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Written by Abdun Nur J   

51:47 And it is We Who have built the Universe, and behold, We are steadily expanding it.

51:48 And We have expanded out the earth, and how excellent an expander We are!

The physical universe is an open system, it can exchange both energy or mass across its boundaries, as energy and mass are the same thing in essence. The conservation of energy law is false, it must be surrendered to the manipulations and deceptions of the past and laid to rest.

A dipole is a pair of opposite poles: two equal and opposite magnetized or electrically charged poles that are separated by a short distance.

A dipole (or bipolarity), is broken symmetry (the breaking of the harmony of balanced proportions), meaning something virtual has become something observable, energy has crossed the membrane separating this physical reality from its ordering source.

Energy in a special form exists as matter, as energy is in a constant state of flux with the energetic manifold, the underlying source of this reality, it is submissive to any opportunity to be transduced, and under certain conditions it will evolve and under other conditions it will devolve, under different conditions it will return to the manifold and so in this open system energy is interacting and communicating, transforming and expanding the very fabric of its environment.

The physical universe is an open disequilibrium system, the charge is thermodynamically permitted to, firstly self order (hence coherently integrate absorbed virtual photon energy into observable photon energy).

To understand this imagine a steel bar heated, as it grows hotter it begins to emit photons in the red spectrum and as the temperature increases the photons spectrum increases until it emits pure white light containing the entire spectrum of visible light, electro-luminescence, the entropy builds within the steel resulting in a release of negentropy, or order, an information exchange from the manifold.

Secondly, self oscillate or self rotate (spin), all forms of energy are wheels within wheels, movement can create both order and chaos, but at the root of all energy, negentropy or expanding order, is always the state, only above this point of creation can entropy begin.
Thirdly output more energy then the ‘operator’ inputs (the operator inputs non at all), this means energy can expand without any physical outside input, extracting more energy from the active manifold directly.

All charges in the original matter in the universe have been pouring out real electromagnetic energy freely, using this asymmetry mechanism, since the creation of this universe, so for billions and billions of years, and they continue to do so.

The universe is driven by plasma energy interactions, electromagnetic systems generate all reality, 99.999% of all the matter in existence within our physical universe of 500 billion galaxies is plasma, electromagnetic forces react very energetically with plasma, a gas as little as 1% ionized may behave as a plasma (e.g. the ionosphere).
Plasma vary according to temperature and density, and have characteristics that scale over many orders of magnitude, the plasma of a bonfire for example would be ionised to around 1015 and would have a relatively low temperature, whereas the plasma of our Sun would be a plasma of around 1033 with a high temperature, the bonfire emits mainly red light as its cool, the Sun emits blinding white light as its hot.

Ionisation is a process in which an atom or molecule loses or gains electrons, acquiring an electric charge or changing an existing charge.

The charge does not create energy; it only transducers (meaning, converts one type of energy into a different type) energy input to it from the manifold; this means it is not a perpetual motion mechanism, but a circulation of energy from and to the active manifold, a manifold that manifests this physical reality, sustains it and expands it, a conscious energy ocean.

Each fundamental unit of energy is in perfect order, however the ensemble of the individual units of energy maybe disordered, therefore entropy (a measure of unavailable energy: as energy is fundamentally nothing but order, entropy is disorder of a base order) applies only at a higher level, at the base of all creation is negentropy (negative entropy, an increasing degree of order).

So now we can look at the Earth, in fact every planetary body, and observe the physical manifestation of this process, the state of continual growth, the expansion of the mass of the body, both pressure and heat entropy both impact upon the outcome of this process, as does the nature of the mass of the body; the dipole (which pulls the electromagnetic waves from the manifold) interacts with.

So conventional physics states the earth has tectonic plates that push against each other, forcing the crust back down into the earth, subduction, and in the same token creating new crust as a result, this is not true, it is again based on the closed system mentality, however not a single closed energy system can exist naturally in this entire universe.

So a powerful dipole sits at the heart of this planet, it is emitting enormous amounts of energy from the energetic manifold, into an environment of enormous pressures, temperature, and dense matter, this environment transducers’ this energy into physical mass. This means this planet is growing ever larger, as is every planet that has this process in operation.

It would logically depend on the nature of the materials that make up the structure of an individual planet, as to the process of growth present in each situation.

While our planetary body is a liquid granite ball with an molten iron heart, its structure is crystalline, it is a 120 sided growing crystal, under each facet of the Earth crystal plumes of molten magma push upward in a rhythmic pulsing, making the facet undulate, causing the ocean tides, they pulse with regular and constant force.

You have a crust of 3 to 5 miles (8km) thick pushing against a crust of 25 miles (32km) thick this means an enormous amount of pressure exists at these junctions, causing earth quakes and volcanoes, this has nothing to do with the foolish and baseless idea of subduction. Consider this, if 8km is pushing against 32km at the top, it would need to push directly down for 24km before it could slip underneath, this in itself makes subduction ill conceived.


The sea bed is in a constant state of growth, the basin rift runs approximately 60,000km around the earth poring out volcanic magma, while the lines of force that push against the ancient crust, like the ring of fire that runs 600 miles along the pacific coast, continues on to circle the globe. This is the pressure release as the earth expands, crystals are the preferred structure of matter, it is always just a matter of scale.

Igneous rocks are produced by the crystallization and solidification of molten magma, sedimentary rocks are formed through the erosion of igneous rocks, volcanic dust and organic waste, building layer upon layer.

The earths crust is expanding, year on year, moving out like the skin of an expanding balloon, the earthquakes and volcanoes are the result of this expansion. The land sits fixed on the earths crust, as the thinner crust of the oceans moves apart, if you drained the oceans the land would stand high like great mountains of the earth, this process does produce new land by draining the oceans into the newly created thinner crust, volcanic islands and new volcanic mountains are also created on the old crust. But at the same time this process generates more water which increases the oceans.

79:27 What! Are you the more difficult to create or is the universe that Allah constructed?

79:28 He raised high its canopy, and shaped it perfect.

79:29 And Allah made dark its night and brought out its light.

79:30And the Earth, Allah expanded it after that.

79:31 And Allah brought forth from it, its water and its pasture.

79:32 And the mountains, Allah made them as pegs.

A perfect, basic physical description of the process, if you consider this with care it can be understood with clarity.

To see this process in action link to the following site: http://www.nealadams.com/nmu.html

You may think this is not relevant to my life, the Earth is expanding who cares!

It points you to better understand another point, the Earth is your Masjid, the Masjid is the property of Allah, the conscious energy continually creating all realities and is expanding his creations, taking all energies on a journey to evolving conscious attributes; this at the lowest level, so below true consciousness it would appear, imperceptible.

This means you can not own any part of the Earths crust, it is a creation in constant development and expanding formation, it cannot be bought and sold, it can not be given or taken, it is not the property of any human being, you cannot designate borders, boundaries, nations and territories, you can not destroy its beauty, empty its seas and skies, pollute its surface and its atmosphere, you can not remove its diversity and unremitting novelty without doing something quiet unexpected to the majority of the people living on this planet; the result of every action has a pre-determined outcome; for example, if you drink a pint of arsenic you will die of arsenic poisoning; action and result, predetermined outcome, and this is also true of actions of a global nature.

The outcome is simple, the Qur’an tells us the Earth is the Masjid and the sole property of Allah, and if you destroy this property and fail utterly as its Caliph, Allah will remove us all and create something much better.

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