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Written by Abdun Nur J   

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‘We check and repress the divinity that stirs within us, to fall down and worship the divinity that is dead without us.’ Henry David Thoreau: JOURNAL, November 16, 1851

I will state before I explain my point of view, I am not directing anyone to stop prayer, it is a free personal choice. I believe ritual is a pointless method of performing any action, I hold it as insignificant upon the comprehension of the underlying concepts and principles, I am not attempting in any way to reinforce, or encourage, pointless rituals of any kind, however I feel there is no compulsion, nor even a suggestion (as deeply ingrained habits are deeply held), to hinder, or distress, anyone who wishes to continue to perform ritual, there is no compulsion in Islam, everyone is free to follow which ever path suits them best. I am expressing a view based on reason, to hold a opposing view based purely on religion, is fine.

Before I begin talking of Salat, consider the history of the devolution of Islamic knowledge, so resulting in a gradual transformation of the Qur’an, not physically but through the altering of the meanings of the language, which leaves the text unaltered, resulting in the removal of a clear understanding, and so the man made corruptions dominate the actions of the people. In addition to this, the carefully manufactured ritualistic systems of behaviour have been introduced; so today Islam has become a religion of blind faith, insignificant rituals, tragic superstitions, and dogma.

The transformation of Salat was not sudden, but a deliberate, slow and gradual corruption, such conspiracies have to be state sponsored, so could only be implemented upon the establishment of a state, a so called, Islamic state (which is like saying an Islamic criminal cabal), consider the implications of such a criminal undertaking.

At the time of the Rasul Muhammad this same sovereign model had been stripped of almost all power, and its sovereignty removed by the true understandings of the Qur’an, as every true Muslims knows, NOT even the Rasul Muhammad can be your sovereign, only Allah is sovereign, meaning the guidance of the Qur’an is the sovereign guide of each human being. The Rasul created freedom, the ignorant of religious dogma enslaved the Muslims back into subjugation.

The establishment of religious Islam fashioned a sovereign religion, so removing the deen, the first step to sovereignty is the creation of a religious hierarchy, so converting the physical action of a deen (complete guide to living) into the in-action/non-action, and compulsory ignorance, of a religion, with the creation of: Imams (leader of Mosque prayer); Sheiks (a man of advanced years, a senior official in an Islamic religious organization); Muftis (an expert on Islamic religious law); Ayatollahs (miraculous sign of God); Ulemas (Muslim legal scholars); Qadi (a Judge of Sharia law); Faqih (a Jurist of Sharia law); Muhaddith ( an Islamic title referring to one who profoundly knows and narrates Hadiths); Maulvis (religious cleric or teacher); Maulana ( is a title meaning,’our Lord’ or ’our Master’ an address given to a sovereign); etc.

The Imamist Conspiracy of Namaaz. (thanks to Dr Shabbir for this information)

Remind yourself of the famous weird tale of the Rasul’s ascending to the seven heavens to meet with Allah, the so-called Me’raaj (the word is non-existent in the Qur’an). Is not Allah Omnipresent (always present everywhere)?

The “Imams” of Hadith want us to believe that Allah ordained 50 ritual prayers daily for Muslims on the first instance, but again the truth of Allah being omniscient (all knowing) seems to be irrelevant.

As the exalted Rasul was descending, Messenger Moses told him of the impossibility of the situation and sent Muhammad back again and again. Imagine the Rasul bargaining with Allah!

Repeated visits to and fro, eventually brings the number down to 40, 30, 20, 10, and finally 5!

The Messenger Moses wanted him to make one more trip but Muhammad felt too shy to bargain any further. Was this Hadith, in addition to promoting ritualism, fabricated to prove that the Messenger of the Jews, Moses was considerably more farsighted and knowledgeable than the Rasul Muhammad, further it establishes Moses as even wiser and more farsighted than Allah, who seems to be presented as incompetent by these liars?

Only an extremely gullible mind would accept the nonsense of Hadith.

The later Persian Imams built upon this plagiarised tale and formulated the current Namaaz. They received strong support from the Persian Zoroastrian mother of Khalifa Haroon Rasheed, Khaizran (d. 789 CE). Haroon’s Zoroastrian viziers, the Baramika, were only too happy to join hands with the royal mother, Khaizran.

So, it was she in concert with others who “canonized” Namaaz according to the desires of the Criminal Imams in (787 CE). Her main philosopher was Imam Al-Khalil bin Ahmad Shikoh, the first ever compiler of Arabic to Persian dictionary, Al-’Ain.

Khaizran spent a fortune on her project and distributed one million gold coins and 65 million silver coins among her new subjects (subjugated- subject to the dictates of another) to propagate and institute the ‘canonized’ Namaaz.

Today of the estimated 1,400,000,000 religious Muslims in the world, it is estimated less than 5% perform the 5 contrived prayers a day.

Namaaz was stolen from Zoroastrianism by Parsi Imams from Persia. (thanks to Ardeshir Spencer for this information.)

Zoroastrianism is the oldest of the revealed creedal religions, this direct dichotomy to Islam, has probably had more influence on mankind directly or indirectly than any other irrational blind faith, when investigated it becomes clear where the Namaaz ritual originated.

Firstly Zoroastrianism also enjoins prayers 5 times a day called “Geh”:

The devotee is summoned by the ringing of a bell in the AtashBehram / Agiary. These prayers are also at the same time as in religious Islam, and their respective names are:

Time: Islamic Zorastrianism

Dawn: Fajar Havaan

Noon: Zohar Rapithwan

Afternoon: Asr Uziren

Evening: Mazreem or Maghrib Aiwisuthrem

Night time: Isha or Ishan Ushaen.

Secondly pre-requisites of Prayer:

On entering the mosque and prior to commencing prayers a Muslim has to cover his head and wash his face and limbs. Similarly, a Zoroastrian on entering the Agiary will cover his head, wash his face and limbs and perform the Padyaab Kusti before commencing his prayers.

Thirdly, the Prayers:

Prayers in Islam are in Arabic only, though translations/transliterations are available. The liturgy has to be conducted in Arabic only. In Zoroastrianism too, prayers have to be recited in Avesta or in Pazend only. In fact in Aveatan prayers Pazend portions have to be recited in an undertone so as not to break the seamless flow of Avestan Manthravani.

Forthly sanctum Sanctorum and its veneration:

The holiest spot in a Mosque is the wall facing Mecca and is called the Qiblah. In the Atashbehram/Agiary the room where the Atash Padshah is enthroned is also called the Keblaah. A Muslim will perform the Sajdah in front of the Qiblah and so also will the Zoroastrian perform the Sezdah before his Keblaah. Both involve kneeling down and touching the forehead to the ground.

Fifthly a Holy Month:

In Islam Ramadan is the holy month in which all Muslims are required to fast in the day and only break their fast after sunset. In Zoroastrianism the month of Bahman has similiar connotations wherein all are requested to particularly abstain from flesh. Perhaps in the age of the Sassanian dynasty the month of Bahman was observed as Ramadan is now.

Sixthly, ascent into Heaven:

The hagiography of Islam assures us that Prophet Mohammad ascended to heaven from Jerusalem on the mythical beast Burrrak. He crossed the 7 spheres, exchanged greetings with the patriarchs and beheld the glory of God.

The Dinkard tells us that at the entreaties of Asho Zarthustra Bahman Ameshaspand transcendentally elevated his consciousness to the realm of heaven wherein Asho Zarthustra looked at the reflugent majesty of God. A similiar journey was attributed to the virtuous Ardaviraf who visited hell, purgatory and heaven during his spiritual journey.

Now ask yourself the following questions:

Did the apostle of Allah, Mohammad, promote ritual?

Ritual: established formal behaviour, a prescribed pattern of observance, performance of formal acts: the observance of actions or procedures in a set, ordered, and ceremonial way.

Did he promote superstitions?

Superstition: irrational belief: an irrational, but usually deep-seated belief in the magical effects of a specific action or ritual, especially in the likelihood that good or bad luck will result from performing it, and often quasi-religious belief in and reverence for the magical effects of some actions and rituals or the magical powers of some objects .

Did he promote worship?

Worship: to treat somebody or something as deity: to treat somebody or something as divine and show respect by engaging in acts of prayer and devotion. To love somebody deeply: to love, admire, or respect somebody or something greatly and perhaps excessively or unquestioningly.

Would anything be omitted when the Qur’an was compiled?

A scripture whose verses provide the complete details, in an Arabic Quran, for people who know. (41:3)

Does the Qur’an direct us to perform the sovereign based, ancient religious act of prayer?

Does the Qur’an direct us to pray five times a day, give greater relevance to times of the week, describe minute details of etiquette and superstition associated with sovereign based prayer?

Does the Qur’an mention the call to prayer?

Does it explain that much is missing from the Qur’an, so there is a vital need for Hadith, (if you believe this to be true, explain the contradiction in verse 41:3 of the Qur‘an)?

To consider these questions, and establish a reasoned truth, establish the correct meaning of the Christianised words used to translate the Qur’an into other languages, even the taught Arabic is taught as a Christianised version, not classical Arabic, from this perspective the truth can be established and exposed to reason.

Salat is considered as prayer, and believed to be of value in isolation (as a disconnected act), and is viewed as a ritual both strict and orthodox in it recital, the methodology is unquestioned and without flaw, needing no understanding, nor comprehension above the attainment of perfect execution. This is the view of Salat as expressed by the majority of recitalist.

With this view of Salat it is no wonder your prayers are never answered, your actions are without guidance, your thoughts are confused.

Ignorantly performing ritual is of no benefit, you must understand the methodology of the system, by this understanding you can both get full benefit from your actions, and improve and evolve your practices.

The messenger of Allah (Not God) was an example to the people, not to be copied by sheep, but to be emulated as a guide, through the comprehension and implementation of the book given to us by the messenger from Allah (Not God), the Qur’an, which is a complete book, you need no other book to express the fundamental concepts and principles of existence, it is written without mystical hidden meanings, if this was the case it would not be a guide. But as a guide, the Qur’an is always easy to follow.

However the orthodox view of Salat is without the understanding of the concepts and principles it involves, the Qur’an explains this correctly.

2:148 Mere rituals are of no importance while each one pursues his self-appointed interests. The real objective for you is to compete with one another toward doing good to humanity and develop your innate capacities. Whatever stand you humans take, Allah (Not God) will bring you all together under the banner of One Ideology. Behold, Allah (Not God) is the all Powerful Appointer of His Laws and the One has assigned due gauge for all things in Time and Space. (2:177, 57:20, 83:19-28, 102:1-2)

4:49 Have you seen those who claim that they have purified their souls? Purification of "Self" i.e. development of the personality can only be achieved according to the Laws of Allah (Not God), by service to humanity and not through rituals or mysticism (2:177, 13:17). In the Court of Allah (Not God), men and women shall find full recompense for their doings without the least injustice.

So this is clear, and needs no further clarification as to what concept is expressed within the Qur’an, for the attainment of your Salat (correct desire); but what should you do?

'SIRAAT MUSTAQEEM' means: The Straight, Balanced Path that takes you to your desired destination.

  • Qur'an never states – Perform - Offer or Read Salaat.

  • Namaaz is an ancient Persian (Pehlawi) word which the Zoroastrians used for their prayers and is non-existent in the Qur'an.

  • As a command, it always says: AQEEM-US-SALAAT (ESTABLISH SALAAT). And you can only establish the conceptual models outlined within the Qur'an as a physical system, not an intangible ritual.

  • 'SALAAT' means: to follow closely - following commands/instructions.

  • 'AQEEM-US-SALAAT' means: establish Salaat (establish and closely follow Qur'anic instructions) - Establish the System where following the Divine Commands becomes easy - ESTABLISH THE DIVINE SYSTEM.

  • 'TASBEEH' means: to strive hard - Devote full energy to a task - To swim with long strides.


Salat is your desire, or more exactly the closely following through of your desire, to perform the divinely-appointed purpose, which is defined as the objective within the context of the Qur’an (so the following of guidance closely), in practice this broadly means the establishment of a System that facilitates the following of Divine Commands (this being your driving desire if you are a true Muslim), it means, to understand your methods and be conscious of your intentions, it means, to carry out correct action without difficulty, or resentment, without seeking praise nor reward from anyone or power.

It does not mean prayer, ritual and dogma, it does not mean a desire to perform confused action, ignorant worship, blind faith, and it does not mean hollow words, hypocrisy and justification for confused, or premeditated, detrimental actions.

Consider why; a human being of reason can never just blindly follow.

Why do you perform Wudu, why do you need to wash.

O you who have believed, when you rise to Salat, wash your faces and your forearms to the elbows and wipe over your heads and wash your feet to the ankles. And if you are in a state of janabah, then purify yourselves. But if you are ill or on a journey or one of you comes from a place of relieving themselves or you have had sexual intercourse and do not find water, then seek clean earth and wipe over your face and hands with it. Allah does not intend to make difficulty for you, but Allah intends to purify you and complete Hu’s favour upon you that you may be grateful. (surah 5 : 6)

The basic requirement to wash and the purpose are both expressed, Allah intends to purify you, not as the religious assert, but a purification that needs to be recurrent and understood, being the purpose in itself, the purification of your consciousness, and the establishment of reason within that clarity.

We are in truth an organic virtual energy entity, both virtual and physical, our energy field circulates from the heart extending out from our bodies about three feet, but some suggest up to 6 feet, when we are close to others our fields interact, we exchange information, as we cannot judge the true intention, desires, beliefs, previous actions of others held within their pattern, we contaminate our own pattern slightly through these interactions, when we wash it withdraws the pattern within ourselves, in preparation for the removal of the confusion.

As expressed within my essay, ‘The Three Given Keys Of Existence.’, the first key is the comprehensive knowledge of the divine energy system that was given to man, still held within the contaminated understanding of Buddhism, the original expression of the system of energy, if viewed in isolation, free of the subsequent manufactured religion, now represented as Buddhism, it becomes clear; Islam free from the insanity of Hadith being the second key; Islam sheds light upon the correct actions, concepts and purpose within the system.

Islam is never obtainable in isolation, it is never a closed perspective, never a view of elitist purity, (this supposition being the seed of Judaism, a seed of ignorance, hatred, arrogance, and the wholesale exploitation of others, a ignominy held with contemptuous pride by anyone holding it as true).

Islam is for every human being, not just for religious Muslims, sectarian Muslims, Christianised Muslims, Hadithian Muslims, truly Islam is not for appellation Muslims at all, (to emphasize this view I will state again), Islam is for every human being ever created, Islam is absolutely free of any concept of sectarianism. You cannot simply label yourself a Muslim, you must act Muslim, the title is irrelevant.

Islam is for all time, not to be selfishly guarded, and so rendered impotent within historically interpretation. Islam is for every location on Earth, every culture, every race, every era, even every location beyond Earth; a universal doctrine of unity, peace, love, hope, mercy, and crucially, reason, (reason is a concept, modern, self proclaimed Muslims should develop as the true basis to be Muslim.).

To understand Islam, understand every truth, every discovery, every idea of value, every natural phenomenon, every question straining the mind, every desire expanding the fabric of existence; so though this Islam would be enhanced, and better comprehended, through the investigation of the universe around and about us, a concept articulated within the Qur’an.

Islam is a complete guide to conduct, and its conceptual structure and method, demonstrated within every field of endeavour, and every convention of behaviour, to the betterment of your community, and every human being you interact with, is for every occurrence within the human experience.

So from this perspective we may consider the origins of the Buddhist view, a view shared with greater subtlety by the Qur’an, and with greater clarity within the understanding of the science of physics, physics being the third key; we possess within our core a virtual energy intertwining rope, twisting together, two currents flowing in opposite directions, and as they twist together they emit virtual energy fields at their intersections. (The Buddhist concept of energy is expressed at the end of this essay.)

Why do we need to connect with the ground?

The Earth is a gigantic electromagnetic generator; it produces a field that surrounds the planet stretching far into space, protecting the life on Earth from cosmic and solar radiation, it is 7.83 cycles per second, the human mind is in a perfect state at 8 or 9 cycles per second, which is considered a very creative state of mind, marked with contemplative thought and increased intuition. Children function within this range until around six, in this range they can learn languages, develop social and physical skills at an incredible rate.

Research has shown that the human brain operates at a wide range of frequencies, but generally stays in four major levels of awareness known as beta (13 to 30 cps), alpha (8 to 12 cps), theta (5 to 7 cps), and delta (1 to 4 cps). The highest level is beta; the majority of people exist in this state, where the brain is active, awake, but not intuitive or in any depth of thought.

The 5 to 7 cps range is where you dream, or experience deep hypnosis. The last level of brainwave activity is the delta range, and these frequencies are usually only associated with deep, dreamless sleep, when the conscious mind is no longer connected to this physical reality but conscious in the next.

The position you take when you touch the earth, during the misunderstood religious ritual, was the same position used by all the messengers of Allah (Not God). It is the optimal orientation to realign your own virtual energy pattern, although it seems also if you physically connect with a life form held within the earth, such as a tree, that also works, so you could simply hug a tree, with your face pressed against it, for example.

It is to connect the earths electromagnetic field with your personal field of the sixth Chakra, and therefore with the energy of creation.

Allah (Not God), has established a process for resetting your brain to 7.84 cps, perfect to develop reason.

This creates a problem, you cannot do this within a modern building due to the modern electricity system incorporated throughout the structures, it is set to a single frequency, 50hz (50 cycles per second); this means your energy pattern is set to 50hz, as the proximity of this field overwhelms the earths pattern, you have just wasted your time in your attempt to realign your pattern.

The reason many people have developed depression to various degrees is due to this 50hz field, you must as the messengers of Allah (Not God) did before you, use the Masjid, the earth itself, away from modern structures and energy systems, this will align your essence with truth.

The sixth Chakra is the area we are exploring, the third eye of reason, positioned within the centre of your forehead, this is the area that is physically connecting with the Earth, and the area that is realigned with the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Why do you recite?

Not in respect to the set prayer concepts, but focused thought, and not in relation to the idea of Salat, thought imprints its pattern within water.

Conscious thought manifests physically, if you focus the concept and understanding of a proper noun into water it will manifest physically as a store of that thought pattern, if you freeze the water it forms unique crystals, unique to that noun, repeatable without alteration, this works for both good and bad concepts, each generating a unique crystal pattern, observable through a dark field microscope.

We have been endowed with the same innate ability of physical manifestation as Allah (Not God), been infused with a spark of Allah (Not God)’s consciousness, of course Allah (Not God) manifests all creations, we only hold a spark, and so can only manifest the power of a spark.

We are in truth just big sacks of water; to conceptualise and understand a proper noun, as a focused thought, unaccompanied, will manifest physically within yourself, to do this with a friend will increase its potency by a magnitude of power, a multiplying effect, as the numbers increase, so does the magnitude of power, manifesting physically within the participants, this is why to congregate is of advantage.

If a large enough group congregate and focus their thoughts it could be theoretically possible to vibrate the organic virtual energy field (orgone field), expanding a thought out over a large area with either a negative or positive mental concept.

So now you understand, why you connect with the Masjid (earth), before commencing Salat, being your desire to then perform your physical actions, so follow through with your purpose, (commonly understood simply as a religious ritual, which holds no value), you should be preparing yourself to leave the group and exist in submission to the divine energy, recharged and refocused to be all you can be. To serve Allah (Not God) by serving your fellow man, and to a lesser extent serving the wider creations of Allah (Not God).

So twice a day you re-establish your organic virtual energy pattern, in tune with that of the earth, twice a day should be enough to infuse your consciousness with the ideal cycle of thought, so helping your performance of Salat (the correct desire), when you wake and when the sun sets, although it would be of no harm or benefit, to perform this as often as you would like, and through true belief work to instil the divine message, both morally, and physically within humanity through example. In addition, a communal Salat of the wider community, coming together at mid day to discuss and establish purpose, to perform Dua from that purpose.

24:36 This Light-giving Lamp glows in houses that Allah (Not God) has caused to be exalted, that Allah’s (Not God’s) Name be celebrated in them. In them Hu is glorified in the mornings and in the evenings. (The dwellers therein strive to use reason; the light giving lamp, reason is expanded in the morning and the evening through this realignment with the Earth, just twice a day, also Allah is not a name, the attributes of Allah should be used in reference to Allah, such as the Sustainer, the Creator, the Most Merciful, or combination, like the most Merciful, Sustaining, Creator.).

24:37 (These are not the communities of monks but) they are such whom neither trade nor sale can divert from the remembrance of Allah. They keep striving to consolidate the Divine System and set up the Just Economic Order of Zakat in the society. They are people filled with awesome consciousness of the Day when hearts and eyes will be horrified. (50:20).

13:14 Calling upon Allah (Not God), and working in line with Hu Laws yield solid results. Those unto whom they call besides Allah (Not God), respond to them not at all. Thus, they are like the one who stretches forth his hands to the water and asks it to reach his mouth. It cannot reach his mouth this way. Likewise, the desire of those who are oblivious to Divine Laws is misdirected (4:123).

So consider from this understanding and perspective, mere ritual is of no importance, the reciting of words without understanding and premeditated focus is without point, the connection to the earth is not understood so is never accomplished, the real objective of Salat is completely missed, which is, to bring humanity together in unity, fuelled within by a powerful desire of harmony, prosperity and cooperation. The attainment of a paradise on Earth, meaning a fertile place to transform yourself to ever higher states of consciousness, founded on the concepts and principles of the Qur’an.

We are born each one as a baby lion, fearless and enthusiastic, we are quickly indoctrinated and conditioned by our parents and the society around us to be fearful and apathetic.

Lift your eyes from the floor, look around you in wonder and appreciation at the boundless imagination of Allah (Not God), now look inward, look within yourself, contemplate the divine energy you possess, release this latent force and you will have connected with your innermost desire, transforming yourself once more into a lion, fearless and filled with limitless enthusiasm.

10:10 Their desire therein will be, “Credit be to You, O Allah (Not God)!” Their greeting to one another will be, “Salaam!” The realisation of their desire will be, “Acclaim be to Allah (Not God), Lord of the Worlds!” (And so shall be the peaceful Ideal Society on earth. They will realize that the good of one is the good of another and see how creditable the Giver of such Blissful Guidance is).

There is another aspect of congregation I haven’t mentioned yet, that of conditioning a structure, as thought is manifest physically, the structure around the thought imprints, over time, the greater the amount of thought the stronger the imprint would result, if the structure were left unused for a period of time, several months for example, the conditioning would slowly decay back to its neutral state.

So if you have a group of individuals congregate, they meditate, reflect and focus their minds, the room will fill with a tangible field of consciousness, drawing in ambient organic living energy. When the group leave the field dissipates into the structure, if this gathering is continued daily the field builds within the structure, like a spinning plate, as long as you continue periodically to add energy to the plate, it continues to spin, then steadily slowing down until it stops.


So now we understand the initiator of Salat (desire), how to establish the impetus to perform submission to the divine energy of existence, Allah (Not God).

But how do you exist within submission to this force?

To understand this you must understand your mission statement as given by the Qur’an. It tells you at length, what is acceptable and what is offensive, therefore what is in unity to the divine energy, and so in submission.

Firstly we have an obligation to ourselves, we must show ourselves self-respect, and we must give equal respect, to all other human beings that exists in even the least amount of submission, giving equal worth to both men and women.

We must expand our energies in the development of ourselves and the people we interact with, towards the creation of the seed of our higher and ultimate selves.

We must conduct our affairs within the world of trade and business according to the guidance expressed within the Qur’an, not accepting man made deviations that contradict these concepts.

We have an obligation to attempt to understand our convictions, and in so doing establish firm beliefs, giving blind faith no value; we have been created for knowledge.

We must ultimately work towards the establishment of a system of society, that follows the principles and concepts as stated within the Qur’an, transforming the world. Having men and women understand and express simple passionate beliefs, we are one, single specie, existing on a single world, governed by a single truth, idyllically working in unity, and existing, with the potential, to live in harmony, all interconnected in a unified system, the good towards one helps all, the evil towards one impedes all.

To understand this comprehensively please read the Qur’an (a complete book, a simple guide, it stands alone, and needs no other reference book, only a translation free from perceived truth), ideally an illusive translation, free from the misguidance of Hadith (a word meaning only conversation), historical distortion, religious schools of thought, borrowed religious ritual, dogma, and social etiquette, and if you read the Qur’an in this manor, with a translation free from these previously mentioned distortions (although I haven‘t encountered such a translation as yet), then, you will have the knowledge to be in total submission, and so Muslim.

Alternatively you could study classical Arabic and read the original text, however even this has been coloured by Hadith, a friend of mine studied classical Arabic in Qatar. To get an idea of what I mean, I asked him the meaning of the word Ibada, he said Worship, but it means service, the Christian concept of worship, the same concept known as puja by Hindu’s and Buddhists, does not exist in classical Arabic, even the education of Muslims to understand the original text, has been polluted to remove understanding.

The Buddhist view:

‘Before the beginning all was nothing, only the spark of divine consciousness.

From this spark all of creation arose, spinning out from the centre, spinning into being, spinning into time, spinning into the wheels of life.

From the great spiral galaxies thousands of light years across, to the trillions of atoms spinning in a grain of sand, the universe is made from spinning wheels of energy evolving through time, the one in the many giving birth to life.

An intricate web woven with exquisite balance, generated from the heart of divine spirit, condensing into manifestation.

Between them, the seven layers of manifestation form a rainbow bridge, connecting Earth and heaven, the stepping-stones from matter to spirit, connecting through our bodies as we connect to each other and to the endless web of life that is seeking to become conscious.

Aligned along a central channel called the Seshoona, the seven chakra’s run from base to crown, generating the pattern’s of the Orrick field, their spinning comes from the intersection of two basic currants, one from above and one from below.

As these currants pass between the Chakra’s the centre spins like gears that take us on a journey through life. Together these seven Chakra’s describe a profound formula for wholeness, and a template for transformation.

The location of the seven Chakra’s within the body gives meaning to their respective levels of consciousness.

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Polycentric community (overview)
The Substantive Binding Surety (overview)
Reciprocated Agreement of Binding Surety
Anarchic Labour Trading
The Repository (overview)
Bonded Cooperative Occupational System
Plenary Allodium Utilisation Averment
Cooperative Assurance System
Cooperative Car Assurance
Medical Assurance
Winters slave
The Nature of War
The Nature of Democracy
The Nature of Sovereignty
The Third State of Consciousness
Inherent Power (short overview)
Part Two: How a Substantive Gemot of Axiological Inherent Power Functions through Axioms of the Land
Part Five - Terrente - Duty of Care - Outcast
The Law, Courts and Jurisdiction
Repository Securities and Advance
The Nature of Copyright
The Nature of Government
The Nature of Capitalism
Islamic Banking
The Court System versus the Witena-Gemot System
A Duty of Care
The Trivium
The Concept and Structure of Polycentric community
The Nature of Economics
The Protected Paedophiles, Child Rapists, Child Torturers, and Child Murders of the British Establis
Arbitration of Universal Accountability - Terrente Relief
Unilateral Bond of Repository Administrator
The Nature of the Hospital System
Hemp Drugs Commission Report, completed in 1894
Unlawful Killing
A Bonded Militia
Duty of Care Trading Declaration (food)
Bonded Cooperative Networks
Freedom or Slavery
Matrimonial Agreement
Part Six - Relief, Recourse and the Jury
Part Seven - Constructive versus Substantive
The Education Assurance Bond
Predator and Prey
Francis of Assisi
Possession versus Utilisation of the Land
NOTICE: No Implied or inferred right of access
Crowd Funding
The Master of the Soul
The Nature of Money
What is voting?
What is a Citizen?
As Above so Below
Fencing (Austerity)
Jews and the Global Sex Slavery Business
Rise of Sea Levels is 'The Greatest Lie Ever Told'
The Nature of Death
The Singing Soul