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Active Image"Oiling the masters whip with their sweat and blood. Slaves love their master’s suited dogs, they bark the sweetest lies, and champion the promise of treachery.

The slave begs freedom, as they yoke and shackle their neighbor to haul the cart of oppression." Abdun Nur

As a perspective a soul views things from a selfish personal advantage; they rightly consider without the system we suffer, how could they and others who depend upon them be supported, such as their family, as they cannot envision any alternative to State and capitalism, and further have the belief instilled within them from the institutions of State that the feudal capitalist hierarchical model is the best system possible. What alternative models are understood are variations of hierarchical structures such as socialism, communism, monarchism, feudalism, totalitarianism, fascism etc., all equally worthless, and the institutions expose the miseries these alternative hierarchical models have enacted when applied historically. This deters investigation into true alternative models free of hierarchy, ownership, usury, and slavery; fear and violence is the foundation of all hierarchical systems, to establish an alternative one must overcome fear; mental fears manifests as excuses to justify inaction, logical fallacies to dismiss self-evident truths, and groundless rationalisations to ease the mental dissonance wilful ignorance generates.

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The term terrorism means the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes, this is also the definition of all government.


According to legal dictionaries, a citizen is a member of the political body who swears allegiance in exchange for a duty of protection from the government. However it has been ruled time and time again in the supreme courts that the police and the government have NO DUTY to protect.  And if there is no duty to protect, then there is no agreement.

"Slave-Masters masked in the cloak of government need large numbers of cowards to keep the lions in check.

When the lions finally unite, the cowards will be accountable." Abdun Nur

'The Eight Point Community Plan'

The Nature of the Hierarchical Systems:

“Psychopaths have played a disproportionate role in the development of civilization, because they are hard-wired to lie, kill, cheat, steal, torture, manipulate, and generally inflict great suffering on other humans without feeling any remorse, in order to establish their own sense of security through domination.

When you understand the true nature of psychopathic influence, that it is conscienceless, emotionless, selfish, cold and calculating, and devoid of any moral or ethical standards, you are horrified, but at the same time everything suddenly begins to makes sense. Our society is ever more soulless because the people who lead it and who set the example are soulless - they literally have no conscience.” (Ref - Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes, by Andrzej Lobaczewski.)


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 The Protected Paedophiles, Child Rapists, Child Torturers, and Child Murders of the British Establishment

Do you consider yourself a citizen? (What is a citizen?)

Do you consider voting important? (What is voting?)

 The Umbrella of Alternative Anarchic Community Systems

You cannot use the system designed to extort, criminalize, subjugate and enslave to protect you from the system designed to extort, criminalize, subjugate and enslave. Reform is pointless, even counterproductive, commonly moronic, and naive. Reformers wish to increase taxation upon the owners but to tax a corporation simply increases the burden it extorts from its victims, to tax any soul is extortion, theft, simply money for malice. The answer is in ignoring the legalized mafia system run by psychopaths, and to establish an independent model, not based in constructed fictional authority, but in substantive inherent power of the living soul, held in reciprocation, and bound innately to a duty of care for those around you, a community model free of hierarchy.

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Allodial Earth

All the creation is allodial; free from the tenurial rights of a feudal overlord. Creation is innately substantive; so free of constructed legal fictions. Creation is utilitarian; its importance is a measure of its usefulness by its very nature, as are the fruits of the Earth, as is all life upon the Earth, as we did not create the abundance upon the Earth, only enjoy its rewards. It is absolutely impossible to have "Allodial Title" as a title is a grant from an owner and there is no owner allodially, an allodarii is self declared and unilaterally bound to their neighbours through consent.

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Possession versus Utilisation of the Land

Controlling land is power, if that control is consolidated through violence, treachery and monopoly that power is concentrated, if that monopoly is continuously sustained through violence or the threat of violence then it can be exploited through the many forms of usury; such as ownership, debt economics and slavery, administrated through the construction of legal fictions codified as positive law; if you can govern the minds of those enslaved never to rebut those constructed fictions, then you can own the Earth, the life it contains, and all souls.

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The Law, Courts and Jurisdiction

“Manmade laws are written by and for lawless people. A man of integrity needs no written rules to live in harmony with his peers and criminals don’t obey laws. So legislation only provides a mechanism for the ruling classes to constrict and control the freedom of the people. Until you take responsibility for your own life there will always be a tyrant of some description to force their will over you.”

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Freedom or Slavery

All Sovereign Governments make the people slaves upon the land. Therefore "sovereign government" is simply the suspension of inherent power and equitable manners of conduct, and the circumvention of the innate duty of care which is immutable in reciprocation to all others; it is the substantive reversed and made constructive.

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Predator and Prey

The only conspiracy that matters is the conspiracy of the psychopaths against the rest of us.

Man has no natural predators we are taught, this is a lie, one distinct form of man preys on another form of man.

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Inherent Power

Inherent power is unalienable and immutable; it is derived from the nature of your creation, and binds all in reciprocation as everything is connected.  The truths known as axioms are foundations that are self-evident, such as we exist on a shared planet and are dependent upon the air, water and myriad life it supports, therefore if a soul acts to pollute that environment it is an encroachment, if a soul prevents equitable utilization of the land and resources of that environment it is an encroachment, and so on.

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Equitable Allodial Utilisation

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A Duty of Care


Government employees are not welcome of any corporate State.

We refuse to serve, trade or supply Police, Officials, Health Department Workers, Building Inspectors, Code Enforcers, Bailiffs, Politicians, Lawyers, and any other Government worker, and all other people employed by government in any capacity.

Please seek corporate service elsewhere, service that ignores the duty of care inherent in the individual.

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Method of Allodium Witnessed Declaration

The slave fears life in the whirled (spinning perceptions), because they perceive the fictional perceptions of the world as real. The slave fears their masters, their neighbours, foreign and domestic, fears the goons of the hierarchies that demands license, permit, duty, fee, tax, and conformity; fears the legal, fears the voice of authority filled with the constructs and the complexities designed to trick, exploit, steal and avoid accountability. The owners will not give what they can steal, you must take what is yours.

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Affidavit of Allodium witnessed Declaration

I, who shall not be with legal name declare my inherent powers reserved and retained, all innate natural reciprocal obligations and responsibilities reserved Without Prejudice. I declare my unalienable and immutable innate natural reciprocal obligations and responsibilities of allodial utilisation, I refute any other form of claim is equitable, and equitable proof of exclusive utilisation by a tangible living man or woman within indefeasible equitable allodial utilisation be proven, to rebut the pursuance of this equitable witnessed declaration.

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            Unilateral Cooperative Behaviour Bond

(Seolh is the old Albienic term for seal, the mark of the thumb or finger to give proof within the sealing of a substantive Bindan in oath, free of constructed fictions, this bindan is written so authored exclusively by the allodarii in seolh. This bindan is not between legal names, persons, men, women, humans, lords, kings, queens or emperors, or any other constructed fictions, only between living anima.)

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      Notice of Pursuance of Allodium Declaration 

This is an exclusive declaration of utilisation, within an exclusive allodial declaration through the innate inherent power each is born with, within the natural prescriptive axioms of the land, precluding and expunging all usufructuary claims.

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              Declaration of Allodial Utilisation

The basis of allodial utilisation is a foundation of the inherent nature of creation, as life shares the earth it does not own it, the basis of utilisation and equitable community, is in the innate nature of the axioms of the land derived from mankind’s fundamental nature and reason, which states you can only have or hold as one's own, that which you create yourself, otherwise you can only utilise it, either exclusively or in common with all others, as you can only ‘own’ that which you create yourself, being the fruits of your labours; as you came into the world with nothing and you leave with nothing tangible.

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Plenary Allodium Utilisation Averment

All those upon the utilisation are only bound by the natural prescriptive axioms of the land; absolutely no innate immutable inherent powers of the living soul upon the land are waived at any point. No fiction of the legal code will be acknowledged as valid in equity, and any agent of a fiction is denied access, utilisation, or any authority what so ever upon the declared utilisation. No living man can be a party to any contract, as contract is exclusively between corporate entities, or additionally in any written agreement where I am not a direct signatory part, witnessed and given full consideration, this can be accepted as equitable, all implied contracts must be proven to be binding and applicable to the innate inherent power I possess in innate equity; only written, witnessed agreements between living tangible men and women founded on offer, deliberation, acceptance, witnessed and signed with wet signature and thumb print are equitable, and will be recognised and binding in equity.

Notice: No Implied or Inferred Right of Access

It should be established discernably, who you are and who you represent, to seek relief if required. Substantive proof of any claimed authority beyond any ambiguity presented. All reasonable diligence evident to support the assertions made, through first hand knowledge of the subject; and to provide, in advance, comprehensive substantive proof to back any wild allegations or demands.

A Bonded Militia

Each soul is responsible to defend themselves and reciprocally defend others under the idea of "but for the grace of creation go I", the scale of defence is what is within their abilities and nature, but a 1000 souls who learn how to fight for themselves, learn how to shoot and use a weapon for themselves, learn how to track, hunt, and trap for themselves, working independently are far, far, more dangerous to a hierarchical force than another hierarchical force, no centralisation, no chain of command, no restrictions, uniform, mind control, they reason independently, they act opportunistically, they are free to join in groups or act alone.

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Polycentric Community

Community was always structured on bonds in the past, but with the advent of feudalism and the dominance of corporation this form of bonding between living souls was not possible or no longer  understood,  bonds were corrupted to instruments of incorporeal entity applied between corporations and persons, hierarchy replaced confidence between living souls in community, and without confidence in those around them the imposition of feudalism evolved into complex structures of granted monopoly and control.

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The Concept and Structure of Polycentric Community

There is something about modern society which persistently denies mankind’s nature. People are separated from the natural conditions in which they might be happy and fulfilled and as a consequence social problems develop. Community is the solution.

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Binding Surety

A “substantive” binding surety is an independent written, witnessed agreement between living souls, for each to stand surety for the other; meaning you are agreeing to take responsibility for your bondsmen and them for you in an equally reciprocated bond.

The surety bond is a commitment of deep trust between the two parties, and is the security for the community itself in many ways.

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Reciprocrated Agreement of Binding Surety

Albien was established as a bonded community structure with equitable arbitration of tort relief, without these substantive bonds no soul can be free, as torts are never given relief and fear of your neighbour, who can act without restraint or accountability, drives souls to seek the comparative safety of slavery. This is the difference between an un-bonded community without recourse, which leads inexorably into feudalism, and a bonded community free of hierarchy and able to establish relief in all disputes.

Anarchic Labour Trading

Ownership is separated title; ownership means control, which means a duplicate account; ownership is a ship on the Holy See of commerce, and grants ‘interest’ in property, this means the physical labour invested by the ‘person’ (economic slave) in the owned resources of their owner, must share their gains with their feudal master. In other words, you must give your labours to pay the interest, upon the loan of the resources, from there controller, this means ownership as well as capitalist monopoly are forms of usury.

In definition; “Usury is a certain benefit which is received for the use of the thing lent beyond the return in full of the thing lent, and is not lawful.” This is the lawful definition.

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  The Repository

A true medium of exchange it MUST remain stable therefore its creation must be generated from an intrinsic source, as it must be substantive, meaning free of fictional creation, value, and perception, so derived from the source of its creation. If a medium of exchange is not fixed at its intrinsic value, if it rises or falls in value as gaged by the true value upon its creation, then it is not a true medium of exchange, as when you exchange something for a substance or mechanism through which the value is stored until you wish to transmit that value to another exchange, then for that to rise or fall either robs the holder or unduly rewards the hold of that medium. 

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Unilateral Bond of Repository Administrator

No witena-gemot administrator of terrente relief arbitrating, determined through the axioms of the land, can be bound by any oath of allegiance or subservience, or fealty, or office to any legal instrument, man, woman, living soul, clinical psychopath, government, corporation, monarch, association, secret society or religion, as administrators must be impartial, so without prejudice. 

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Bonded Cooperative Occupational System 

Here are two forms of competition, structural competition which is external so situational - a detrimental win/lose framework; and intentional competition which is internal so an attitude - a beneficial desire on the part of an individual to be all they can be.

Psychopaths require the hierarchical model to dominate the multitudes; hierarchy is integral with structural competition, which requires some people to fail in order that others can succeed. Structural competition without intentional competition is hierarchical, a circumstance in which individuals are ranked and one or a minority realises reward, the remainder want or loss.

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  Bonded Cooperative Networks

When Bonded Cooperatives are organized into a network they become an interconnected, interlocking polycentric cooperative system.

Freely organically created reciprocative networks, just as with polycentric community frameworks, are free of all hierarchy, compulsion and bureaucratic administration.

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          Cooperative Share Bond

          Shared Natural Equity Cooperative

          Written, witnessed agreement

          Cooperative Assurance

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Repository Securities and Advance

All wealth is generated through labour; physical labour, mental labour, or mechanical labour, mechanisation has made mass production cheap.  Mechanical labour is still the result of both physical labour and mental labour; it simply increases the production of labour which in turn reduces the cost of those goods.

          Surety Bond


          Apportioned Input, Apportioned Output

          Equitable Meritocracy

          Economy of Scale

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Cooperative Assurance Model

Human beings have been moving around from place to place, often taking their goods and animals with them, since people have existed. From time to time gangsters appear and decide to profiteer from this simple natural action, this is known as highway robbery. Modern times are no different, State corporations have taken highway robbery to heights of extortion common thieves could only dream of. 
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Bonded Cooperative Car Assurance

If you consider the ever increasing cost imposed by the State Corporation and the compulsory granted monopoly of car insurance corporations upon the masses, and the obscene profits that this generates for the elite who instituted this system upon us, at present you have no choice but to suffer their corporate based model, but there is an alternative, with far more advantage. 

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Medical Assurance

The modern hospital system is in some aspects an abomination, dominated by the pharmaceutical corporations who patent chemical based medications, and use propaganda to mislead both patients and medical staff, commonly maintaining disease instead of curing them. 

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The Education Assurance Bond

“Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.” Maria Montessori

e) Market Hub

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Duty of Care Trading Declaration

A declaration to be displayed at a place of trading to declare the duty of care inherent and binding upon all.

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Marriage is a contract, a contract is a positive law fiction; no living soul can be a party to a contract, as they are exclusively between legal fictions such as corporation, when you sign a contract it is as the representative of your straw man of citizenship, a legal fiction which makes a living soul the agent of a corporate fiction.

If you remove the fictions of contract, then agreement must be substantive, so free of all fictions, and reciprocal, so equitable, the inherent nature of written bindings demands a witnessed signed reciprocal agreement, meaning it binds both parties equally, unlike a contract which does not.

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The Court System Versus the Witena-Gemot Model

  Upon the removal of the fiction of citizenship from the living soul the authority of the corporation is removed, they can only act against you through inequity and dishonour, not that the agents of corporation would be reluctant to continue to do so, as the entire edifice of corporation is founded on fictions and frauds.

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  Arbitration of Universal Accountability - Terrente Relief

Social Security is not a contract. Ephram Nestor alleged it; the Federal regime denied it. Social Security is neither insurance nor a contract; it is a discretionary benefit revocable at will by the Federal regime. Payment of FICA taxes do not create an obligation of the Federal regime to pay anyone anything, ever; this applies equally to all States.

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The Writ (Notification)

There is a term “QISAAS”. It does not mean to inflict punishment on the wrongdoer, rather it means to pursue the wrongdoer in such a way that they are held accountable for their actions, and relief is established for both the souls wronged and the soul who acted to wrong. It means that in the substantive system, no wrongful action shall remain untracked, unanswered or ignored.

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  How a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiological Inherent Power Functions through Axioms of the Land

Positive law is authoritatively imposed law (policy of the landlord), this means those who invent the positive law are not themselves bound by it, as they use their authored ‘spells’ to invent authority, to impose upon others, so who would then impose it upon them?

This means within all legal systems “All crimes pertain to slaves”. Crimes are not the same as wrongful acts, but a breach of corporate policy by the corporation’s property.

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  Witena-Gemot Administrators of Terrente Relief

All administrators of the witena-gemot of inherent power must be fully bound to a community, holding twenty three (23) independent written reciprocal bindings (bindan- to tie up with bonds) in surety with living souls, demonstrating they are trustworthy, well liked and honourable. (23 chromosomes are held within a male as a full community, and 23 in a female, when combined a new separate community can be created, so each full community is represented by 23, this still holds true in the fictional court of a grand jury)

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  Wite and Surety Bound-Souls

Within the model of a binding surety (bindan- to tie up with bonds), is even-handedness, balance and just action, these being the basis of individual reliance, therefore over time, if possible, the substance granted to a bound party who needed the aid of their surety bound-soul (to tie up anima with bonds), is to return that substance given in aid in full, as it is not an unconditional gift but an interest free loan; the cancelation of an outstanding obligation is at the discretion of the granting bound-soul (to tie up anima with bonds) but to abandon a surety in need would be looked upon by others as an action worth scrutiny.

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  Terrente – Duty of Care – Outcast

Over time, in the ancient system, wrongful actions had established a specific relief attached to them; this of course has been lost, replaced with punishments and fines to benefit the corporation. Initially the relief is requested by the complainer in their original writ (notification), but is ultimately determined by the arbitrators, who can disregard the relief suggested by the complainer, as they are free to apply reason to form the best course for a particular case.

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Relief, Recourse and the Peers (Jury)

The axiom for an Axiological model. Axiological in this expression meaning values, moral or aesthetic truth reasoned through rational argument. The axiom “Do not judge others lest you be judged.” Must be understood clearly to grasp the reason there is no judgement in witena-gemot terrente (the peace of the mind threatened) relief.

“Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something.

Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.” Heal the hurting by Joel Osteen

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Constructive versus Substantive

Legislation is constructive in its nature; it constructs fictional rules of conduct, fictional regulations of circumstance and fictional instruments of commerce.

The substantive, that which belongs to the real nature or essential part of a thing; that which is innate, the truth; this is the theoretical basis of arbitration of wrongs, which practically stands in direct conflict to the feudal court constructive structure, hence the need for the feudal Lords to author legal fictions to obviate the substantive nature that the Witena-gemots, now labelled courts (although a court is quite a different construct), are required to administer.

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The Trivium

Modern education teaches truth comes from authority, and intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat, so accurate memory and repetition are rewarded; and failure to repeat or comply is punished. The masses are compulsorily educated to conform intellectually and socially, to blindly accept authority as truth instead of truth as authority, and to avoid evidence contradicting that authority with strong emotional and cognitive dissonance. Why is education structured in this way?

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