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Written by Abdun Nur J.   

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Transduced (to convert energy into another form of energy, for example electromagnetic into light)

Negentropy (is reverse entropy. It means things becoming more in order. Life is considered to be negentropic because it takes things in less order, like dead food, or the soil in the case of plants, and turns it into things in more order, like cells, tissues, and organs, etc.)

Entropy (is disorder, like heat, as you heat a gas for example the atoms become very excited and shoot around smashing into each other in escalating chaos.)

To understand time, it is necessary to understand its components.

Time is energy (virtual), with the same energy density as solid mass. Time is a function of energy, and so identical to energy.

Energy in three-dimensional space is understood as mass, energy in the fourth Minkowski axis
(the Minkowski axis is a limited mathematical representative model to express a view of time; as mathematical models are abstract, they are easily corrupted, confused or elaborately overly complicated, and generally demonstrate no relation to our physical reality), as time, this means:

Each spatial dimension is held within the next, in this setting, the three ordinary dimensions of space are combined within a single dimension of time, to form a four-dimensional manifold, representing a space-time reality.

So multiplying an amount of time (t) (in seconds) by the speed of light squared (c²) gives the decompressed spatial energy (E) of transduced (changing one energy pattern to a different energy pattern) time (t), in short E = tc². This is under the idea that time is passing at a maximum speed, that of light, however light can be slowed possibly even stopped locally, just as time itself can be suspended locally, light is slowed when passing through transparent mass, time is slowed when the local virtual time energy is extracted and converted into electromagnetic energy.

Mass is just a special form of energy. Mass is energy, however mass does not exist independently, only time mass exists, so the concept of mass as perceived as existing independently of time as a physical object is false.

Energy can move across the boundary of three-dimensional space, into the other spatial dimensions, referred to as an open system, in contrast to a closed system, which would isolate energy within three-dimensional space. (No closed energy system exists within the entire universe, it would not be possible to manufacture a closed energy system, even if you wished to) So all energy circulations are facilitated through the fourth-dimensional manifold of time. This means energy can be created and reabsorbed back into to the underlying source, as the true first law of thermodynamics, not the conservation of energy, but the exchange and expansion or contraction of energy.

The second law of thermodynamics is entropy always increases, again the direct opposite of the truth, all energy returns to negentropy, meaning perpetual motion machines are not just possible but fill the universe, take the energy of the orbit of electrons around a nucleus, the orbit of planets, stars, the energy pouring from every dipole (magnet), etc.

Negentropy, states that the natural system is self-ordering (i.e., freely receiving energy from the active environment), while entropy, is a measure of disorder in a system (i.e., freely giving energy to the active environment) both these states work in balance.

As all dichotomies, it is the tension of the two opposing forces that generates the true nature of the dichotomy, entropy is held under tension with negentropy. An example of this is heat, it is a measure of the degree of disorder or entropy, but it will reorder slowly becoming ordered, negentropy, as it cools.

So accompanying entropy within three-dimensional space is the Negentropy of time energy, in the time envelope of three-dimensional space.

And accompanying Negentropy within three-dimensional space is the entropy of the time energy, in the time envelope of three-dimensional space.

The entire structure of all realities is based on the principle of dichotomy, it function between extremes, but held between these extremes exists salaam, the tension and balance that generates emergent complexity, of infinite potential, organically layered, self perpetuating through conscious imaginative creation, manifesting the expansion of ever more interlaced, interactive, interdependent dichotomies, all dichotomies return to the balance of tensions, they always return to order, a physical inclination to exist in negentropy.

The system functions through the broken symmetry of opposites, for example, the poles of a magnet or a dipole, it’s the point of union that allows the energy of time to pour out at the speed of light, expanding into infinity.

The entire universe functions on the conversion of energy, that being the transformation of the frequency of the energy. Time energy is virtual, meaning we cannot observe it as it is held within the manifold of the fourth dimension.

The totality of the helix carrier wave of light is the connection between all four dimensional planes, and so it is asserted, its interactions with mass creates that masses motion through time, this is why the helix carrier wave is the secondary effect of charge, therefore it is a unity of charge and light, ripples twist through the virtual fluidic space, while this generates a wake in physical space, it is within the two planes, both three dimensional space and the fluidic manifold of time. Light is an information transporting mechanism, it imparts colour, intensity, distance, shape, texture, movement, heat, and beauty, at its extremes it exhibits ultra violet and radiation, and it demonstrates a linear progression of change, so light is filled with potential.

I personally do not believe, time, travels at the speed of light, as the speed of light can be slowed through transparent mediums, or when travelling through localised areas, where the conversion of time energy is transduced into electromagnetic energy, at these locations light passes through these localised areas of transduction, and is slowed due to the reduction of available time energy, this means two things, firstly light is not a constant, and secondly, light does not create the motion through time of mass, but only the information transfer of the physical interaction of charge upon it, it can however complete the circle, sending its information back into the record within the active time field.

So charge is the continuously active entity, and charge would be far more suited to the task of time circulation, light is the information carrier beyond the source point, charge performs the processes of energy transduction between the time manifold and three-dimensional space.

Charge changes time, not light, charge is the active, energetic entity, not light, light is passive, charge is practical, charge gives power and life to the universe, light simply illuminates its actions, while simultaneously light is being, itself, generated from the active charge.

Charge is the underlying sustaining and activating physical source, upon manifestation, of every plasma, and as the universe is 99.999% plasma, charge is the real connection to the function and passage of time.

So the real force of time is the electromagnetic charge, this holds the memory of creation, therefore this has to hold the time motion of mass, it is the record keeper, light is the information transfer apparatus of every charge action, charge is the outpouring force driving this form of manifest creation, it is the force of life itself, it is the force within every atom, it is the key to understanding the energy circulation of the open time, to manifold, mutual exchange, within this open energy system of our physical universe.

The form of time is an ocean, the understanding of this ocean can be seen through the idea of the Dirac sea.

The origins of the Dirac sea lie in the energy spectrum of the Dirac equation, extension of the Schrodinger equation, that Dirac had formulated in 1928.

For each quantum state possessing a positive energy E, there is a corresponding state with energy -E.(negative E)

A positive-energy electron would be able to shed energy by continuously emitting helix carrier waves (light), a process that could continue without limit as the electron descends into lower and lower energy states, this has been demonstrated experimentally to be true, further demonstrating the open energy exchange of the manifold.

The existence of the Dirac sea holds an infinite negative electric charge filling every Quibit of three dimensional space, the perceived ‘bare vacuum’ must have an infinite positive charge density which is exactly cancelled by the Dirac sea. Since the absolute energy density is unobservable, only the changes in the energy density can be observed, further a sea of infinite extent can accept new particles even if it is filled. This sea of infinite negative electric charge is the time ocean, to master the understanding of the dirac sea free of Einsteinian confusion, will lay bare the form and function of time.

An example:

A Star is a vast dipole, which extracts transduced electromagnetic energy from the time manifold (virtual into observable), and pours it out in all directions at the speed of light, without ceasing, this means a star pours out time-polarised electromagnetic waves looping into the Sun from the outside, and travelling inward, this applies an electromagnetic charge to the gas (ionising the hydrogen), generating a vast plasma ball emitting helix carrier waves (light spectrum) and heat, and radiations, the dipole continues in a circulation as the longitudinally polarised electromagnetic wave, or helix carrier wave (light), discharges into three dimensional space.

Plasmas vary according to temperature and density, and have characteristics that scale over many orders of magnitude, this means to create a star, the density of the ionisation of the hydrogen would be enormous, above 10
³³ charged particles per metered cubed. This range of ionisation density explains why for example Jupiter remains as a gas ball, as opposed to a blinding plasma ball of electroluminescence.

The visible Universe is 99.999% plasma. The Sun is almost 100% plasma, as are all stars. Plasma makes up nearly 100% of the interplanetary, interstellar and intergalactic medium.

Electroluminescence of the plasma, by emitting helix carrier waves (light), both illuminates the universe, and in addition to the underlying ionised galaxy bubble, connects three-dimensional space to the time manifold, manifesting relativistic time, as each atom (or smaller) is independently manifest within time through the process of charge and light circulation, recorded within the virtual electromagnetic information field within the manifold, making this creation a linear time path based reality, a multi layered active vacuum information circulation, between the manifold and physical reality.

This means each atom of creation is independently held within time, each moment of time is a multiple connection, it is the manifestation of all dimensional planes working in harmony, as all realities are manifest instant by instant; without this constant materialization of reality, nothing would exist.

Maxwell's electrodynamics in their original quaternion form must be re-established in full, within the science of physics, abandoning any revisions, which constrain and restrict the true understanding of electrodynamics, perpetrated, so violating our perception of the truth, by reprehensible individuals.

Maxwell’s electrodynamics, when applied to moving bodies, a state apparent for all mass, leads to asymmetries (a relation between two things in which the first has a relation to the second, but the second cannot have the same relation to the first).

This is clearly shown with the function of a dynamo.

Consider first, if the magnet is in motion and the conductor at rest, the magnet transduces the electromagnetic field it emits, into an electric field, with a certain definite energy, producing a current at the places where parts of the conductor are situated.

But if you reverse the situation and the magnet is stationary, and the conductor in motion, no electric field is generated, so demonstrating asymmetry.

This asymmetric principle is important within the physical universe, to allow the principle of a continuous self-creating cosmology, achieved through scalar fields (examples of scalar fields are, temperature distribution throughout space, or the air pressure of our atmosphere.), scalar fields, as the name suggests can be scaled up or down, as in a differential fractal order.

The set of all scalar fields on a manifold forms a commutative ring (all scalar field commutative rings are automatically two sided, demonstrating a circulation of information between the active manifold and the manifest physical universe, mass itself is a manifestation of energy (knowledge)). Complex scalar fields represent the variable interactive parameters of charged particles.

Tensor fields (a field existing independently of latitude and longitude, beyond physical constraints), tensor fields defined over a manifold, which define a tensor at every point of the manifold independent of co-ordinates. Tensor fields allow none linear communication, between physical to physical, physical to virtual, virtual to physical, and presumably between virtual to virtual communications. So in combination scalar and tensor fields, generate continuous self creation, which is the expansion of knowledge, being the structure of all things, a single emanating source, the thought, and the memory of existence.

To further understand the existence of the manifold, consider movement, the movement within every atom, a perpetual orbit of interaction, the endless charge pouring from every dipole in the universe, the constant flow of time independently conveying every atom into the next instant of existence, the organic nature of reality cooperating in a harmony of interactive, transmuting, dynamic truth.

Consider what powers this movement, what generates these energies, what manifests this reality instant to instant, an open system of poetic elegance, open to what? Open to a underlying energy exchange, a manifold, the ‘A’ field, the ether, whatever you wish to call it.

The conventional scientific community have worked hard to deny this open energy system, they maintain lies that have been disproved by true science, special relativity, the laws of thermodynamics, almost all of the deceptions of Einstein (who views Newtonian gravity (a lie in itself), as the driving force of creation, an absurd idea) lie upon lie, and to maintain these lies they cover the confusion of these misrepresentation with even more elaborate lies.

Einstein presents gravity as all powerful, sighting it as the force that distorts time, so they contend, the mass of the Sun is the reason time is slowed as any object or energy passes close to its surface, when the reason has nothing to do with mass or gravity at all. Time is the energetic medium of energy interaction, the more energy that is extracted from the virtual energy manifold, or time field, into the physical or observable universe, the less energy exists in the local area of time, from which the extraction has taken place, the Sun extracts vast, vast amounts of time energy, this slows time within this interactive environment, and so slows light as it passes through this localised time drain.

Three dimensional space is a reality generated from the time manifold itself, the manner of the generation of this physical space, means it will constantly expand this three dimensional universe, at an ever accelerating rate. As every event, no matter how insignificant, is permanently stored within the electromagnetic field of the time manifold as quantum bits of information, these quibits of energy form braid like structures possessing length and width which twist together, forming a helix information store, within the time manifold and expand the volume of the physical universe. This means the older the universe the greater its volume, being an ever greater amount of stored time events, as space expands it has more space to create events in time, this generates the acceleration.

The mass of the universe works in a similar way; this is quibits of energy (information) within three-dimensional space, which twist together, as a helix, to form particles, clockwise or anti-clockwise along their length to produce positive or negative charge.

So the time manifold is a natural trans-quantum/virtual computer that uses inconceivable amounts of information to generate physical reality.

The emitted light, being a helix virtual carrier wave and its physical wake, is absorbed by the nearby positive charge of mass, say, the planet earth for example, and re-transduced into time-energy (virtual), and re-emitted back to the time manifold. This ongoing energy circulation is an example of a scalar potential, both being and doing, at every spatial point of itself, inducing vacuum polarisation (an example of polarisation would be opposite poles of a magnetic field. Being opposite physical characteristics in a system: the condition, in a system, of having opposite characteristics at different points, especially with respect to electric charge or magnetic properties).

There exist continual multi layered communication between particles which takes place in the time manifold and becomes apparent within the physical universe, this fluidic ether holds this three dimensional universe, which holds all the particles of this physical reality.

Matter depend on knowledge, it needs a cosmological clock provided by the frequency of the electron waves, the waves also perform the role of communicating in addition to time, length and mass.

Every particle communicates its wave state with all other matter, so that energy exchange and the laws of physics are properties of the entire matter ensemble. The behaviour of matter arises from itself. Every element of this existence are interdependent, just as each cell of the human body is interdependent on every other cell, just as each element of an eco system is interdependent on every other element, a recurring pattern of nature.

There are two real and coexistent realities participating in the physical behaviour of matter. We see one reality as our familiar 3D environment, governed by the natural laws. The second reality is composed of energy so densely compressed it boggles the mind, this fluidic energy mass of unseen quantum waves, which form the structure of the fundamental particles: electrons, protons, and neutrons, and also three dimensional space, and action; in truth, everything, emanates from the time manifold, as a function of circular time and the single transfinite consciousness of the overarching dichotomy.

We cannot observe these virtual waves although they fill the apparently empty space around us. We only know of their existence when two particles change their quantized wave states (energy levels) in concert. For example, one particle in a star and the other in the retina of our eye. This exchange we call 'light'.

A manifestation of this same phenomenon can be observed when a particle is divided, if you heat one half of the split particle, no matter the distance, the other part will react in the same way as the heated part, as they are a single quantized time mass state, both halves vibrate instantaneously, even if you separated them to the opposite sides of the universe; the connection functions similarly to the helix carrier wave , no distance exist within the manifold, all knowledge is connected, so a helix carrier wave that reaches the retina from the other side of the universe exchanges instantaneously. When understood it becomes clear, we exist in an illusion of the perception of the real, generated from the manifest real, that always remains hidden to our perception.

The energy of existence in all its many patterns and forms is of a single source, a conscious and infinite fountain of knowledge and imagination, without limit or constraint, as the understanding you have read expresses, only this conscious energy exists, nothing else, it guides and controls its energies, seemingly without effort.

It must be understood exactly what all energies are, time, mass, space, plasma, light, life, thought, every known or unknown form of energy ever conceived, they are all information, grains of information that interact, transmute, expand, constrict, but always build upon themselves, expanding out in all realities.

These energies all follow simple underlying constraints, firstly they are all based on pure dichotomies, and the very nature of realities are always what lies between, secondly energy is in a state of evolution, its constitution needs to ultimately transubstantiate into ever more complex forms of information, thirdly all knowledge is connected, a single ocean of unity.

This conscious energy is the concept and reality of Allah without reservation, beyond the manifold of time exists an additional seven dimensional realities, each a magnitude of infinities, existing outside of the time manifold, beyond that more exists as the energy created all this of itself, but Allah exists as infinite, limitless and unbounded, the adventure of existence is just beginning.

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