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Written by Abdun Nur J.   
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‘I dare do all that may become a man; who dares do more is none.’ Philip Marlow in that sentence describes a believer.

By the power of truth, you, right now, can begin to conquer the elemental understanding of all that is held within this multi-infinite multi-verse.

The truth. Nothing more, simply accept the truth, it matters not what truth, but every truth you discover, you must accept.

In the face of cold truth, Immutable courage is the foundation on which all the other virtues build, as your divine energy can only be ignited by stark truth just as it is extinguished by intentional self-deception.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens described a believer, when he wrote in 1894:

‘Courage charms us, because it indicates that a man loves an idea better than all things in the world, that he is thinking neither of his bed, nor his dinner, nor his money, but will venture all to put in act the invisible thought of his mind.’

A believer is not a religious man; quiet the opposite. A believer is not a establishment man; quiet the opposite. A believer is not a ignorant man; quiet the opposite, a believer is a rare and precious man, or of course woman.

If you view the world through the eyes of a believer, it is a burden:

The acknowledgement of the truth, in regard to the actions of humanity in this small world, I accept at an enormous mental cost.

I am filled with rage.

I know to feel rage would be a negative emotion, and therefore I should not feel this powerful, passionate and aggressive mental anguish.

Yet I do.

I have thought, I have discussed, and I have attempted to reason it through, yet it remains.

To accept the truth of the actions of others fills me beyond bursting point with venomous, powerful rage, my hatred is pure.

I see the suffering in the eyes of a child; I think why are human beings inflicting such misery on that child?

I see the defeat and despair in the eyes of a father, holding the body of his child, blood flowing from the wounds; I think why are human beings eagerly inflicting such despair on that father?

I see the silent scream of a woman, driven mad, tormented to a point of no return; I think why are human beings willing to destroy the very essence of another human being for a moments pleasure, a little money, hatred, or just because they can?

I see the bodies of children butchered, I see the arrogant soldiers proud of their murderous behaviour?

I am filled with rage!

My question is not why are they doing it, as that is self evident, they are the puppets of the elite, but why would you do it, as a human being, why would a person decide that it would be ok for them to kill, maim, rape and steal, simply because the elite of the world gave them licence?

I see the usurious governments of the world robbing, deceiving, controlling and abusing humanity, unabated.

I am filled with rage!

I see the bankers consolidating the wealth, property and the physical planet, controlling all, stealing everything, wealth through deception, empowered by the mentally incompetent masses.

I am filled with rage!

I see the religions confusing, misdirecting, perverting and removing understanding, existing as the greatest usurious parasite of all.

I am filled with rage!

At the degenerated family of Adam, to be so ignorant, confused and incompetent as to manifest such an appalling world situation, through the actions of usury, I feel shamed to be a member of that family.

My rage arises from the opposite perspective, I wish to protect, defend and provide service to the weak and abused, subdued and subjugated by the avarice of the elite. Don’t be confused as to who the elite are, they are the money masters of the world, the political masters of the world, and the religious masters of the world.

The record is inescapable, it seems eternally escalating and its depths infinite, the Iblis (base desire) within almost every human being is in full authority, this force of nature, has become the master, enslaving, controlling and destroying the individual, a force built into each human being, existing in a pure energy formation solely within the family of humanity. Iblis is dominant in the selfish, the lazy, the wilfully ignorant; this force is ruining the world, engendering misery, in opposition to the doctrines and principles of Islam.

I see the fictional ignorance, the apathy and disregard expressed by the indoctrinated and conditioned masses, they feel no pity, they shed no tears, they make no effort, no voice is raised, no protest lodged, often a positive enthusiasm towards these atrocities is expressed.

I am filled with rage!

The divine energy within my soul is filled with rage, or so I feel; if this Is the case what cost is building, what rage is growing within the truth, growing to a moment of creation, the removal of the wilfully ignorant, the creation of a new marvel, this Allah (Not God) has promised. Then what of your selfish accumulations, your ignorant apathy, your disregard for the suffering, the anguish, the poverty, the exploitation, the deceptions, the worship of your base desires; what of your achievements, your progeny, the future of your energy, what?

I cannot convince you of a single truth; that lies within yourself, it is a difficult choice, the acceptance of any inconvenient truth, but one only you can make.

The Qur’an talks of believers, Christianised Muslims suppose this is referring to them, and non-believers, this they suppose is in reference to everyone else.

A Qur’anic believer is referring to a person who will only accept the truth, a person who will reject a lie even in the face of personal hardship, not just Qur’anic truth, universal truth, historical truth, but all truth when presented, a believer need never have read a single word of the Qur’an, nor heard a whisper of any Islamic concept so categorized, it is not the utterance of the Shahada, it is the purity of the soul.

The non-believer, is the wilfully ignorant, the indoctrinated and conditioned content in their delusion, the religious hypocrite, unfortunately the majority of humanity.


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