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Written by Abdun Nur J.   

It could be said I am a misanthrope, a person who dislikes and distrusts other people and tends to avoid them, from one point of view this would be true.

But not from my point of view.

I believe the majority of people are misanthropes, in their actions and beliefs; they therefore transfer their personal mistrust and contempt for their fellow human beings to someone with the opposite view of social interaction, from themselves.

For example, I will to the best of my ability, not lie, steal or con another person, they do this so abundantly they have lost the ability to recognise they are even doing it.

We exist more and more in a social system of conformity to the pervasive media model, mouldered through soap opera’s, drama’s, news media, Etc., We exist in the exploitation of our fellow man, we let property, we borrow certificates of debt, that burden every other person with the ramifications of that loan, we hoard material assets, we treat people as less than human, through sexual attitudes and practices, we aspire to a concept of greed, even without its conscious realisation. Paying as little as we can get away with, not the true value for the job or item, proud of our ability to rob, as a good business practice; we are conditioned to believe.
We exist in a world founded on lies, half-truths and perversions or misrepresentations of events.

We at a certain level know this is true, yet we want to exist in a cocoon of lies, which as we believe, allows us to escape the consequences of our actions.

Nationalism is the division that has torn apart the family of Adam; they promote mindless and pointless sports to reinforce this perverse and insane concept, dividing a single family into over 200 nations to play one against the other, to exist in perpetual conflict on the basis of difference of location of a single planet. A true misanthrope would be a true patriot.

So the question is, are you a misanthrope, or a cosmopolite?

Will you continue to be indoctrinated?
To do nothing is to invite destruction.

Not only for yourself, but also for the ones you love.

Apathy is from the dullard.

Fear is from the coward.

Denial is from the wilfully ignorant.

Participation in your own destruction, with the pretence of being a Muslim, is from the hypocrite.

Action is from the defender; the valiant; the last hope for us all.
No weapon but the truth; But knowledge is power.

The truth is the only thing the liar dreads.

The truth exposes the actions of the powerful to the scrutiny of the powerless.

The action is to expose and disempower the powerful, remove your sovereignty from their authority.

Take responsibility for your own actions, do not confer authority to the people who wish to destroy you and the ones you love, stop and think, what is happening in the world, what has happened in the past, what will happen in the future, if you continue to give sovereignty to people that exist as parasites, murders, thieves, torturers, manipulators and liars.

True integrity, the state of being complete, or undivided, replete in your resolve, is almost without example.

We must be that example.

We must live, without fear.

We must act without conformity to propaganda, conditioning and indoctrination, created to confuse the truth, blind the senses to the theft, murder, deception and imminent mass extermination.

See through the ocean of lies, and recognise the truth before the truth presents itself in its most brutal form, without evasion, unconcealed, in complete fullness and certainty.

Unprepared to deal with the results of ignoring the actions of the people you view as your authority, the truth will arrive in the fullness of time to remove you and the ones you love from this life, this is without doubt.

To do nothing, is absolutely, to invite the complete destruction of all you find familiar, everyone you know or have known, everything you have laboured and planned for, to remain inactive is to be insalubrious, and so worthy of removal, your sovereigns will be more than happy to accommodate your desire.

If you begin to transform yourself, accepting responsibility for your actions within this existence, and from your example more join accepting this belief, the whole will become much more than the sum of its parts.
This unity is Islam.

The onslaught never ceasing, the truth subdued, the divisions reinforced and augmented, the heavy burden progressively grows; the transformation of a man into a slave is complete.

You are enslaved.

You live to service loans, pay taxes, pay liability created through deception and legislation, suffering layers of control, from passports to travel around this planet, to numbers to identify you for debt recovery and creation.
True Freedom is non-existent.

They manipulate you to feel this is for your own good.
A willing slave is the ideal, they lie and degrade your intellect with obvious fictions, and the majority defend these fictions in word and deed.

This is the willing slave, they (your sovereigns) call this slave goyim, meaning mentally incompetent.

The sovereigns only show concern for nonconformity to the escalating obligations of it slave, they increase their control and revenue streams constantly and enforce regulation, and edict, founded on larceny, with the threat of imprisonment held up as intimidation, but the far more persuasive threat is that of asset stripping the slave, the slave believes they have assets and so wish to keep them, this is in the main a miss conception.

This is the economic slave, viewed by the elite as a cash cow.

Exchange your long term fiat investments for commodities, Gold, silver, platinum, anything with tangible value, making sure it is allocated (meaning you have physical ownership) to you, not unallocated (meaning you have only a worthless piece of paper), this would render it valueless.

Stop paying into, and do not start any pension scheme, the worst investment anyone can ever make.

Stop taking out any form of loan, and try to pay off any existing loans, or if unsecured abandon them altogether.

Destroy your credit cards and cancel the facility, (if absolutely required use only debit cards).

Stop using products and companies that are in support of your enslavement.

When introduced refuse to have a biometric identity card, do not pay for it, do not accept it.

Stop buying propaganda newspapers controlled by the bankers.  Use honest media to understand the true events of the day.

Do not join the military, do not support the idea or the concept, try to convince people wanting to join not to and people involved to leave.

Understand the Royal family of England are directly responsible for the present world financial system, in so far as they supported and facilitated the bankers, stop supporting these vile people, and do not cheer on your own destruction.

When you have to vote for an elected representative do not vote for any party, which will be completely controlled by the bankers, vote for an independent, honest individual never a party, a person that is not affiliated with any group.

Even though this system is altogether against reason, until it is removed, vote for the disempowering of the existing two party system, if the sovereigns fail to win, you will truly discover who the government is, (as did the Americans and the Palestinians), not the fools that are elected.

The world is on the edge of total extinction, through the unabated greed of the elite, the only way now is to recognise this fact on mass, and to remove our sovereignty from their control.

To continue down this road, will absolutely and without question result in the complete annihilation of the family of Adam, of this fact have no doubt, within a few months or at best years, (I believe months), the elite will embark on a road that has no return, the all out destruction of everything, in the vain attempt to maintain or even increase their control and exploitation of the mass population, blinded by their greed and lusts they cannot help you, they will remove you, why then do you empower them and support your own extermination?

This psychosis must be accepted, you must wake up from it and change your actions, it may already be too late, and I suspect it is.


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