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The Nature of Economics

Economics is a word originating from Greek meaning ‘house law’, so ‘rules of the house’ and is the science of wealth within a corporate system. Just as players are bound by the rules of the house of a casino, the State ‘legislates’ the rules of the corporate house.

Economics is founded on the idea that ‘things’ should provide an increase, if you hold land then you should gain an increase, if you hold capital you should gain an increase, if you hold slaves you should gain an increase. Therefore the biggest fraud in economics is economics itself; economics is a culture of fraud as its foundation is usury; no inanimate thing increases anything except through an investment of physical labour, economics ignores labour and champions capital.

Economics is a doctrine that advocates ‘things’ are valued above life, that the ‘accumulation of things’ is valued over an equitable distribution of resources, and that ownership stands above any need, these are its foundations, this being the reason economics is a pseudoscience, one that is proven to apply logical fallacies as weak justifications to its theories of finance; theories that do not stand up to the application of logic, reason and evidence if consider in equity and inherent power. These ‘economic theories’ do not determine the true nature of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of mankind, as is claimed.

Economics students learn in microeconomics (small scale) to understand the behaviour of individuals and groups in situations that can be exploited for capital advantage; reading human nature to take advantage of its ignorance, gullibility, and greed; the application of the usury concept being a central pillar of study.

And in macroeconomics (large scale) they learn growth is the single factor of a good economy, why is growth so vital?

Cancerous Growth

The corporate banking usury system is based on Ponzi-economics, in as far as all fiat money is a debt certificate or account entry that is interest bearing, as the only debt in circulation is the principle loan, once that principle is repaid there would be no fiat money available to service the interest, this means a structure of increase must be maintain globally allowing fiat debt to double on average every 10 years to maintain the fraud, having the effect of halving the value of the fiat currency and so of savings, forcing the doubling of taxation, and of increasing the demands upon the debtor to produce ever more, in a cycle of cancerous growth at the expense of society, resources and the environment.

If economic growth in fiat debt is reduced, then there is less fiat money in circulation which leads to unemployment and foreclosures, so in turn reduced revenue for the State Corporation, which in turn increases it borrowing, which increases taxation, which drains more fiat money from circulation.

State Corporations indebt their subjugated population by ‘borrowing’ trillions of dollars, pounds, and euros etc. worth of resources just to “protect the economy”, and one of the main claims of protectism is from inflation; but as the more you borrow the greater the volume of fiat debt, so the greater the pressure of inflation grows, the very act of borrow is contrary to reason if you truly wished to slow the inevitable accelerating advance of inflation created from interest on debt.

The whole declared point of an economy is to create more, not to waste more.  This structure of economics allows the banking monopoly to foreclose on property and consolidate its market share of subsidiary corporations, as an engineered boom and bust cycle.

“There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit (debt) expansion.  The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit (debt) expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”  Ludwig Von Mises

Most economists are fools or charlatans. The charlatan wants to get prestigious jobs and Nobel prizes by offering crackpot advice. The fools think it will work.

Keynesian economics now dominates the political puppet show; these Statist mouthpieces of the money monopoly have cultivated and promoted the myth that government was responsible for economic success, especially the idea that more government means more success. Legislation of imposed regulation upon the population to maintain and increase money monopoly is the reality of the basis of that doctrine.

“Government is like the rooster who believed his crowing caused the sun to rise.  More accurately, the propaganda-conditioned voters see government as this rooster.”  Monty Pelerin

Free market

The natural state of a free market is founded upon the following premise; individuals produce so that they can either consume what they have manufactured or sell their output so that they can buy someone else's output. This rests upon the assumption that if a surplus of goods or services exists, they would naturally fall in price to the point where they would be consumed.

Against this natural concept is the foundations of ‘economics’, being the idea of profit, this is the engine of their philosophy, yet they also contradict this idea by claiming they also support a ‘free market’ system, these two ideas are mutually exclusive, if you have one it is impossible to have the other.

If there is a truly free market it is a perfectly competitive market; which means that whatever you have to sell in that market, is in free competition with what everyone else is selling; which means prices are driven down to their base value; which means little or no profit can exist. In fact what exists in a free market is the true cost of production, a labour based system, so you are paid for the value of the labour in the exchange, free of invented increase, known as profit. Taxation is the added profit the Statist system extracts from the consumer as their payment for creating the monopoly for the producing corporation.

Naturally, no corporation could exist in a perfectly competitive market; corporation can only exist in a Statist system, based on Corporate State granted monopoly, which gives protection to that monopoly through invented legislation. The State itself is founded on the fraud of ownership, originating through the invented simple ‘trust’ of the feudal system; in the UK for example the crown was and is the owner (legal possessor) of all land, and that corporation requires a share of the gain from that title, which is there (legal) en‘title’ment.

Corporations will, in fact, do almost anything to avoid head-to-head competition, this is why corporations use strategies like copyright protection, to maintain their granted monopoly,  or product differentiation, so their competition is no longer selling the exact same product they are, or why branding and advertising are so vital, so the public don't think the products are the same.

Corporations consolidate and consolidate, until they hold a powerful monopoly position, for example in America over 90% of all media is controlled by just six corporations, ‘The Walt Disney Company’ is the largest media conglomerate in the US, followed by ‘News Corporation’, ‘Time Warner’, ‘Viacom’, ‘Compaq’ and ‘CBS’ . This has the effect of controlling what news is presented and what news is ignored, what type of movies are created, TV shows, dramas, radio, what sort of books, magazines and newspapers are published, etc., allowing little to no free competition to expose any propaganda or outright lies these corporations express or promote, this dominance is now being challenged by the evolution of the internet, a threat which the corporations are working towards removing by establishing legislation to reduce or remove free expression, or free access, through their market dominance removing net neutrality in the name of copyright.

Corporate consolidation can ultimately establish total market dominance; this is very common but not always obvious, as the range of brands is not altered when one corporation is consumed by another, so often behind a hundred brands is a single corporate monopoly. As an example the American eyeglass frame industry is now dominated by the conglomerate ‘Luxottica’, so if another manufacturer of frames tries to break into the market they find themselves shut out of a Luxottica-controlled distribution system. And retailers are afraid to receive distribution from anyone else, lest they be cut off from their main supplier, which is why frames are so expensive.

So a free market is avoided within a corporate system, however in an allodial labour based system it is fundamental, based upon a bonded cooperative, see the essay ‘The Cooperative Business System’.

Within the cooperative system profit is not required, profit is an invented amount added to the costs of production, solely for the benefit of capital, monopoly or  landlords (State), within a bonded cooperative there is no usury, or waged slavery, so allodial labour is given full exchange, moving us from a ‘thing’ based society to a ‘life’ based society.

The lie of the free market is used by corporations to weaken the pricing power of labour, the profit based economists do not value labour only profit, at the expense of everything else. The inequitable ‘master’, ‘slave’ structure of an employer, employee is the basis of production, yet to an economist, the weaker unions are made, the greater advantage can be imposed over the generator of the wealth, i.e. the worker; the Statists aid the corporations through legislation to further weaken the employees position, for example through the establishment of a minimum wage that is ever reduced through fiat debt inflation, all to increase profit.

The inequity of waged slavery is removed altogether in a bonded cooperative structure, as no employer or employee exist, therefore no unemployment exists, no one has to beg to be employed by an employer as a waged slave, they can establish or join a bonded cooperative, and they can gain advancers upon their own labours through a local community repository, free of imposed scarcity.

The full polycentric community based system removes the frauds of ownership, corporation, capitalism, usury and government; this frees the individuals from the drudgery of economic slavery and allows them to create true community, where life is valued over objects once again.

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