding, disregarding, the overwhelming evidence that vindicates the Muslims.

As this evidence is understood, it makes accountable the real criminals, the mind of a subjugated Muslim denigrates Islam by supporting its open enemy, in a war upon the very foundations of freedom, holding Islam in contempt and so expressing no defence, but support for the usurious sovereign elites, who openly wage war on Islam.

Whereas the none Muslims, has been carefully conditioned to feel like a criminal within themselves, if they read anything, think anything, hear anything, in support of any Islamic truth, in reference, subject or even in cursory, or anecdotal support, as if the very word Islam represented every vice, every torment, every evil ever manifest.

They stop reading, listening, watching, thinking immediately they realise it supports Islam, and dismiss it out of hand, like the ideas within Islam are toxic mind rot, that will sweep through them when heard, and transform them into deranged, psychotic murderers.

The media mind control works efficiently to the tune of the sovereigns, they easily fashion the minds of Muslim, and none Muslim alike, the blanket of the dajjala wraps the minds of men, like a cosy blind fold to truth.

But I am no one. I am just a human being without the power generated through the media, conferring the authority engendered to the endorsed expert; I’m very poor, but honest, while they have the staggering wealth amassed through deceptions, extracted through the misery of others, building century upon century, I don’t have any support, beyond the truth, and even then, these truths can only be understood by a mind without subjugation, and a mind free of idols needs no one to point out the truth, they have attained it without me.

I tried and failed to convince anyone, and with people like Dr Shabbir worshipping sovereigns and working to subjugate his fellow man to their will, he should reconsider his actions, but I suspect he will take his Shirk with him to the next life, I am powerless to help, and only annoy or anger people, so I must wish them luck, as they will need so much more than luck to escape the future.

I have presented an Islamic solutions to the problems facing them, how to achieve freedom, but they really never wanted any solutions in the first place, what they really want is to empower the sovereigns, to continue the system they already know. They like usury, they like the sovereign system, they like the powerless subjugation, it means they can live without a great deal of thought.

In the world of sovereign worship, when your dead your dead, in reality when your dead life starts in earnest, a simple choice, faith in sovereigns or belief in truth, a no brain’er really, for most sovereigns every time.

I believe we are very near to the collapse of the world economy, the sovereigns will extract a terrible price from us, and inflict a new system if the people continue to be subjugated, they will generate a vast and all encompassing war, a war truly to end all wars, if we continue to be subjugated. The American government have recalled the retired service men and women to be enrolled within the army once more. They have built massive concentration camps for the American people, they have built military bases all around the world, they will exterminate the people using the subjugation of their own minds against them.

Obama is just a figure head, a megalomaniac, void of conscience and honour, as every person who attains these positions of sovereignty are.

If he were not a man suffering mental illness, he would not be promoted by the true sovereigns to this post, if indeed he ever becomes president, which is open to debate, but that remains to be seen, all the mind control of the people is powered through usury and sovereignty.

If I tell people, that to borrow money from the bankers costs lives, people die as a direct result of these loans, it empowers the parasites, they laugh.

If I tell them, that to pay tax has no benefit to the population, it is used against them, it is constantly escalating burden, while simultaneously the national debt builds exponentially, while services and infrastructure decline, they laugh.

If I tell them, that to be subjugated through the wilful subjugation of those around you, while you retain a free mind, is a torment, but to be subjugated with an enslaved mind is to be complicit to your own destruction, they laugh.

If I tell them, that to rent a property is a crime, it's usury, to have shares on the stock market is a crime, it's usury, to have a pension is a crime, it's usury, to horde paper money is a crime, it is a form of usury within itself, they laugh.

If I tell them, that the financial system is built upon lies and larceny, it is designed to exploit, enslave and corrupt, they laugh, it is amazing how jolly they are when you consider where they are headed.

Noah and Lot convinced no one, so I suppose it’s in keeping with the examples of the past, deaf, dumb and blind, the standard combination of man.

I suspect by March 2009 things will be moving a pace, and then I am content, I am open to the next reality, or the struggle of this, I wish to help the children, I hold contempt in general for the adults, such a powerful contempt, they have abandoned reason and so condemned the children to the rewards they have invoked upon us all. I hope the Sustainer of all realities is gentle with the children, I know they always suffer the most in these periods of transformation, I wish I knew how to help, but I don't, I would gladly surrender my life to help the children.

If you wished to understand the real destructive power upon humanity that subjugated minds manifest, examine the histories of the past, you will find no shortage of brazen examples.

A mind that is subjugated, suspends reason and acts fastidiously to fulfil every dictate, in absolute conformity, based in blind faith, to their sovereign idol, held up, immaculate, to be worshiped without reservation.

Reason says No, but historical examples say reason is never utilised, so historical example says Yes, they would conform, and they would blindly follow any and every given dictate, and edict of their sovereigns.

These historical examples litter the past, always the same, a subjugated mind is, free of guilt, free of logic, free of reason, and in place, filled with the commands of worshipped sovereigns.


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