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Written by Abdun Nur J.   

He, who stands up for nothing, will fall for everything.

He who falls from the exploitation of the elite often enough, will eventually fail to raise themselves from the ground; without a backbone, to exist on your knees will not be enough; without free will, to exist on your belly will not be enough; without a conscience prompting action to address the results of your subjugation, to exist at all will be too much, unfortunately you cannot die, act in haste, repent at your leisure.

The family of Adam is a divided whole; the unity of a single specie does not exist, this planet is divided into pieces, labelled nations, the unity of a planet does not exist; each nation is divided into positions, non are equal; each peoples are divided into economic rank, their value assessed from their location of birth and the rank of their parents. A simple thing of chance decides who is of value and who is not.

The Earth is a charnel world, more obviously from your position of subsistence, a manifestation of civilisation that is in the sharp escalation of violent and devastating death throws.

If you are fortunate, you live in a location of power, if not one of abject poverty and misery, but from your location of power it is easy to disregard the majority, living wilfully ignorant of the system you exist within, that maintains your location of power, and the abject poverty and misery of the majority.

Every lie you accept is a heavy burden, one you will not feel until its crushing you to the ground; every injustice you witness and ignore, disregard, or condone, is building an ever stronger backlash within this world and the next, almost all do not understand the world, yet believe they are the wisest and most informed of people.

The truth is modern government creates chaos, they and no other force can create this affect, only the establishment of a central power structure with sovereignty over its population is able to achieve chaos.

They indoctrinate the people to believe the opposite of the truth, without us the establishments declare, it would be chaos, when in fact with them, we have the physical evidence of their version of order, an ignominy upon the family of Adam, the minority exploit and debase the majority.

The people of the world, around 6200 million are under the almost complete control of less than 200 individuals headed by the Roman Catholic Church, the papacy dictates, the Jesuits administer, the Zionists tax through usury, the illuminarty administer the Masons, and the Masons control the civil servants, who in turn control the subjugated masses, an unrecognised hierarchy, an uncelebrated sovereignty, this would be their version of democracy, yet another lie; wars are generated and waged, poverty is organised and enforced, starvation is engineered, pollution is rampant, technology is retarded, divisions are created, taxation is ever escalating, values, education, services, society ever declining.

The first step to health is to know that we are sick.

The second step to health is to know what is making us sick.

The third step to health is to know what needs to be done to cure the sickness.

The fourth step to health is to take the medicine.

The final step is to take steps to prevent the sickness returning.

There are many symptoms; these can confuse the understanding of the disease, making you focus on one or two symptoms and over looking the underlying cause.

The symptoms, inflation, taxation, propaganda, war, poverty, starvation in locality, exploitation of the weak, indoctrination, conditioning, deteriorating education, deteriorating health service, deteriorating police force, deteriorating utility services, perpetually increasing utility costs, fees on fees, reducing freedoms, constricting autonomy over your own ability to make decisions.

Restrictive and contrived laws to create monopolies, allow deceptions, loan sharking, counterfeiting, protection racketeering, arms dealing, war mongering, drugs pedalling, both legal and illegal, forced prostitution, human organ harvesting, unobstructed gambling in all its forms, the disempowerment of the individual over his own existence, etc.

I’m describing the world not one location, and the people who control the world are involved in all the activities listed above; they are the most depraved and voracious parasites ever to pray upon humanity.

Every time you pay a tax, you empower them, every time you buy products they produce you are empowering them, every time you borrow money you are empowering them, every time you take drugs you are empowering them, every time you pay for sex with a prostitute they own, you are empowering them, every time you defend this system of control you are empowering them.

You can march against a decision they have made, it will not change, you can send in a petition signed by every powerless person in the country it will not matter, you can vote for anyone they allow you to vote for, it will make no difference, you can refuse to vote, you can constantly complain, you can jump up and down on the spot, it will not matter.

If you continue to give them sovereignty they are your masters, they make the decisions for you, they control what you watch, read, eat, think and say.

The indoctrination of the media, blatant in its propaganda, indifferent to the facts, oblivious to the truth, under the control of the mafia elite, the media, not you, establish your opinion, your point of view, your affirmation of the verdicts of the mafia elite, they are the public relations arm of the elite, they make the excuses, false reasoning, contrived expert opinions, artificial justifications and thoroughly perjure themselves on a daily basis.

I am accused of ranting on about the political past, present and future, financial history, methods and plans, the elites control, depravity and agenda, etc., so they say I rant, that is to say something in a very loud, aggressive, or bombastic way, usually at length and repetitively, if this is true, even though I am unaware of such a condition, please accept my sincere apologies, of course if it is not true you are propagating a lie, by saying such a thing.

So we exist in a place that is not conducive to growth, but is ideal for decay, leading people down a path that glories in the base and guttural, that venerates avarice, objectifies women, hastens the end of childhood at an ever younger age, leaving the child emotionally stunted, mentally confused and morally bankrupt. Abandons the elderly to a drug induced oblivion in a system of accelerated termination, unvalued and unwanted.

This is the world today, collectively we have opened the door wide to Hell, Jahannam, a physical state of at best stagnation, at its worst a reversal of human evolution.

To accept the first step in itself is a rare conviction; that being, the modern world is sick.

The second step to health is to know what is making us sick.

This is simple, two triangles interlocking, the first triangle is sovereignty; at one point is government, at another religious hierarchy, at another usury.

All three demand sovereignty while simultaneously conveying equal sovereignty to the other two.

The second triangle is enforcement of sovereignty; at one point mass media, at another the system of contrived laws, at another the indoctrination of fabricated histories, scientific understanding, etc., of the hypothetical education system.

All three compel the individual to conform to the three sovereign powers, while they simultaneously corroborate each other, each fully supporting the falsehoods of the other two.

Two triangles interlocking. This is the symbol of Hell on Earth.

The third step to health is to know what needs to be done to cure the sickness.

The symbol of unity is the circle; an unbroken line without beginning and without end, the cure to this hexagram of sovereignty is the circle of unity.

You can have no sovereign, beyond Allah‘s guidance.

No sovereign is the cure, a simple and all encompassing cure.

To administer this cure you need unity of purpose and understanding, the greater the unity the greater the power against the disease.

The fourth step to health is to take the medicine.

Islam must be understood with clarity and upon understanding you must exist in unity with the Qur’anic guidance, in spite of all hardship. The immense implication of the removal of such a vast and powerful system of human conformity, is a task only achievable by Muslims, not religious Muslims, as they conform to the hierarchy of religion; not to political Muslims as they conform to the concept of reform within the sovereignty of government; not to wealthy Muslims as they conform to the power of usury. Only true Muslims.

Today a rare and precious individual, a person that exists in true conformity with the guidance of the Qur’an free from Hadith and tradition, free from usury and political participation, free from the concept, practices and influence of religion. A true Muslim is a person that will only give sovereignty to Allah alone, and will not conform to the system of the hexagram.

The final step is to take steps to prevent the sickness returning.

To appreciate the systems in operation you must understand their concepts.

Communism is a totalitarian state, they reduce a human being down to a cog in a machine, in action and thought he must conform to the dictates of the party leadership, he is not permitted to think, choose or judge for himself. They hold absolute sovereignty over the individual through fear and intimidation, a creation of the Zionists; this form of government is by far the worst ever conceived if you desire a society of growth and understanding.

The communist assumes the government has an inviolable right to all property, above human life or suffering.

Capitalism is the power and authority of capital, it gives little value to any other aspect of society, it does not value labour as equal to capital, the result is the bulk of the wealth is continually concentrated to an ever smaller group of individuals, this creates ever increasing inequality and gives obscene power to the few. They hold sovereignty over individuals through deception and legislation, modern capitalism is a creation of the Jesuits and the Zionists, this form of government is the prevalent tool and mechanism they use to control the masses, although they will transform this system to that of a totalitarian government ultimately.

The Capitalist assumes a man (of the elite) has an inviolable right to the property he has acquired, by fair means or foul, this standing above human life or suffering.

The Islamic system does not give sovereignty to any state or body, absolutely without quarter, this is a foundation and cannot be stressed strongly enough the individual is his own sovereign, and gives that personal sovereignty over only to the guidance of the Qur’an, if he so wishes, as there is no compulsion.

The Islamic system also cannot tax a single person, taxation is absolutely against Islam, without quarter, this is a foundation and cannot be stressed enough, to have taxation transforms a government into a sovereign.

The Islamic system cannot manufacture laws that restrict the freedom and action of an individual to exist autonomously this is against Islam, it is not the business of the state to interfere with personal decisions that harm nobody else, even if they live against the values of the majority, there is no compulsion in Islam.

The Islamic system has an obligation to protect its community from slavery, of any kind, domestic as well as any other form, the protection of children and women maintained with absolute care and vigilance, crime investigated with great effort and diligence.

No living person can own the physical land, this exists for all life, it is not the exclusive property of any individual, group or establishment, it is absolutely free of ownership, as a foundation, things on the land can be owned, buildings, crops etc., you can not have protected borders or sovereignty of a region, a single family of Adam on a single planet.( see the essay, ‘Allodial Earth.’)

It is the business of the system to create a community, small cells each independent, yet connected, without a central government to be corrupted or in control, the communities working collectively for larger goals, and the focus permanently on the empowerment and growth of the individual, the establishment of a fertile place, (Jannah).

The test of this physical existence is your actions linked with your intension and your beliefs, if someone or group is making your decisions for you, through your gift of sovereignty to them, and perverting your understandings with lies and propaganda, so shaping your beliefs, you have failed the test of life before you have even begun.

Capital is not the master within the Islamic economic system, usury is absolutely forbidden, without exception as a foundation, this concept of existing from the premeditated theft of the fruits of someone else’s labour is not acceptable or tolerated.

The individual cannot amass vast amounts of wealth in the manner, or with the same ease, as in a usury system, the wealth is spread about with greater equity, and human life and happiness is held above any rights to property.

Pure charity, and the charging of utilities, not taxation, fund the system. (Ref essay; 'Qur'anic Caliphate')

From this simple understanding it would be possible to establish a truly Islamic system of government, in harmony, and in unity with the people it interacted with, a shinning light, an illuminating example of Islam, quickly the whole would become much more than the sum of its parts, just as the cells of the body.

Apathy, ignorance, vested interest in the status quo, as inanity describe a person who stands for nothing, allowing others to make their decisions, giving sovereignty over and so their very soul, their pure self, along with any chance of growth of that purity, and so retarding the development of their rue.

This delusion of the mind, invokes inescapable consequences, a subjugated mind confers subjugation upon those around them, compounding and enforcing the sovereignty of the mafia elite, consider what you are within yourself, a Muslim or a subject, the first demands confrontation, the second demands conformity.


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