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Written by Abdun Núr J.   

A desert: a place devoid of abundant life, too dry and hot, free of shade and barren, but cool and tranquil in the evening. A place without distractions, peaceful and calm, so it is emotionally neutral.

A place where time is free of pressures, where the soul can grow, through the contemplation of looking inward.

Nobody has time to reflect in the modern world; only work and television fill their consciousness.

Selfish whim dominates, thoughtless act results, sadness and misery linger, they defend this way of existence, conditioned to feel this is freedom, and indoctrinated to believe the establishments understanding of freedom must be defended.

Alone in the arid desert, or in the engineered technological desert of today you are separated from community, reduced to an individual, alone and venerable to the control of the dominant forces, judge for yourself, to contemplate the truth, solitude and a composed divine energy are essential, to release yourself from the mental slavery of indoctrination and conditioning you must recognize and abandon your misconceptions and open your mind to the truth.

What are these freedom they value so highly?


You are free to work and yet compulsorily made to pay tax, you are free to drive and yet forced to pay tax for what they have made a privilege, you are free to die but even after death made to pay tax, you are free to consume and yet without alternative pay value added tax, you are free to own your own home through debt and are forced to pay tax to live in it, your free to be indebted and pay interest set by a pack of parasitic bankers.

Your free to get intoxicated and act without good judgment, your free to have sex with anyone consenting, without responsibility to any resulting offspring, and your daughters and sisters are free to prostitute themselves in the cattle market of social anarchy, your free to smoke cigarette destroying your health and the environment of the people around you, your free to indulge in perversion, without social stigma, your free to extract a living from the misery of others, without regard.

Your free to pursue, or pretend to participate, in any religion you wish, sanitised to be inoffensive to the elite, select from any religion you’d like, all worship a messenger and have blind faith in the nonsense manufactured to convince you that you are free from responsibility and free from the consequences of your actions, always a third party will save you. You’re free to vote for any pre-selected political party, from a single party system, whom you must hold as sovereign. You’re free to be scrutinised, catalogued and registered to be able to move about the planet, you’re free to conform to the bias of media opinion, but attacked for the truth. You’re free to have your emails, Internet use, mobile phone calls, and telephone and fax calls, recorded and examined without your knowledge. Your free to have your bank account inspected by the taxman upon his whim, and your savings continually devalued, your free to eat poisonous chemicals along with your food, your free to feel depressed and confused by the lack of community and worth while social interactions, your free to be deceived, believing all the taxation is extracted to provide first class government services, then when required you receive a third class joke, your free to believe the lies provably uttered day in and day out by the characters we’re told are paid to represent us, who we’re compelled to hold as sovereign.

Your free to defend this collection of freedoms, millions have, they were killed pointlessly, at the whim of the privileged, they will let you do the same if you feel these freedoms are so very important to pass onto your children, and their children, and so on into the future.

Your free to be poorly educated, with truths, half truths and lies, your free to pay for your energy, when it is freely abundant, your free to be forced to drive around in technology that was invented in the reign of queen Victoria, out dated for a hundred years, your free to live in a world covered with weapons, bombs and fear, your free to live in a world of poverty, exploitation and abuse, empowered by your freedom to buy, what are claimed to be cheap goods, made through the misery of others, your free to work just to keep your head above water, they would have you believe that your so very lucky to have these freedoms, many of your forefathers fought and died both to save you from these freedoms, and others to force these freedoms upon you, unwitting and ignorant to the truth, manipulated in to giving their lives for their country. How foolish were they?

What is freedom? But the ability to act freely: a state in which somebody is able to act, and live as he, or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restrictions. Being free is a responsibility, one that our forefathers failed to sustain, leaving us as economic slaves, restricted, conditioned and indoctrinated into a delusion of freedom, but a reality of conformity and constraint, continually escalating, reducing freedom, reducing you to slavery, ever more dominant upon the individual.

The elite attempt to redefine the understanding of freedom, convincing you freedom is action free from responsibility, they endeavour to excuse consequence, defer accountability to a third party, in truth freedom is the opposite of this, freedom is responsibility, you are fully responsible for your actions, accountable for the results of your actions and cannot escape the ultimate consequence of your many compound decisions.

Freedom is making decisions under your own volition, not having to comply to the decisions of others, freedom is taking responsibility for your actions, not creating excuses to justify them, freedom is the power to control the fruits of your labour without the usurious dilution of your efforts, freedom is the right to feel safe, secure and confident within the community you live, freedom is the right to privacy for yourself and the people you interact with. Freedom is this and more; with true freedom you generate great responsibility, with indoctrination you generate terrible slavery.

Then you must ask yourself, is this a free society?

As an example; they sight casual sex as a freedom in a free society, but if examined, it is not a freedom, it’s a privation, a devaluation of yourself and the people you couple with, consider if someone was to treat your mother, sister, or daughter with such profound disrespect. Through the media they fashion acceptable behaviour to make men proud of the number of girls they have had casual sex with, boasting and swollen with pride. The consequences upon the community at large being unwanted children, mass abortions, sexually transmitted disease, mental illness and sexual perversions, depression, reduced respect towards women and the once cherished innocence of a virgin.

In truth the only representation of freedom we have, as an illustration, is expressed within the Qur’an, Islam is freedom if understood correctly, and that is the problem, understanding has been subversively compromised.

They vilify Islam, to dissuade the common man from investigating the truth within it, indoctrinated to dismiss it out of hand, further to aggressively condemn, and malign whatever is associated with the word. This is an intentional persecution, they do not want you to understand truth, to wake up from your conditioning, they want you to be filled with hate when Islam is mentioned, hatred not concern when they talk of the misery and mass murder they do in your name every day, hatred not sympathy for the refugees that pour into other countries, escaping persecution and commonly unavoidable destitution, or wars manufactured and maintained by the elite. Hatred for the victims not revulsion at the acts of torture perpetrated in your name, declared to defend your carefully indoctrinated freedoms.

You must ask yourself, why is my freedom more valuable than that of anyone else, why is my life of more value than that of anyone else, why is my welfare more important than the welfare of anyone else, the elite condition you to feel that this inequality is the truth, with analogies such as it’s a dog eat dog world, and it‘s the law of the jungle, etc.; but within each person worth regard they know, if allowed to consider the truth, they will feel this inequality is profoundly wrong.

Freedom is a fearfully long way from us now, the road back to personal freedom is a terrible one, the majority of the slaves are complicit participants, working to consolidate the slavery and seal all hope for their children escaping this torment.

The masses are indoctrinated and encouraged by the establishment, to practice hatred, blaming the innocent, the vilified, the helpless, the less fortunate or anomalous.

Sovereigns active remove the remains of humanities lingering, minor personal freedoms, condemning all to exist as sub-human or worse around this small planet; in so doing we condemn ourselves to a far worse harvest, you reap what you sow, and collectively we have sown a crop of misery so potent, the very essence of humanity will be destroyed if we do not begin to wake from our collective psychosis.

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