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Francis of Assisi

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The true origin of the trade of slaves; Francis of Assisi founder of the Holy See, duke of Venice and Rosicrucian of canon law.

John Bernardone Morosini (Moriconi), (aka Francis of Assisi and alias Marino Morosini) was born in Paris as one of the most powerful richest children, a family of Sephardic Jewish Venetian traders. His father was a banker Peter Bernardone Moriconi and Pica de Bourlemont of France.


The name "Francis" is a nickname anomic and has never been its name - which simply means "French" - because he was born in Paris. Similarly, "Assisi" is a deliberate corruption of the old word for the meaning of the position Ascended "(he) has risen". Hence the nickname "Francis of Assisi" is translated correctly in the "Ascended French."


Contrary to the revised history, the Venetians had not yet seen any reason to convert to Christianity until this time that John was almost certainly Jewish. At the end of the 12th century, the banking sector and the business empire of wool, fine cloth, salt and grain of the Morosini family stretched from England to Constantinople. However, the events that led to the Treaty of Venice and the expulsion of the Venetians from France in 1182 and Byzantine in the same year ruined the fortunes of the family.


His father Peter Bernardone Morosini, placed his infant son and the family under protection in Pisa, while he returned to Venice to deal with the disastrous reign of Doge Vitale Michiel II. For unknown reasons, the family felt obliged to leave Pisa retreating inward region of Assisi (Assisi today) where they lived for a few years.


In 1187, the Beneventiano antipope Gregory VIII was thrown from power in exile and the Morosini family moved to a new position in Lucca at Palazzo Morosini (Moriconi), which remained the seat of power of the family, for the next two hundred years. There, John and his family were educated in languages, finance, and in the Treaty of Venetian law (the basis of modern maritime and commercial law). The admiral law


Yet, from an early age has been constantly known, that John wanted to be a troubadour, a knight military, rather than follow in the footsteps of his ancestors Sephardic Jewish merchants and financiers. Longhi, Venetian, claimed to be "on top" of war and misery for every child of this funded Morosini trying to get to their positions of prestige as a "humble profession" would be a bitter disappointment for Peter Bernardone Morosini .


During the period when the anti Pierleoni, a descendant of Innocent came to power in 1198, John was called to participate in the armed forces of Pope Innocent III to pursue his military career - which would necessarily require him to convert (at least nominally) to Christianity. This event is almost certainly the true historical context of the famous curse of disinheritance uttered by the father of John.


John, left Lucca no later than 1201 and headed north-east to the land of the famous Italian general Boniface I, Marquess of Montferrat. While no one knows if svesse never got to know Monferrato, it is clear that his noble and powerful heritage was recognized and he was captured, imprisoned (presumably for ransom) and released after a year, undergoing a kind of disease.


Undaunted, he soon returned to Lucca and recuperatosi, John departed again in 1204, this time to the south with the escort to Rome. There he met the antipope Innocent III, a descendant of the first Jews Urseoli / Pierlioni met a descendant of his sworn enemy of the Jews Morosini.


Although nothing concrete emerged from this first meeting, it is clear that Innocent III believed that this ancient enemy of his ancestors was probably baptized as a Christian by the name of Giovanni Innocenzo. John had a new conviction, namely, that he would find a way to become a great military general and avenge the dishonour of his family at the hands of the French and the Byzantines. In the same year, the Venetians collaborated with the Roman Cult and the British; they found a way to safely transport their troops by sea to succeed in the assault ship of Constantinople in April 1204 the forces of Pope Innocent III.


Four years later, in 1209, aged 28 John Bernardone Morosini (Moriconi) came to see Pope Innocent III with his supporters and a plan. He (John) would have done what no one else had done - You would be converted to Christianity Venice associating its loyalty to Rome and the (Roman Cult). While Innocent almost certainly did not believe that a plan would be so bold as possible, gave his blessing to John.


John then decided to return to Venice in 1210 to meet the Doge Pietro Ziani (1205-1229). As a Morosini, John probably lived in the Palazzo Morosini family, while in Venice, and was met with Pietro Ziani.


His proposal to fellow Venetian was simple - as long as Venice, he would try to make a difference between the wars of Christians against Christians and Christians against Muslims, Venice would continue to face imminent danger. But if Venice had supported (Pierleoni), the descendants Urseoli and their Roman cult in order to maintain the power of Rome, his future would be assured, as long as the Roman Cult had kept control of the Catholic Church.


John then proposed to the Doge's request for permission to Longhi for the granting of the foundation of an academy of Christian priest-navigators, and faithful in Venice and Rome and the Roman Cult, would then be applied to a religious edict, for all Christian nations. Thus, the church would help enforce the monopoly of Venice in maritime traffic control and navigation, in exchange for loyalty and share of profits with Venice.


While the Doge Pietro Ziani probably did not believe a plan so audacious it was possible, he agreed to give him the future site of the Basilica of San Marco, Palazzo Ducale and close to the site of San Francesco della Vigna, near Piazza San Marco, the first Franciscan Monastery, and Finance / school surfers.


Using his family fortune, just replenished (thanks in large part to the raid on Constantinople), the construction of the basilica began almost immediately immense future site of the remains of St. Mark's, stolen from Alexandria.


John then went to Venice, Spain and England to recruit the best sailors he could find for his new school and the religious order in Venice.


In 1215, John returned to Rome to participate in the Fourth Lateran Council. In 1216 Innocent III died and was succeeded by his son Honorius III, who took a keen interest in the plans of John. In 1219, he was assigned some of his top advisers as protectors and overseeing the progress of the Friars Minor.


Similarly, the Venetians continued to have strong interest in the success of their adherence to the Roman Cult, the creation of the Holy See - the monopoly of trade in the known world, controlling the very instruments of trade, knowledge of navigation, maps, graphics and ships.


The first partnership between the Order of Friars Minor Venetian was England, the Venetians and the Papacy that saw the vast knowledge of all types of technologies such as shipbuilding, metals, military education and skills in England thanks to "Francis of Assisi".


Such was the success of the actions of John (Francis), who in 1249 became the first Christian Doge of Venice (1249-1253). That is why, subsequently misrepresented the Roman Cult who felt it important to take every opportunity to "St. Francis," the Moriconi / to be the Doge Morosini "Marino" (Mariner, or the sea) Morosini in 1249-1253.


In his first year in office, in the Basilica of San Marco was expanded Bucintoro. Doge Giovanni, then called the antipope Innocent IV (1243-1254) to give the papal ring - the symbol of his authority.

In 1250 the Bucintoro, Doge Giovanni (St. Francis) and Innocent IV, went into the sea near Piazza San Marco and Doge St. Francis threw the papal ring into the sea, during a formal ceremony to worship the Roman Empire. At this point, St. Francis was the first to inaugurate the marriage with the sea, "Desponsamus you, sea, signum real perpetuique domains" We're getting married, sea, in the sign of true and eternal Lord ") and declared Venice (Santa) to be inextricably linked to the sea - so the Holy See for the first time comes "fully Christian" in the period in common between the Roman Cult, the Venetians and the Crown of England.


With the help of the Franciscans Venetian trained, Pope Innocent IV promoted new learning centres in Rome attracting the best and most talented as Thomas Aquinas. Thomas Aquinas, who was with the Roman Cult developed his most powerful weapons to fight to dominate the world in the form of words, fake legal and legal notions of law and justice. (Canon Law)


The Venetians had the most sophisticated of all legal systems in its maritime edicts handed down from Doge Doge in a proven code base from the end of the 10th century. This was consolidated in the Law of the Admiralty, the right to property and debt - the law of money, land, sea and properties. Then, using the Venetian maritime laws as a skeleton, Aquino tessette a new set of laws given to the Corporation Crown of England, called the Admiralty laws they considered all living men and women not titled as animals consisting of a great character (fictional character) who consider them legal ownership of the crown to be treated in the same way as "ships".


At the time of the death of John Bernardone Morosini (Moriconi), in 1253, had indeed kept his promise bold. The Holy See was born - for the adhesion between Venice, England and the Roman Cult. The name of his family and their fortunes restored forever, remembering him as a great general - the greatest saint of the Roman Cult.


To protect the memory of this servant of the most important and revered of Venice and the Roman Cult, renamed John Francis (French) was promoted as a saint soon after his death. Then, during the 15th and 16th century, the Roman Cult stated that he reported the same miracles of Jesus Christ himself, in the form of the stigmata.

The nature of science and logic challenge these myths, fairy tales created over two hundred years after the death of John (aka Francis of Assisi) persist today.

He was actually another bank Rosicrucian Masons of criminals that delivered humanity in the hands of one of the most cruel laws in the world, the law of the admiral, by virtue of a membership, which was then imposed on all children of converts baptized at age unconscious. In fact, the baptism is to take possession un'excamotage illegally and age unaware of personal property securities, real estate and even the soul of the baptized. But in addition to slavery, mostly unknown to those who have considered the fraud baptism as a sacrament, encouraged to baptize his children by centuries of tradition fraudulent, the Holy See itself the right to tigliere 10 days and one hour of removing them from the life of the baptized Universal Julian calendar was replaced in time for commercial reasons with the Gregorian calendar. Thus we can see that what he says Mauro Biglino about the Bible is true, i.e., that the text transcribed on parchment only in 1471 (theology recently), there is no mention in the creation and even to Satan and Lucifer, including their recent inventions of theology.


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