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Written by Abdun Nur J   

Human reason is one of the gifts of Allah (the conscious energy emanating all reality from the inside out), a gift that is increased with use, and reduced with neglect, an aspect of the Divine Rue (the higher aspects of the self, Jabrael), the single aspect upon which all else depends, without the extensive exploitation of reason within your being you will not, and cannot achieve belief, leading ultimately to knowledge (epiphany). Reason cannot stand-alone, reason is tempered by emotion, and emotion is tempered by reason.

Why must you reason?

You can consider; take an outwardly simple thing such as a rock, a small rock. Look at the rock, the surface is intricate, detailed, the texture, the feel of the rock in your hand. Look closer, the grains of sand that form the surface of the rock, each grain is unique and can be distinguished separately, look closer, you can see the crystalline structure of a single grain, look closer, you can see the forms within the structure of the crystal, look closer, you can see ever greater detail of this form, as you delve ever deeper into this small rock, you come to the particles, then to the atoms, then to the electron, neutrons and protons, delving deeper still you enter the world of pure energy, a world man has absolutely no comprehension of, but still it has no end, it seems you can delve ever deeper, until you reach the source of all.

You can consider yet another way; take a simple creature like a dog, he inhabits this world much the same as we do, look closer, on the dog are fleas, to the flea the dog represents the planet Earth, its reality, its world is a completely different existence, look closer, on the flea live bacteria, the flea represents the planet Earth to the bacteria a completely different existence, Allah is multi-layered, in all things.

You can consider yet another way; look around you, before you is the Earth, the trees, the birds in the sky, look larger, we are on a small planet orbiting a star in its solar system, look larger, this star is one of an estimated 500 billion orbiting the galactic axis in a galaxy we’ve named the milky way, look larger, which is one of an estimated 500 billion galaxies within the universe, look larger, this universe exists in eleven dimensional space, above the four dimensional space we inhabit, seven spatial dimension each giving an infinity of expansion upon an infinity of expansion, but there is more beyond this, it is infinite.

Are you not amazed by the reality you’re experiencing, the true genius that surrounds you, and the imagination that is infinite in every direction.

Therefore the most significant word utilised within your brief existence, contained in this reality, should be, why, not only because it is the foundation of knowledge but also Islam, every verse of the Qur’an, demands it. I will through example make this clear:

Why does Allah need your worship?

Have you considered this? Why would a consciousness so infinite in all aspects need your worship? Worship is a human desire, humans love to be idolised and worshiped, and revered, to what end would Allah want this behaviour? Why would Allah create this entire reality, generated through the force of his conscious will, moment by moment, recording every event no matter how insignificant for billions of years, of every point of space, who has imparted a spark of this creative force upon the family of Adam, to raise them above all the creation from that moment, simply so we could worship blindly?

Allah bestows his mercy upon us, through the gift of the Qur’an, nowhere within its pages does it tell the family of Adam to worship Allah, it tells him not to worship Idols, other people, messengers of Allah, money, power, base desires, and many other things, leading you to understand that you should not worship anything, the Christianisation of Islam has transformed the concept of submission into the pointless act of blind worship.

 To worship Allah is not expressed, and certainly not to make the worship of Allah the main focus of your service. So why does Allah need your worship?

If you want to stop reason, remove the need for reason, worship is a concept free of reason, therefore negates the need or development of it aspect.

If you are a person that exploits his fellow human beings, living off the theft of the  fruits of the labours of others, and you wish to continue to do so, you must remove the ability of their reason, to allow free thought on a large scale would quickly result in the loss of your usurious existence. Religion negates the use of reason at every opportunity, creating ignorance where knowledge existed, creating apathy and resignation where passion and enthusiasm existed, creating dogma and ritual where imagination and development existed, opening the door to the most usurious of all professions, the religious expert.

We can take another example of this removal of reason within the family of Adam:

Why is Islam a faith?

Have you considered this? Blind faith is again the removal of reason from the individual; they no longer need to ponder existence, the truth of reality, and the guidance of the Qur’an beyond ritual. They can escape the fundamental responsibility they have incumbent upon themselves to establish firm belief, in both mind and actions.

To take ownership of this Christian misperception as a truth of Islam is insanity, blind faith is expressed within the Qur’an as of no value; it stands in direct contradiction to Qur’anic concepts.

There are many questions that each person must ask; this questioning, investigation and ultimate understanding, is, Islam, the Qur’an itself directs you to take nothing upon blind faith but reason all things through, and ultimately establish firm belief.

The prevalent use of reason, will transform you, absolutely no other tool is available for this purpose, no matter how much praying, ritual, dogma and memorising you undertake, it will avail you nothing.

It is not the easy route, that of the reasonable path, a path thoughtfully and studiously travelled, a conscious, reasoned struggle through life leading to the fruits of your labours.

The easy option is always attractive, use the unreasoned path, let the opinion and direction of others dictate your route, a route that will superficially benefit the guide not the guided, live your life as far as your able without a thought of reason, you will sail through life without a compass, leading to the fruits of your labours.

So the next logical question would be why do we need religion?

An institution dedicated to the extermination of reason. A structure of doctrines, strict observances, blind mimicry, schools of thought, sectarianism, parrot like rendition, authoritarian archaic laws fashioned by clerics, and the misdirection, misunderstanding, and misinterpretation of true guidance.

The religious world is a world so utterly void of reason, it is seen as sacrilege to express a view against the established religious stance, where thought is discouraged, to be replaced by ritual, dogma, superstition, and idol worship. This Christianised Muslim World is not Islam, nor the abode of a Muslim, it is free of the truths of existence, it is the unreasoned path.

If this were not correct, then a billion Muslims on Earth would have created paradise. A billion Muslims following the reasonable path would without doubt have removed poverty, iniquity, usury, corruption and ignorance from the world within a generation. But instead we have the world today, a world I have no need to describe, a creation of Hell (a constrictive and repressive environment), one that a billion Christianised Muslims walking the unreasoned path have generated, you might argue it was not them but the non-Muslims that have generated this rendition of existence. But the Christianised Muslims stand and watch, some silently, some cheering, some helping, some doing, almost non screaming out in protest and condemnation, or working against, or stopping these actions of desecration and degenerating moral and ethical conduct.

The use of the word, why, is the beginning of each persons transformation.

2:26 Behold, Allah does not shy away from citing any kind of allegory, even of a mosquito or beyond. Those who attain belief by way of reason appreciate the allegories and know that therein is contained some teaching of the Truth from their Lord. On the other hand, those who have chosen to disbelieve, try to ridicule, saying, "What could Allah mean to teach by this similitude?" Thus His Law of Guidance lets go astray many and shows the lighted Road too many. But He never lets go astray any except those who drift away from Reason.


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