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Version 3 – 3rd September 2013

Freedom or Slavery

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All Sovereign Governments make the people slaves upon the land. Therefore "sovereign government" is simply the suspension of inherent power and equitable manners of conduct, and the circumvention of the innate duty of care which is immutable in reciprocation to all others; it is the substantive reversed and made constructive.


The Dichotomy of the Free-soul or the Slave

The dictum dates back at least 1,400 years in Western culture:


All souls are free or slaves.

This Latin dictum declares you must be either a "free soul" or a "slave." Mutually exclusive categories; No middle ground. If you're not one, you must be the other. (Inst. 1, 3, pr.; Fleta, 1. 1, c. 1, Sect. 2." On page 1238 of Black's Law Dictionary (Revised 4th Edition))


What then is it to be free?


·       Not subject to the legal (legislated) constraint of another/s. Unconstrained; having power to follow the dictates of your own will.

·       Not subject to the dominion of another.

·       Not compelled to involuntary servitude.

Most fundamentally, free living souls have self-determination and can create through self-realisation, and are those with self-declared reciprocal obligations and responsibilities to freely use the Earth and her resources, to engage in voluntary exchange, and the sanctity of witnessed reciprocal agreement between living souls. These are innate in our nature and the foundations of a free and equitable society.

The Free soul upon the land:

A Free soul: The innate inherent power imbued upon creation of the soul, is the only authority expressed through the immutable and unalienable reciprocal obligations and responsibilities inexorably bestowed to all living souls, and the unrestricted equitable utilisation of the allodial resources of nature anywhere upon the Earth, to be denied such constitutes the imposition of slavery.

A Slave: Someone who cannot hold sole use of resources and must surrender a share of his labours invested within those resources to a superior, who dictates upon the slave what proportion to surrender, this can be in the form of taxation, rent or remunerations. This means if you buy a house you cannot utilise it as the allodarii, you are instead granted from the owner tenancy, if you buy a car you are made the registered keeper, if you have a child upon registration you are the legal guardian; the child, the house and the car are always at risk of seizure by the owner/s.


A free soul defined in different forms of hierarchy as time passes:


·         A free soul in Roman law; it denoted one who was either born free or emancipated, and was the opposite of 'slave.'


·         A free soul in feudal law, it designated an allodial proprietor, as distinguished from a vassal or feudal tenant.


·         A free soul in old English law is a freeholder or tenant by free services; one who was not a villein (slave of a feudal lord).


·         A free soul in modern legal phraseology, is the appellation (name) of a member of a city or borough having the right of suffrage (a right to beg a superior), or a member of any municipal corporation invested with full civic right.


Slave defined by axiom:

Slavery- The state of subjugation and control held upon you, of a master owning the fruits of your severe toils and drudgery, in exchange for the ‘benefits’ you receive from your disadvantage.

At what point are you then a slave; in America of the 19th century the slave imported from Africa by the Jewish merchants were forced to give their labours and received the benefit of their food, shelter, clothes and medical care.

The master slave structure of modern business gives far less, many work and cannot afford even the basics afforded the 19th century slaves. At what point does the surrender of the fruits of your labours against the benefits you receive for those labours stop being slavery?

Of course the modern legal definition redefines slavery to obviate the maxims that expose the truth.

"A soul who is wholly subject to the will of another; one who has no freedom of action, but whose physical body and services are wholly under the control of another... One who is under the power of a master, and who belongs to him; so that the master may sell and dispose of his person, of his industry, and of his labour, without his being able to do anything, have anything, or acquire anything, but what must belong to his master... "(Blacks Law Dictionary)

The State now fills the void between a master (employer) and ownership (shared gains) of the soul; the soul in bondage is afforded the illusion of free will through the fiction of State, no longer are souls bought and sold openly in markets, now they must compete to gain a master (economic slavery), they must house, feed, cloth, transport, and motivate themselves, and achieve a level of output in order to retain their valued job, no longer a need to employ guards to motivate the slave and make them secure, no longer a need to make sure they remain healthy, fed, clothed and housed, all these things must be established by the slave from the fraction of his labours they receive as the benefit granted from their masters.

The State Corporation author legislation, which authorizes actions or imposes authority upon the authored. Who created you?

The straw man of citizenship is authored by the corporate fiction of State giving them authority over that creation, the living soul is then extorted through that fiction, as no fiction can authorize action or impose authority on any entity that it did not author or it has not been granted authority from exterior authority.

The slave owner of the State corporation now extracts directly from the slave, the master (employer) gives the benefit, a fraction of the fruits of their labours, the State takes a third, the slave needs to buy goods and services with what earnings remain, the State takes around 70 - 90%, the corporation add profit, interest upon capital investment, upon monopolies of production, this means the average slave receives only a few percent of the fruits if their labours. How does the State takes so much from goods and services you say, because the products you buy are made by companies that pay tax, their employees pay tax, the usury system takes interest a tax on capital, the energy supply is heavily taxed, etc., additionally secondary costs are imposed, accountants, government fees and the costs of complying to inequitable State regulations and bureaucracy, and the office staff to do that, all topped off with value added tax, luxury tax, environmental tax, etc., all these taxes, fees and invented costs increase the final cost to the end user.

If the slave refuses to pay the taxes of the State they are kidnapped and imprisoned, and their possessions stolen.

Economic Slavery

The banking system adds yet another layer of servitude upon the subjugated souls, the banks lend out debt, and charge interest on these debts created from thin air, no intrinsic wealth is ever loaned out, yet the fruits of the debtor’s labours are paid back with compound interest.

The misunderstood idea of ‘profit’ adds further to the cost of goods and services, profit being an invented amount beyond the total cost of production after everyone has been paid, it is the rent on capital.


Now are you a free soul or a slave?

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