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Written by Abdun Nur J   

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The mysterious inexorable guarantee, a brief journey of unknown termination, from a raging storm, to a gentle shower.

A falling rain drop of decontaminated purity, held above the stagnant ocean, plunges into unity.

Fusing boundaries disintegrate, as mortal indolence purges; expanding, invigorating perception; a sensation akin to the pure scented air of dawn; an intimate infusion rushing inward, transformed to satisfaction radiating outward from the core.

Satisfaction is effortless; the slow gentle rise and stillness of an eagle, floating serenely on the warm air of a cloudless sky.

Sublime adventure fills the ocean infinite; all possibilities held within the potential of infinite genius, ordered in dichotomy, endlessly detonating idiosyncratic realities, inclusively gravitating to salaam.

Stimulations beyond sensual; the merest caress, the slightest sound, the lightest pressure, the most radiant intimate vista; ubiquitous reality, simultaneous interactions; egger to sing beauty, an infinite spectrum of elation, erupting vivid concentrated majesty, impacting waves of colour filled emotional excess, delivering multi sensual connection beyond all experience; seizing the mind, vice like; conscious ecstasy, surging through, from the slightest glance, with the power to grab your soul, and effortlessly lift it to the heights of poetry, or on a whim, precipitate sensations beyond physical comprehension, an ever expanding conscious connection, time beyond measure, and no measure within time.

A thousand life times of men; just a moment in being, each second savoured, with an ocean of pure companions.

An ocean sentient, with the exhilaration of endless truth; pure veracity, a hamd transcendent, a purpose beyond all rewards, a reward outside of all appreciation.

Witness, boundless consciousness, manifest imagination of inconceivable intellect, a shared interactive experience.

The ocean is pure, truth is ever expanding, knowledge eternally intensifying, wisdom feeding upon knowledge, longing to nurture enhanced states of being.

In contrast.

A falling drop corrupted, held above the stagnant ocean, absolute purity below, plunges in distinct.

Swiftly it sinks, always a single drop, down and down, crushing pressure builds, absolute purity of blackness surrounds and engulfs; cold without equal leach in; down and down, funnelled into chilling silence.

Apprehension grows ever stronger, turmoil builds as consciousness expands; fear claws the mind, hate festers, its resolve coagulates; lust becomes abstract, directionless, overwhelming; vice like, greed holds the single drop incoherent; confusion, malice, mental perversions; an emotional furnace fills the soiled drop, with a fire so powerful, this drop of filth boils within perdition.

The confusion tearing away reason, wilful ignorance weighing down the soiled drop like the enormous chains of an anchor. Firm belief in denigration, propaganda, indoctrinations, shepherd the soiled drops together, numb with the cold, deaf with the silence, blind with the blackness, crushed with their neighbours, yet oblivious to companionship.

The heavier the contamination the deeper they sink, the depths pull them down into realms of misery, spiralling sensory depravation, down into depths within depths, crushed towards the infinitesimal within the constrictive bounds of hell. A moment in Hell, fills an Earthly life time. How many moments pass in a second?

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