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Written by Abdun Nur J   

Allah will say,” You stayed not but a little - if only you had known.

Then did you think that we created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?” (Surah 23, 114-115)

As no lie exists within the ocean of existence, underlying the illusion of the physical universe we inhabit, we are unique as an energy form, as we can within our energies hold and generate lies beyond this reality.

The capacity to lie is not of value, so far as the practical ability many utilise for selfish ends, but it is very, very closely related to our independent idiosyncratic imagination, and this ability is vital to the purpose, for realisation of the overarching objective, in the creation of the energy form held within humanity.

Imagination has been the sole dominion of the single consciousness, Allah, until the creation of the imaginative energy, an example of which would be our energy form.

Through this logic it becomes ever clearer why a shirk is such a failing within this form of energy, if you arrive loaded with false beliefs you can not shed Iblis, your base desires hold firmly within you, pulling you down like a stone.

Iblis, being your base desires, are lost upon the transformation into your new state, but the ability to lie is never lost, as it is not a desire, but an aspect of your energy, often utilised negatively to achieve your base desires.

We are not only pure emotional energy, but integral within its aspect we have idiosyncratic imagination filling it with vitality, imaginative passion, inspired love, inventive generosity, enthused joy, invigorating hope, compassionate longing, incredible wonder, sublime adventure, every higher emotion surging with boundless imagination, filled with the soaring hamd of life.

According to leading biologists we utilise about, one, ten thousandth, of one percent of our consciousness, (the remainder being dormant, subconscious), while we are held within this corporeal form.

The purpose in this form is our training to master our emotional energy, so upon being released from this training pool, our consciousness is woken from it subconscious slumber, expanding our thoughts, our minds, our emotional energy, and opening up our magnificent imaginative potential.

This forms a new dichotomy, something that did not exist before the formation of this form of energy, whereas Allah’s imagination is infinite and without limits in every dimension, this new energy is bound and constrained by our shepherds of thought, a potential of the infinite, with an infinite potential.

The dichotomy is simple, pure truth held in tension to falsehood, yet the salaam of the dichotomy is held in imaginative truth, held firm by the shepherds (our firm beliefs), the potential for the destruction of reality held under tension, just as Allah holds pure nothingness in tension, we hold truth and falsehood, and through this tension realise imaginative, emotional, consciousness.

You may not recognise the real significance of a dichotomy, I will give you an example, pitch black is held in direct opposition to blinding light, this is a dichotomy.

Now the two extremes are not so important, it is what lies between the two opposite aspects of this dichotomy, logic would reason, only grey would fill the spectrum, but to reach white all the colours of the rainbow must combine, so between the two direct opposites every conceivable colours exist. So what seems dreary, in truth fills creation with vibrant, vivid, magnificent splendour.

As this is contemplated it begins to make the deeper purpose of this training relevant and resolute in its objective, no religion has any value, no worship, prayer, blind faith, dogma, Hadith (Conversation - unmitigated conjecture), Christianisation (Roman Catholic (Jesuit)), sovereign power (established hierarchy of: religions, governments, economies, social structure, educational indoctrination, etc.), holds any truth, it is a deception of men, to empower themselves over others, if you understand the purpose, the methods become clear.

The Qur’an is a complete guide, you need no other book for conduct, until this simple truth is accepted, no Muslim exists, if you knew nothing of Islam, you must understand Islam correctly and comprehensively through the Qur’an alone, all that is required is you take no false beliefs with you when you read it, a clean mind, you must accept the truth within the Qur’an as standing alone, but each verse must be reasoned within yourself, viewed through physical evidence, and accepted on its own merits before it is believed.

Only one consciousness exists, we share a tiny spark, this is our conscious mind, this is like a light bulb feeding off a power station of infinite proportions.

But Allah sees through our eyes, Allah in addition both emanates our reality, and our conscious existence; this overarching imagination is magnificent, no blade of grass, no finger print is the same, an imagination without any bounds, transfinite and trans-quantum.

Without our nature of imaginative energy, Allah cannot experience diverse creation, on an intimate level, with the deep emotional connections, excited anticipation, overwhelming sensations, independent idiosyncratic imagination generates, before this manifestation of emotional energy it was a potential within Allah‘s capacity, but Allah has made it a reality, to experience his infinite creations on a new level, from a new perspective, from a new appreciation.

So the ultimate purpose of humanity is to explore the infinite imagination of Allah’s reality, endless adventure for those who wish to experience the magnificence awaiting them, and through our experience, Allah can connect in a new way, in excited appreciation of infinite manifestation, the single consciousness experiencing itself through us, and potentially encouraging the manifestation of ever greater imaginative leaps; leaps to entertain and appreciate the unconstrained limitless bounty of emanated, manifestations, of perfect truth.

Upon the attainment of the new state of being for each soul of humanity, wise enough to achieve this treasure, the subconscious mind is made aware, comprehension expanded a million fold, opening the mind into new vistas of rational, multi-sensory inputs, senses expanded even beyond the superfluous, thoughts intensified, concentrated; unconstrained growth, delicate blasts of sensual experience, in incessant succession.

As the ultimate purpose is achieved, the new state of deep idiosyncratic imagination, permitting each soul to savours unified appreciation, is only the first state attained. So the essence of a human being is transformed into a new state, but at that moment they attain a new, greater goal; we are promised infinite states of being, Allah’s imagination is supremely, transfinite.

The adventure has just begun, the journey of the first day, to the rebirth into the next state of creation, to exceed the mediocre, to exceed the exceptional, in each attainment, and blinding accomplishment, a new and greater state of being emerges.

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