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Written by Abdun Nur J   


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Melded - to cause things to combine or blend and become one thing or substance

Fractals - repeating geometric pattern: an irregular or fragmented geometric shape that can be repeatedly subdivided into parts, each of which is a smaller differential copy of the whole. Fractals are used in computer modelling of natural structures that do not have simple geometric shapes such as clouds, mountainous landscapes, and coastline, natural fractals are never exact copies but similar copies.

Differential - mathematics change in variable: an infinitesimal change: able or liable to change, especially suddenly and unpredictably

Potential - possible but as yet not actual: having a latent possibility or likelihood of occurring, or of doing or becoming something.

In our physical universe some conceive the distance, and so the space it spans to be Infinite; and some conceive time to be infinite; this being the concept of being unlimited, meaning in effect that the idea of infinity is simply always being larger than any imposed value or boundary, so the view of something boundless.

A circle in a single aspect is a form of infinity having no beginning and no end, this is a contained infinity, the simplest form and the most limited.

You will always have higher levels of Infinity, without end, this is because there is in fact only one infinity, the infinite aspect of Allah (Not God), (which is AHAD, SAMAD AND LAM YULAD).

AHAD: Means ALLAH is the infinite and limitless (eternal) ONE who is unbroken and undivided into fragments or particles.

SAMED: Means that which has no gap, which is in perfect condition, is whole without holes and is impermeable; that which admits nothing in, nothing out. It means "solid", infinitely solid, so far beyond solid, also that which is free from the conception of need.


The reason no one can conceive of the functioning structure of multiple infinities, as the single infinity is ordered, is because of the limitations of mathematical reasoning, and the limitation of the abstract and intangible representations of mathematics to describe manifest reality . As Godel pointed out in his “Incompleteness Theorem”, any system based on mathematical reasoning cannot fully explain itself without reference to a higher order system (One emanating power, Allah (Not God)).

Turing followed this up with the fact that you cannot even apply computational algorithms to the problem. He showed that there are computational algorithms, the outcome of which cannot ever be determined. All you can do is set them in motion and watch and wait (time) for complexity to emerge.

In my opinion (for what its worth) Cantor, Godel and Turing are three of the most important figures in mathematics ever, but because there ideas threatened the foundations of most of modern mathematical and scientific reasoning, they have been sidelined by the establishment – as always happens.

To grasp the scale of just the infinite universe we reside in, is not yet possible with accuracy, and will never be, as you cannot impose a limiting mathematical boundary on something that is truly infinite, cosmology is in a state of constant discovery of ever greater proportions, so the imposed boundaries are in a constant state of expansion, the more we learn the greater the infinity.

They estimate the age of the milky way is around 14 billion years old, this is not the age of the entire universe as each galaxy is formed independently, without any doubt not through a big bang, or even a mini big bang, being one for each generated galaxy, the entire concept of an event existing without following any of the fractal structures of reality, is self evidently nonsense; as with all new creation it is a growth, each created through an dichotomised organic mechanism.

The concept of the growth of a seed, as the mechanism, a more organic nature, the birth of a seed, and its energetic exchanges with the manifold, building out to form each galaxy, like the transformation of a apple blossom into a shining red apple, and over vast expanses of time, so the first galaxy’s age is impossible to estimate from our present scientific abilities. To me it seems reasonable to consider the nature of reality to follow the existing model, this model repeats throughout creation, growth in an organic or inorganic nature demonstrates transformation, it is conceivable new galaxies are in a state of constant construction filling the blackness with a magical magnificence.( See the essay: ‘The formation of a galaxy, evolving a universe.’)

So if you were to consider this structure of galaxy generation, you may ask what is the inauguration of a galaxy?

And it seems simple when you consider all reality is a form of energy (information), and all energy is inter-exchangeable, and the construal of all energies is conscious knowledge.

The seed of galaxy formation is a thought.

Sounds impossible, but if you consider Allah (Not God), as the pure dichotomy of creation, the dichotomy of pure nothingness, held under tension to the totality of everything. And Allah grew out from pure nothingness, building knowledge upon itself, until all realities, and lesser unremitting dichotomies, pour from this pure single dichotomy.

Consider, this overarching dichotomy is the only valid dichotomy, it can not have any other instance; if you take the dichotomy of pure blackness and blinding light, between this dichotomy all the colours of the rainbow exist, but examples of this dichotomy fill this reality, it abounds, as the conditions allow this situation of pure blackness and blinding light to abound.

However, only one pure nothingness can exist, no conceivable condition could be created that would change this reality, it is absolutely impossible for two pure nothingness’s to exist, as to have two would demand something to separate them. Equally it would be absolutely impossible to have two everything’s, as by definition everything is all that can be.

This means only one pure nothingness held in tension to the totality of everything, could ever exist, and what is manifest between the tension of this overarching dichotomy, Allah (Not God), as with all dichotomies what is created from the tension of the opposites is the real phenomenon.

This is why Allah is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the single consciousness, this means every particle of knowledge in existence is emanated from the inside out through this overarching dichotomy, it makes clear why Allah (Not God) could never be a man, a man is just a man, we can not be the single consciousness, we are but a light bulb fed by the power of the single power generator.

But I digress.

To human awareness, the physical universe is truly infinite, the mind can not comprehend the immense scale of this reality, distances that are so vast they defy our ability to grasp them, the most distant galaxy found to date has been estimated to be 78 billion light years away, that’s 458,640,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles distant, so if you travelled at 186,283 (which is lights speed through the vacuum of space), miles per second it would take you seventy eight thousand million years to cover that distance, but this distance is ever increasing as the milky way galaxy we inhabit is moving away from the rest of the galaxies, and in addition the galaxies are moving away from us, so the expansion is ever greater, as the volume of space increases, like the inflating of a balloon pushing the galaxies apart. Consider, the Earth itself is only 4.5 billion years old, so it would take over 17 times the present lifespan of Earth to traverse such a distance at the speed of light.

The caesium-133 atomic resonates between two energy states at exactly 9,192,631,770 times a second, if you consider this against the speed of light within the vacuum, which travels at 186,283 miles per second, then at each clock cycle of caesium light travels 326mm.

But the atomic caesium clock is not the fastest resonating bench mark of time, the atomic resonance of strontium is 429,228,004,229,952 cycles per second, emitting microwaves of exactly that frequency, so light travels only 0.00006984479mm (69.84479 nano meters) per cycle. There of course maybe even faster resonating mass, this demonstrating the observable boundary of physically manifest regeneration.

This physical universe is an open system, it is in constant state of energetic flux, this entire physical manifestation is created instant by instant from a underlying source. Every atom of this creation is moving, it occupies a point in space for such an infinitesimal moment as almost never to have been there at all, multiple directions, multiple velocities, multiple rotation, everything is moving.
James Clerk Maxwell (1831 - 1873), whose use of Quaternion Mathematics took him nearer to the truth than any other conscious being. That’s because he realized that order matters, and that within the Maths, 2+3=5 is not the same as 3+2=5, the precision of the information exchange is in every aspect, a poetry of interactions.

Information is the key to understanding physical creation, our material universe is information, vast amounts of it, just as we are created through information in our DNA and RNA, so this universe is formed, the universe is the simplest manifestation of this system, energy is order, order is information, information is truth, just as Wisdom (the most refined levels of information) is a product of Reason, the information exchange of all creation functions on Truth.

The source of this universe is the manifold, held as all things within unified infinity, layered, multi infinite, Melded dimensions; within the construction of manifold trans-space, through this energetic process of constant multi movement, a virtual infinity of potential lesser infinities, (our universe is a lesser infinity), could exist, not in the form of this physical universe, but in an infinite diversity of inconceivable manifestations of realities, random chance is not a factor of creation, it is a directed conscious construction.

You may say, but how can we recognize this?

We can only observe the underlying or overarching structural framework of our physical universe, to attempt to understand the underlying masterpiece of creation.

One structure that is a designate of the system, is differential fractals, if we consider this structure in relation to infinity, as organised upon a differential fractal system, which manifests as each apparent infinity, being held as a single drop within the next, nesting just as a crystal builds out as a growing copy, a fractal growth, the lesser integral within the greater.

Our physical universe is held and manifest moment by moment through the manifold, an infinite ocean of energy, or more precisely an infinite ocean of conscious knowledge, integrally connected to every point of all infinities, knowledge so densely pack, it requires only a cubic centimetre to generate our entire universe, so consider the infinity of the source reality, so vast, so dense, so immeasurable it holds this physical infinity as a single drop within its infinite ocean, making this reality insignificant in comparison.

All realities are held within the same space, we have mentioned the four dimensional space we occupy, generated from the manifold, so truly we only borrow these dimensions, they belong within the manifold itself. Beyond this and within this exists seven spatial dimensions, each held within the next, each infinity so vast it makes the preceding infinity seem as a single drop within its infinite ocean.

All manifold differential fractal infinities, subsist in our space, even though the space, which is generated from the interconnected fabric of underlying knowledge, that we can comprehend, or observe existent, maybe only an atoms worth of space in an infinite ocean of space fabric, or maybe a manifestation of knowledge that is merely a base construction, however all exists within all, no matter the order of realisation; each apparent infinity is held within the next as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, which is within the preceding reality as a single drop within infinity, and so forth… A differential fractal composition, each part contains the whole.

Yet beyond these fundamental infinities of eleven dimensional space more exists, so infinite it holds all this within it as insignificant, so subtle it is hidden, yet all pervasive, what lies beyond this we have no understanding, a reality of infinities generated through the will of a single consciousness, all reality growing out from a single point of infinite non-existence, all knowledge retained and this knowledge expands, knowledge builds knowledge, and from non-existence spinning out, conscious knowledge fills non-existence and a universe of immense and boundless magnificence builds, evolving into a reality we ponder in a mind of tiny thoughts, a mind infused with a tiny spark of conscious existence, loaned to us from the single conscious will.

Consciousness is the highest stage in the creative and manifest process of existence (from the manifold, to tangible energetic information, to interaction, and evolution of conscious expansion) which is the force which feeds back into the manifold, in a positive way and in an incrementally recursive manner, through higher and higher levels of reason, (Qur’an) understanding, and wisdom, in order for us to ultimately find our way back to the source of all creation, which is Allah.

A differential fractal continuum of melded multiple infinities, each boundless, each non-finite in its aspect, yet melded with each greater infinity held invisibly, yet all pervasive. Within each infinity the infinite holds without question, independently perceived to be without boundaries, both lower infinities and higher infinities exist as an integral part of each infinity, all connected, all in unity.

How do we discern this, the mathematics (which in explanation is incomplete) of this reality demands it exists as an eleven dimensional structure, each descending dimensional level massively increasing in complexity and activity, also the manifold, that generates this ostensible reality as its underlying source, demonstrates both an infinity so vast it makes this reality insignificant and also that the manifold is dwarfed by the descending dimensional plains, as they exist both within our reality, the manifold itself, and beyond the manifold, we also discern that all reality is originating from a single point, again this is beyond the eleven dimensional plains, yet all pervasive, and in fact the ultimate source of all realities.

Allah (Not God) emanates all reality from the inside out; it is one infinite source, but a source both generating, and essentially being all realities.

So to conclude only one true infinity exists, this without doubt emanates all realities, in every single aspect, in every thought of imaginative consciousness, this single underlying infinity is, Allah (Not God). When considered from the perspective of a single consciousness powered from the infinite power of the overarching paradox within the founding dichotomy, it is apparent no God exists, but something transfinite, a fundamental source of every instant, of every reality, deeper, richer, far more profound than any concept of God could ever hope to be.

There is of course another way to approach infinity, and that is as an expression of dimension, you can apply length to it, as we do with time, height, width and length, so you could conceive of the underlying manifold as the 5th dimension, but it is a dimensional plain so alien to our conscious ability to ascribe any conceptual manifestation of its reality, infinity seems more conservative a description, we reside in all eleven dimensional plains simultaneously, we exist as the physical expression of the conscious will and imagination of Allah (Not God), as all things must.

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