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Written by Abdun Núr J.   

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The message of the mass media being imposed on modern civilization the world over is simple:

· “You only live once” - So try everything at least once (you never know you may like it),·

“Money equals success” - The greater your accumulation of material assets, the more successful you are and the more attractive to you become to the opposite sex

· “Indulge in excess” - always put yourself first and never feel guilty or bad, always look after “number 1” first (yourself)·

“All actions can be excused, dismissed or blamed on a third party” - ….except one, anti-Semitism.

This is the message we have come to accept and so acknowledged as “modern civility” because after all, the mass media wouldn’t lie to us would it?

The propaganda machine.

If you travelled the world and saw things as they really were, you would realise western media only present dis-information with their half-truths and references from dubious “official sounding bodies” (see Trust Us, Were Experts by Rampton and Stauber).

They place the “dots” conveniently so you join them up and make up your own picture - the one they want you to see. Of course they allow you to believe it must be “true” because after all, you came to that conclusion all by yourself….

“People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they have themselves discovered than by those which have come in to the mind of others.” – Blaise Pascal

Furthermore, history is taught with untruths, twisted facts and expunged evidence. Politics are engineered to manipulate and deceive, and the authorities (including the police) are not merely there to create a false sense of security. On the contrary, they serve the elite as thieves and parasites, preying on the unsuspecting ignorant population, who believe they are protecting and helping them.

The pharmaceutical industry is no better. Doctors are taught and funded by the greedy and manipulative pharmaceutical corporations to treat “dis-ease” with all types of concoctions created in labs merely to relieve symptoms. There is no talk of “cure”, only pain relief; as a cure would rob the very pharmaceutical giants of their very profitable sources of income. Is it no wonder then that the Arthritis industry in the US is worth $65 billion in a year?

That’s over a £100 million a day in English money!

Which medical institute would want to lose that kind of revenue?

Even if there was a naturally occurring compound called Cetyl myristoleate discovered in the 1960’s by research chemist Harry W. Diehl, do you think they would tell you?

And what about Cancer, simply a vitamin deficiency which triggers a fugal infection that ravagers the body?

Simply a shortage of B17 in the diet, with this vitamin intentionally engineered out of the food sources. Why is it that 100 years ago only one in 80 people were being diagnosed with cancer when today with all our billions of pounds of research and technological advances in sciences, its a staggering 1 in 3?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the chemo-therapy drug industry alone (forget the other treatments for now) rivals the telecoms industry with over £25 billion in annual revenues?


The modern world is a strange place to anyone with an understanding of unity, the financial industry enslave the population, the population is defeated and accept anything forced upon them, transformed into complicit participants in their own degradation and ultimate destruction.

The removal of diversity is the objective, the sameness, the worthlessness, the debasement of humanity, the removal of morality, and ethical virtue. And most profoundly from the perspective of the sovereign powers, is the removal of your capacity to reason.

The energy of creation is defined by diversity, nothing created is the same, the opposite is negative, the opposite is satanic in conception, based on pure greed, to remove diversity, the Americanisation of the planet, the conformity of humanity to accept a single doctrine of deceit. All diversity can be defined as differential fractals of a basic structure.

Sovereign based perceived reality however is not the elemental truth; this is not the meaning of life…. This is, (in my opinion), the truth.

The meaning of life.

You are unique, every single individual human being ever created is completely unique, you can never be replaced, matched or copied.

Further more you’re true self, your essence or virtual energy field, is indestructible, eternal, powerful and created with great purpose.

To understand that purpose is to understand the meaning of life. (See the essay,
The Purpose of Humanity.’.

You can view the experience of life in two ways, as expressed by a philosopher of the past.

If you equate been born with jumping from a cliff, certain of death, you can either enjoy the fall, as the result is guaranteed, or you can claw at the side of the cliff until you land, the end result is exactly the same, the experience of the event quite different.

The materialistic view point, fear death as the end of the physical, so metaphorically claw at the cliff face throughout their life, this very brief life.

The reality of this world is an illusion of materialism, therefore the accumulation of assets is futile, in reality this entire universe is transient, we exist here for only a moment, further more, only the comprehension of your senses convince your consciousness that this truly is reality. (
please read : ‘Allodial Earth’ to understand ownership.)

The progression of understanding of reality has been given to many messengers, men who have dedicated themselves to meditation for many years to awaken their essential self. Each successive messenger had a greater frame of reference from his predecessor, so could convey the comprehension of reality to a greater extent, but more importantly could express his understanding increasingly more evidently.

From the first messenger who may have been Adam, who can say, who conveyed the knowledge of the true reality we exist within to a people with the ability to comprehend at the most basic level, through to Muhammad who expressed a complete model within an expanding frame of reference. People formed religions around the understanding conveyed by each successive messenger, the same understanding each time, but within improving frames of reference. This mechanism has sadly created division and dogma, intolerance, ignorance and fanaticism within the world as few comprehends this simple fact. The concept of religion is a concept of ignorance and misunderstanding, no religion has any value, only the reality and comprehension of true existence is of value.

All things of value and purpose must be tested before they can be used with confidence, likewise we are here to be tested, cultivated toward that end, a universe manifest for that very task.

(Allah - who is not God) who created death and life to test you (as to) which of you is best in deed - and Allah (who is not God) is the Exalted in might, the Forgiver - (Surah 67, 2)

If you view life as a test, understand this very carefully, you are requited nothing save what you did within your life, you shall have nothing after death save only that for which you made effort.

Put another way you are the sum of your actions, good or bad, no spreading the blame, no making excuses, no pleading ignorance, the only thing you have with you upon death are your action linked with their intension, without exception, only exonerated by your transformed true beliefs, attained before the moment of death.

There will remain nothing to practice after the moment of death is tasted! Each person has the opportunity of engaging in some practices of benefit only during their lifetime in this world; you must live the results of your practices upon death.

Many place their ill-considered faith in materialism, this, in a transient universe, is without ultimate point, the worship of material possessions, wealth assets etc. to what end, you exist with true reality, to die in this universe is simply to awaken to your truth, the only thing you can take with you are the memories of your actions, and your understandings and beliefs held within the energy of time. The interaction between sentient conscious beings, the most important aspect of existence, how you treat people, positive or negative.

There is no compelling in the practices of benefit or detriment, as a test needs free will and both negative and positive to be affective. It is not about actions done by force, but rather with someone's own intentional (wilful) deeds. Deeds are tied with their intentions; everybody must perform their duty to themselves, intentionally without any compelling.

To understand this you must first understand the single infinity, layered as multi infinite nesting dimensions (Allah - who is not God) is conscious energy, we are also conscious energy, but we differ in one aspect, we borrow the attributes of the infinite, we own nothing, to believe we are the infinite energy itself, manifest, is the power of the ego, you must understand this as a flow of energy, we are the users of the energy, the energy source or supplier is the multi infinite multi-dimensional energy (Allah - who is not God), like a light bulb compared to a power plant, to believe yourself Allah (who is not God) is directly opposite to reality.

Energy is pure light; pure truth; pure knowledge; pure consciousness; pure imagination; pure dichotomy.

One other aspect of mind is important to consider, comprehension, and belief within that comprehension, an unforgivable act is that of shirk, associating partners with Allah (who is not God), if you live a life that is positive and then through indoctrination and conditioning deny Allah (who is not God) because you do not recognize the truth, but insist upon believing a lie, a false shepherd, you will be trapped in your denial, waiting for Isa (Jesus), or an old man with a white beard (A God personified), or a fat man with a round belly (Buddha), or what ever your idolatry maybe. (See essay, ‘

A transgression against yourself, confused by misunderstanding. To expect special treatment for actions you may perceive of benefit, such as martyrdom are solely dependant on correct understand, even if you leave this reality through the actions of others who hate truth, you still need intransigent purpose of correct understanding for benefit. To seek martyrdom, as your purpose will serve you no benefit, the correct understanding is to seek truth and morality and as a consequence become a martyr.

We are essentially an virtual energy entity, the energy field that surrounds every human being circulates through the heart, flowing out four to six feet from our physical bodies, this energy holds all of our memories and our intellectual selves, our essence, it holds our sentient conscious faculties, our personality, our thoughts.

To understand this field consider a magnet, it generates a virtual energy field that is undetectable beyond the physical effects it manifests when it interacts with magnetic elements, so it exists purely within the fluidic manifold, only its effects demonstrate its reality.

This energy is connected to our body, which is simply a vessel to experience this reality, a reality created for the test. If the vessel is damaged it will not function correctly, but the electro-magnetic mind is unaffected beyond its ability to interact, or function within this reality through the physical body at the optimal capability.

It is the fire of Allah (who is not God), (eternally) fuelled, which mounts directed at the hearts. (Surah 104, 6 - 7)

The majority of our ability to reason is dormant, as we only utilise, one, ten thousandth of one percent of our consciousness.

We function mentally on a insignificant level, in comparison to our potential, we are in the process of the evolution of our energy, the creation of a seed, the fruits of which we will exist from for the rest of time, a seed that is planted after we wake from this universe and begin the next level of existence.

A pure emotional energy form, constrained through beliefs, infused with idiosyncratic imagination and holding integrally, the delicate spark of reason. (To understand this further please read, ‘The Human Soul Nexus.)

The understanding of Islam is simple; only positive emotional energy is relevant (beneficial), to follow the will of the infinite conscious energy (Allah - who is not God), follow the truth. Positive emotional energy; be the giver, be the trustworthy, the altruistic, the forgiving, the peaceful, the patient, the truthful, the enthusiastic, the happy, the loyal, the merciful, the honourable, the loving, the wise, the creative, possess self respect, respect for others, etc. all positive emotional energy. To accumulate beyond reason is negative emotional energy; to lie, cheat, deceive, manipulate, confuse, mislead, be selfish, wilfully ignorant, usurious, addicted, contemptuous, obscene, obsessed, greedy, murderous, destructive, aggressive, violent, doctrinarian etc. all negative emotion.

You are created, pure, for the first six years or so you function at a low frequency of consciousness 7.84hz, directly functioning through the unconscious mind, learning and understanding everything with ease, connected diminishingly to the underlying reality of the manifold, an information exchange, through the pineal gland, a connection diminishing through indoctrination and conditioning.

The wilful ignorance practiced by the majority of people is embedded within the young mind, taught to exist within the negative, taught to turn off your positive mind and function on Iblis (base desire) and wilful ignorance.

The unfortunate truth is almost nobody understands or conceives their purpose.

The main purpose within the physical world is the establishment of shepherds (firm beliefs), another aspect of your purpose is to expand the higher emotions to infinity, ultimately expand them within your consciousness, to experience and marvel at the unlimited diversity and imagination of Allah’s (who is not God’s) manifest existence throughout eternity.

‘Paradise is as wide as the Earth, and as wide as the Heavens.’

The physical actions of importance are the interaction between consciousness’s, this is the context of the main actions of benefit or detriment, many relationships are involved, marriage is a vital part of the test, friendships, family interaction, how you treat the people around you. It is not at any level prayer, worship or religion. The reality is this universe is manifest as a backdrop to these interactions of consciousness. Even animals have consciousness, but a consciousness outside of any ability to expand or advance; however your interaction with their consciousness is also important to your purpose. The following verse explains itself but illuminates the brief transient nature of this world.

(Allah - who is not God) will say, “How long did you remain on earth in number of years?”

They will say, “We remained a day or part of a day; ask those who enumerate.” (Surah 23 - 112, 113)

The most heinous negative even above murder, which is a greater crime than the destruction of all humanity in the view of the conscious energy, is usury, so powerful an individual will become from the unrestrained practice of usury the world will bend to their will, mankind will be chained and debased, driven into perdition, manifest within this world.

Of all the transgressions against your fellow man usury, is the most destructive and reprehensible, of all illegal behaviour, none will afford such power; so powerful the practitioners of usury in the world today, people have never heard of the word, they do not recognize it, or know what it refers to, simply because the usurers wish it hidden.

To be involved within the practice of usury is a negative, you may think it harms nobody; it harms everybody.

Usury is the premeditated theft of the fruits of somebody else’s labour.

If you as an individual refused to accept usurious transactions within your life, at the very least you would be dis-empowering the usurers by the power of one. To complain, feel anger and outrage about the events of insanity around the world, manifest through the power and perversions of usury, while you empower the very mechanism of that destructive force, through your participation within usury, is a sad irony. To be involved in any Usurious transaction is a crime, for both parties, both are guilty, not in equal measure, but without the pork eater the pork farmer would not exist, of course as the usury system matures, it becomes absolutely impossible to avoid being usurious, as is the case today, at the self destructive point of the world usury system, but if people allow it, the usury sovereigns will manifest an even more constrictive economical usury model, to replace the present disintegrating model.


Allah (who is not God) is at war with the people of usury, the money worshipers. They carry the mark of usury in their mind and the enslaved people carry the mark of usury in their hands. The pre-eminent fiat usurious currency is the under pinner of all others, the American Dollar, the eye of the Masons marks the truth on the debt of the slave.

We must submit to the will of the creator or we will not be in unity. The directions for human conduct have been laid out within the Qur’an, the Rasul (messenger) Mohammed expressed this knowledge through interaction with the information exchange of the manifold, held within himself, and released as a complete guide within the pages of the Qur’an, the Christianised Muslim religion has clouded and confused many minds from the understanding of Islam, Islam is an understanding of existence, an erudition (Deen) not a religion.

Final thoughts, from the Qur’an:

‘Allah (who is not God) guides to His light whom He wills.’…

Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children - like the example of a rain whose (resulting) plant growth pleases the tillers; then it dries and you see it turned yellow; then it becomes (scattered) debris. And in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah (who is not God) and approval. And what is the worldly life except the enjoyment of delusion. (Surah 57 - 20)

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