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Written by Abdun Nur J   

To understand why the banks are failing when they have more customers than they can accommodate, the governments are penniless, while we are crushed under the yoke of the highest taxation in history, why the people of the third world are starving when food is abundant, why true ignorance is the predominant state of modern man, when we as a specie have attained such advanced understandings of many aspects of knowledge, you must understand the existing usury systems framework. Upon this framework many additional layers have been manufactured, but I am presenting the basic concept of the criminal banking larceny.

The basic model is simple, every fiat note, no matter the currency, pound, dollar, yen, whatever, is only printed, (by a private company that pays no tax and shows no accounts), when a government, a corporation or business, or an individual borrows it.

That means when you borrow fiat money the banking mafia print your debt for the cost of printing, and lend it to you at interest.

So over time, say twenty years, they receive four notes back for each one they printed (dependent on the local rate of interest, but as an average), as a function of the interest. An impossible feat of logic, how can you have four times more than the total amount you have produced, returned to you?

This leaves two options, commonly referred to as boom and bust:

The bust is musical chairs, people can chase an ever decreasing resource, creating bankruptcies, foreclosures and asset stripping for the bankers, a feast of perverse opportunity for these parasites. This is presented by the media blanket as a natural cycle of economics, a function that is nobodies fault, the lies never end, the bust is a manufactured, bankers, cycle of theft, it has the additional effect of increasing the value to the population of money, but it also generates unemployment, hardship and poverty.

The second option is to increase the volume of fiat money available, by printing fiat notes and spending them on whatever the banker wants, or to increase the volume of debt money itself. This is known as a boom in the bankers cycle, but it also generates inflation as you are diluting the available money with more, this generates jobs but burdens the population with an ever greater degree of debt, making them work more and more to service the loans, until ultimately they reach a point it can not be achieved, and they go bust.

So they must through whatever means possible, increase the volume of money circulating within the world, it must double every ten years to allow the system of theft to continue unabated.

Now this is the fundamental flaw of this fraud, if you continue to double something, at a certain point the volume of money is so vast, it becomes impossible to continue to inject the quantity of notes needed to maintain the system of deception.

The best method to infuse vast amounts of paper money into the economic system are wars, they burden both sides in the conflict with massive debts that they bind them to pay no matter the out come of the war, you can trace every war for the past two hundred years directly to the orchestration of these banking oligarchs, who themselves are subservient to the Roman Catholic church, and the black pope.

So as the best method of debt creation is war, the problem they faced was a lack of any viable enemy, after Enron, which was the true collapse of the world economy, they conspired and manufactured 9:11, to create an endless and defenceless enemy, one they could easily control, propagate themselves, and would be impossible to defeat, so an endless generating force of fiat notes. They build public support through a constant trickle of false flag operations, like 7-7 and Mumbai, etc.

Almost all taxation goes directly to the banking oligarchy, in the repayment of interest, it increase at a doubling rate every ten years.

Musical chairs economics allows the bankers to acquire companies for nothing, or pennies on the pound, they quickly establish monopolies and increase the cost of goods and services.

This system halves the true value of your savings every ten years, making the bankers lies of increasing them through the interest system another fraud, as the fiat currency devalues at a greater rate than the interest paid.

Interest payment upon you, businesses, governments, both local and national, in addition to taxation gathered through a sovereign state on goods and labour, result in the draining of over 90% of the value to you, of your physical effort.

The banking mafia control the media and the governments, this is an unavoidable consequence of giving individuals the authority to create money for the cost of printing, and then to lend it at interest.

An example of this is the bank of England founded in 1694, which is a private company, it pays no tax, and shows no accounts, it exists in a square mile of London called the crown, which is in truth the real sovereign state of the United Kingdom, under the dictatorship of the Pope. The bank of England’s proprietors instigated income tax, through their government at 10%, upon the population, but 3% of that was to pay only the interest on the loan, to fund the war against Napoleon, payable from 1799. A loan interest payment, the population of the United Kingdom are still paying today.

Consider the name of the currency itself, the Pound, named such, because it represented a pound in weight of sterling silver, as 240 silver coins weighed exactly one pound in weight, and this was why there were 240 pennies to the pound. Consider the value of a pound today and the value of one pound of silver, it demonstrates the rapid devaluation of money, the usury bankers have robbed the population for the benefit of themselves and their sovereigns.

So you can see the problem for the banking oligarchy, if this system was left to nature very quickly all the fiat paper money would return to its source, the world would grind to a halt, as you can see happening in the world today.

It functions like a giant drain, the more we borrow the greater the flow down the drain, of our efforts.

The instigator and main beneficiary of the modern usury banking system, is the Roman Catholic Church, it begins with the black pope, who controls all, orders flow out to the Jesuits who control the political circus of trained chimps, who help the Zionists, who control the banking oligarchy, who control the Illuminati, who control the masons, who control the civil servants, and the civil servants control the common man. The entire system is based on the willingness of the people to accept the subjugation, to their sovereignty.

It is established through indoctrinations and social conditioning of the people, the sovereigns maintain ignorance and confusion within the common man, they propagate religions, they pervert science, they manufacture political structures that endlessly restrict freedoms, and enforce any power structure that promotes the usury and sovereignty of these men.

And just as obvious, you can see the problem for humanity, we must understand usury, the premeditated theft of the fruits of somebody else’s labour, and we must refuse every sovereign, we can not be held subject to the decisions and dictates of others, we must wake up as a people, and understand freedom.


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