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Written by Abdun Nur   
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39:42 It is Allah Who takes their consciousness upon death, and of the living during their sleep. Allah withholds it for those upon whom Allah has passed the decree of death, and restores the others until an appointed time. Herein, behold, are Signs for people who think.

A verse of clarity for those who think, as the messenger Muhammad used reason and deep thought, so as a Muslim you must emulate this action.

Muhammad meditated for many years in the evenings, to caves in Jabal-an-Nur (mountain of light), he had a favourite cave called `Ghar-i-Hira' or the cave of research.

Muhammad, like Isa, and Budda, practiced meditation, slowing his mind and clearing his thoughts, over time his ability to slow his mind grow more controlled until one night he achieved 4 to 5 cycles per second, a key cycle of consciousness, triggering something that shattered the very fabric of his reality, this is no small achievement, as in a natural circumstance you will enter REM sleep in such a mental state, so it is the ability to overcome the mechanism of the mind and remain conscious while your mind is at rest. A state of consciousness Buddha called enlightenment, the state of consciousness this essay is about.

Deeply affected, he returned home and related to his wife what had happened, believing he may have gone mad, he expressed his fears; a basic desert existence was all he knew until that night, an experience so profound and in direct contrast to any experience he had even conceived of, it transformed his outlook, his understanding and his connection with reality. The human mind is a physical organ connecting your consciousness to the many senses (we possess 21 sense in all it has been calculated), you use to experience this universe, you are in truth an electromagnetic plasma being, held within a physical body within this reality, this is the first thing to understand.

The universe is held within a manifold, this manifold is a virtual ocean of energy so dense it boggles the mind, each cubic centimetre holding more energy than all the visible universe combined, of a truly infinite reality, this is the second thing to be understood.

The human brain holds your consciousness within this reality, but has the power to set it free; that freedom is possible under certain conditions.

So how is the conscious mind released from this reality; how is the veil of this material reality, our physical universe removed?

The brain has a small solitary gland (the only unpaired gland in the brain) called the pineal gland, it sits well-protected in the deep recesses of the brain, bathed in cerebrospinal fluid by the ventricles (the fluid filled cavities of the brain that feed the pineal and remove the waste), it produces a few things but two main things, melatonin and 5-methoxytryptamine (Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)), it produces DMT (an endogenous (produced inside the organism) psychedelic) naturally every night when your mind hits 4 to 5 cycles per second and you enter REM sleep; it produces DMT when you die; and it produces DMT when through meditation your mind slows to 4 to 5 cycles, being vibrations of energy.

The vibration of your mind through meditation, harmonise both hemispheres of your brain with your electromagnetic energy.

DMT releases your consciousness, Allah (the single consciousness, held within the overarching dichotomy) through this mechanism takes your emotional energy from this reality and then returns it each night.

It may seem a strange idea, your consciousness being take into the manifold each night and then returned, but when people have been injected with DMT they cannot retain the memory of the experience within their electromagnetic plasma field, it cannot be remembered.

DMT is classed as an hallucinogenic drug, as it takes your consciousness from this physical reality, the body is rendered immobile, the memory is shut down, at least in the conscious bringing to mind, it interacts with the subconscious mind, the dormant, yet far, far, more powerful aspect of your sentience.

If DMT is smoked, it is possible to retain some of the memory, they all describe the same reality, without connection or previous knowledge of any other persons experience having been reported, it is always the same reality they describe, this is not the method you should use for this experience, as you would be in the wrong emotional state and hence cannot delve deeply into this reality, being under the influence of a drug and not through the conscious control of your own mind.

The perfect method to experience DMT reality is through meditation, which evokes pineal DMT release (trigger or key to unlocking the conscious mind) through electromagnetic vibrations; achieved by training your mind to vibrate at a low frequency, which can be helped through outside stimulation, such as pulsed sounds or light, which allows your mind to remove the veil of this reality, so you can experience consciously the information transfer of the manifold, with total recall. The practices of the past through tribal rituals that accessed the power of the pineal, utilised rhythmic sounds and actions to lower their frequencies, the Sufi dhikr practice could generate a similar effect. The problem with external drug DMT experience is the noise of the mind, they enter, their mind excited and alive with chatter, the high frequency mind is not ideal, so contaminates the information interaction with random and disconnected thought.

The pineal gland is referred by some as the third eye, by others as the spirit gland; this gland is light sensitive and actually within reptiles has a lens, cornea, and retina, the pineal gland allows you to communicate with the manifold, this information transfer is through the photon, as it is in a basic form within the physical universe, it is to an extreme form within manifold accessed through the pineal gland, so intense is the photon exchange your very being emanates photons, so you glow very slightly.

All the physical reality is a form of energy, whether time, light, mass or space, another way to think of energy would be ordered knowledge, each aspect of energy is ordered, and works in an ordered way, all energy is in continuous exchange with its active time environment and the active manifold (also reference as the energetic vacuum, the ‘A‘ field, Etc.). The photon is also a form of energy and has both spatial and time energy components, whenever a mass absorbs an observable photon, the mass it extended in three dimensional space and forced to continue through time, during the transition virtual photons are absorbed and emitted generating an internal restructuring resulting from the observable photon interaction.

This understanding can be expressed another way, there is out folded light and infolded light, the infolded light is an extraordinary vacuum engine that generates and drives the apparently physical, which is invisibly hidden below the surface, while the out folded light transmit’s the information of the physical.

It being communication at superluminal (faster than the speed of light) speed, using electromagnetic waves inside this infolded, ‘inner’, electrodynamics. Mass is mostly empty space interacting with electromagnetic potentials, fields and waves; so mass is in fact a superhighway for direct superluminal communication using longitudinal electromagnetic waves. The entire universe is a matrix of information, unified, conscious and constantly being reinvented.

The pineal gland sees the infolded light, it observes the vision of the manifold and receives the information these virtual photons transmit.

You may think why does matter that could never absorb a photon, say buried deep within the Earth have existence if the above understanding is correct, well all atomic electrons at any energy level continually receive and emit virtual photons with the manifold, meaning they are permanently connected and interacting with the manifold.

No matter how precise the technological and scientific developments, energy must materialise from the manifold before it can be observed, and so be physical; until Allah materialises it, it does not for all intents and purposes exist, yet we have the power within us to witness beyond this physical realm.

Mohammad took a journey, deep into the underlying reality, a virtual reality of infinite knowledge, on an object called Burraque, the meaning coming from the Arabic root Barque which translates as lightening, so Burraque means intense energy, or energy light, the journey Mohammad took within the information exchange of the manifold was a level of understanding beyond which no human knowledge, residing in this world, has ever delved, or could ever explore deeper, he travelled to the limits of our emotional energy.

Upon his return from this virtual underlying reality of his conscious being, Mohammad found that the door chain of his house was still moving, and the water from which he had made his ablution was still dripping, as if he had been gone only a very short time. The effects of linear time are a manifestation of the manifold as reality is reinvented instant by instant around once every 9 billionths of a second, but within the manifold the illusion of linear time does not exist, so time can be perceived shorter or, longer than time within our physical universe.

Mohammad was asked if he had seen Allah, to which he replied, ‘No’. What is clear is he attained the deepest and utmost knowledge of the true nature of existence, ever conceived or comprehended, and vouchsafed to any man.

Now the preceding explanation has given you a little insight into the functions within yourself, and how every human being has the innate ability to connect as Muhammad, and as Muhammad, once you have consciously connected with this reality, it becomes easier and easier to reconnect, explore deeper and experience fuller the wonder of this arcane reality.

And that’s just what Muhammad did, he continued to explore and experience this wondrous and fascinating deeper reality, underpinning this superficial physical reality; a physical reality we believe to be real, which is in fact a dream in comparison to the manifold that gives this reality it birth, we know little of the manifold, but one thing is for sure, the adventure is just beginning.

If you consider it this way, if the manifold holds all the energy of our visible universe within each and every single cubic centimetre of its truly infinite proportions, and you then consider the scale of our universe in comparison to that superior reality, our physical universe becomes insignificant.

To give you a perspective of just how vast this physical universe is, if you portioned out all the stars man has observed and extrapolated so far, it would mean each person on Earth would hold roughly, Thirty eight trillion, four hundred and sixty one billion, five hundred and thirty eight million, four hundred and sixty one thousand, stars each. To give you a perspective of the scale of that number, if a grain of sand 1mm³ represented each of the stars allotted to each person, each person would have over 84,000 tonnes of sand. To give you a perspective of this number that’s enough sand to cover an acre of ground nine and a half metres high. Now in comparison to the scale of the manifold this physical universe is insignificant, but consider this, the manifold in comparison to the scale of Allah’s creations is comparably insignificant.

The manifold itself is not the end, nor the significant reality of all existence, beyond this and yet still further beyond, Allah is without limits and this is why we can not comprehend Allah’s being, Allah’s imagination, Allah’s manifestation, Allah’s absolute reality. People puzzle over the question, if Allah created all reality, what created Allah, but we do not possess the frame of reference to comprehend the answer to this question. We exist within an ocean of energy, like a fish in the deep ocean, we cannot grasp the further realities awaiting us, just as the fish that exists in total darkness, in freezing temperatures, and at enormous pressure, cannot grasp the reality of a man walking in a sunny wood, a reality completely alien to its frame of reference.

At the fringes, entering the manifold the ordinary world is revealed as a slowly but constantly convecting fluid, ordinary matter in its true state, continually reinventing itself, crystallizing from the inside out in all directions at once and melting away at the surface. It’s in constant flux, pushing against space-time and continually interacting with waves and particles of energy.

Since this physical world is a world of experience, it belongs more to experience than to being. The being, or ontological nature, of this world is quite different from what we perceive and experience as reality.

The experience that engulfs a persons entire being as they slip beneath the surface feels like the penetration of a membrane, a significant occurrence. The mind and the self literally unfold before one's eyes. There is a sense that one is made new, yet unchanged.

This world is teeming with life, it exists in every nook and cranny, in every environmental condition, and I suspect this state is not in isolation. This physical universe I am confident is likewise teeming with life, in every possible location conducive to life. This teeming life filled universe emanates from the manifold, animate or inanimate, searing or frozen, blinding or black, all that exists within the physical universe is sustained and manifest through the conscious energy within the manifold.

The human consciousness enters the manifold at its surface, it depths are unlimited; at the surface, like the surface of a mirror, it reflects back your consciousness, the thought becomes reality, the reality becomes the thought, in this multi-sensory coordination of perception.

The manifold generating this reality is complimentary, and more active in our perceived physical reality than that perception, being the sustaining reality, which is consciousness, a pure conscious life energy, the conscious energy of creation in its extraordinarily intensely concentrated medium, it manifests to our consciousness only as the gift of a new language, the conscious energy sings in pearly voices that rain down as coloured petals and flow through the air like hot metal to become toys of such wonder and imagination they defy description. The sense of emotional connection is terrifying and intense, the contact is unquestionably with something very interactive, attentive, hyper intelligent and ostensibly alien to one's whole existence.

This visible language, the music of Allah expressed in all five senses and all other unknown senses simultaneously, sings knowledge, sings imagination, sings emotions, sings creation, sings vision, sings sensation, sings endless possibilities; the ascension of Mohammad was the deepest communication and communion a human being has ever experienced within this medium of consciousness, the information articulated within this divine language took Mohammad to a level of consciousness we can not comprehend. A multi dimensional expression of communication, articulation of an order beyond the limits of this physical universe.

This language of reality is not a realm of little creatures as people describe superficially, but the ocean of consciousness, expression and imagination the manifold holds. The people who delve into this manifold using external drugs are in the main thrill seekers, they describe amazing events, but when viewed clearly they describe a deeper, richer and spectacular form of communication.

So every time you enter REM sleep, if your pineal gland is functioning correctly, Allah takes you into the manifold, and communicates with your emotional consciousness, such a gift should be treasured; for a lucky few, such as Muhammad, they can achieve this communion in a waking state, so with their conscious mind can not only communicate but explore this magnificent reality.

When people using DMT have experienced this underlying reality they return with a certainty that their consciousness continues after death, they harbour the idea of an existence beyond the physical body, as they realise, at a superficial level, they themselves are woven into the fabric of the manifold. They have a sense of enchantment, of sanctity, of profound beauty, they feel a sense of privilege to access the knowledge, and they feel that their intelligence and connection is increased.

The Mysteries revealed are real and if this deeper reality is ever fully, commonly understood, will strip away much of the confusion, and ignorance surrounding the purpose, and personal obligations of each person upon themselves, so transforming all this world, a world of enslavement, a prison planet for ourselves and our collaborators. A misery, if unchecked, that will lead the traveller ever deeper into despair, until the realisation that you have imprisoned yourself within yourself, from this life into the next.

Foot Note:

Now a strange conspiracy of corruption, intentional immorality through knowledge or ignorance I can not judge, has disconnected people from this natural physical process, the human pineal gland has been destroyed within the majority of people, through the deception of sodium fluoride, a poison they intentionally peddle and market through dentistry.

The toxicity of fluoride is no secret in scientific circles. According to the Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products, fluoride is more toxic than lead and just slightly less toxic than arsenic which is one of the most toxic substances known.

Fluoride has long enjoyed a sterling public image as a “proven cavity fighter,” bone builder and essential nutrient. The fact of the matter is that it is none of these things, but rather one of the most toxic elements on earth, capable of causing the very problems it is touted to solve, in addition it causes depression, and accelerates the onset of puberty in children, but its most insidious effect is it accumulates in the pineal gland, causing calcification; it disconnects you from your source, without your pineal gland to release your emotional force it weakens your energies. The hardening of the pineal gland is likely to be responsible for much of the now common restriction in our conscious awareness as humans.

People must refuse to use sodium fluoride, giving your body time to repair itself, change to toothpaste free of sodium fluoride and sodium laurel sulphate, products like mouth wash, dental floss, also contain fluoride, if they pollute your drinking water with fluoride, you must filter your drinking water, or use bottled water.

Gotu Kola nourishes the gland, Alfalfa sprouts and Parsley energise the gland, Wheat germ, olive oil, melons and pineapple juice also energise the gland, Lecithin and L-Arginine help to rebuild your gland.

Violet is the primary colour and is the highest vibration which effects the pineal gland. The bare eye (without glasses of any kind) should be exposed to indirect sunlight on a regular basis. Light reflected by the retina stimulates the pineal gland. CAUTION: Looking directly into the Sun can damage the retina, so do not look into the Sun.

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