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Written by Abdun Nur J   

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It is understood the word saum means to abstain, its physical aspect is widely and easily grasped, to abstain from food, drink, smoking, sex and foul thoughts and language, in the day light hours, and this seems enough; they have deceived themselves into believing the Qur’an has made it obligatory, when a foundation of Islam is there is no compulsion, but beyond this they flounder, they can not see beyond the physical, the literal, they only see in ignorance.

The why, Puzzles them, so they create half hearted answers;

It increases our piety (religious devotion). (But there is no religion, Islam is a Deen)

It is to be nearer to Allah. (But Allah is closer than your jugular vein; can Allah be any nearer, Allah emanates your existence from the inside out, instant to instant?)


To improve the character of ones self, through shedding bad habits and forming new practices of worth in there place. (Well the character of the Muslims I have met could do with much improvement, but demonstrates little after Ramadan, it sounds like it would be relevant, but it is demonstrated to be redundant, I’m sure if true community were once more revived it would grow as a true aspect of saum, but in this Christianised Islam it is sadly false. )

Fasting is good for your health, it detoxifies and repairs the body. (Even if this were true, it does not answer the real question, why do we fast, it must be more than simple health benefits.)

We fast to know how it feels for the starving peoples. (But in general, neither while they fast, nor after, do they help the starving of the world, so this is patently not true.)


So we can only conclude they are lost. They are arrogant in this confusion, they feel they should do it, but have no idea what for, and so they gain nothing from the act.

Would it not be better to understand the reason, and so gain the benefit; unfortunately most will refuse and remain non-believers, wilfully ignorant and confused, but confident in the powerful arrogance of religion.

So why do we fast?

If we accept the conventional historical stories, we can see a pattern.

Why did Moses fast?

He went into the mountains and connected to the manifold after 40 days of fasting, he downloaded parts of Islam.

And after the Jews betrayed his trust, he once again went into the mountains for 40 days to gain the information he needed to understand and overcome this total naked treachery, to allow his emotional state to evolve to rise above the debased animalistic fledgling cult of the Jews, and continue to attempt to help them to evolve.

Why did Buddha fast?

Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), often fasted to detach his mind from the physical world and attain higher consciousness, so connection with the manifold, and after his longest fast, for 40 days, he attained enlightenment, a part download of Islam, in his case he understood the universal energy systems of creation.

Why did Isa fast in the desert?

Isa (Jesus) retreated into the desert, where he fasted for forty days, he connected to the manifold and downloaded part of Islam, then he began his enlightning of the people.

Why did Muhammad fast?

Muhammad fasted for 40 days and towards the end of it, connected with the underlying reality and downloaded the entire Islamic knowledge, directly from the information exchange of the manifold.

They all sort the same aim and achieved a similar result, so we can see the true reason, from the example of these, and other notable men.

Allah tells us, it is easier to achieve through communal effort, he tells us the basic concept, the method of the physical practice.

Why is it not understood, when it is presented with example after example, can only be ascribed to the blanket that has Christianised Islam, the religious Dajjal, this obscures the obvious, making the religious fool the wisest advocate of Islam, as in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. in the land of the religious Dajjal the one eyed man is completely blind, but deluded into thinking he can see a little.


When you fast your body is relieved from the heavy burden of constant digestion, it is able to redirect its energy flows, the streams that surge throughout your being, the mind is able to greatly increase its accessible proportion of energy, so as the systems reorganise, the mind grows far stronger, making connection far easier.

In India the word for fasting is upavás which means “remaining near the Supreme Consciousness”; because for thousands of years yogis have practised fasting to elevate their minds to higher states of awareness.

So if we examine the Qur’an in isolation, as it directs us to do, what is the guidance laid out for our method and aims for Saum, within its pages, as it states it is a complete guide and we need no other book?

Ramadan itself is derived from an Arabic word *rmd as in "ramida" or "ar-ramad" denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations.

So the month of intense heat, scorched ground, this would seem to point to the hottest month of the year, as the Qur’an is a book written for every person on Earth, this would depend upon where on Earth you live. It tells us the Qur’an was revealed within this frame work, so the best time to attempt to achieve the same aim would be the hottest month.

‘Who ever is present during the month let him fast it.’ Here we are guided to join together as a community to fast in unity, gaining strength from one another.

We know that Allah has set out a twelve month year, with four fixed points, designated for a specific dedicated purpose, these months are Mubarak (blessed, fortunate), Rajab (to fear, revere, respect), Dhul-Qa’dah (to rest), Dhul-Hijjah (master of the pilgrimage). It is a solar calendar.

In Surah 2, 186, it concludes, ‘So let them respond to the single consciousness and believe in Allah that they may be guided.’ So the connection is drawn, the guidance of the manifold is expressed.

The number of days are not fixed within the Qur’an, but seem to be open to the ability of the individual, it seems from historical example around 40 days, but whatever time it takes to achieve the desired outcome. ‘and for you to complete the period and to elevate Allah for that which Allah has guided you,’

The next question would be the concept of abstinence, Saum, what are we directed to abstain from, is it indeed food and drink, or more than that.

The abstinence of speech itself, is directed to Miriam, the mother of Isa, but not the bounties of Allah.

Allah directs us very specifically yet not in the manor dictated by religious dogma, it seems if you find yourself in deep despair, you long to disappear from existence, you can bare the burden of consciousness no longer, Allah provides you an answer.

19 - 26 Eat then and drink, and let your eyes be gladdened! And if you

see any human being, convey this to them, ‘Indeed, I have made a vow of silence for the Beneficent. So, I may not speak to any person today.’

So you need not be rude or dogmatic, simply state your intention and continue to abstain, Allah is thoughtful and wise, so has even supplied you with the polite response.

As long as you feel dejected, and as long as your feel you want to, you can use this abstinence to raise yourself out of emotional torment.

But the real purpose of Ramadan is clear, the mystery that your light of "Samediyyah" unfold within yourself by means of fasting.

So ask a question within yourself at the start of your abstinence, patiently and with resolve perform the task, this is best performed within your community, as a communal family, within the hottest month of the year locally, for up to 40 days, until the question has been answered. This unfolding of the virtual manifold energy within you is called Samediyyah.

I can attest to this process working, as I have asked a question and received an answer, within Ramadan, it arrived after 36 days of fasting. I asked what the ultimate purpose of humanities creation was, beyond this life.

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