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Written by Abdun Nur   

Vision 8 – 21st July4th 2015

Part Two - Establishing Universal Accountability - a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiological Inherent Power

How a Substantive Witena-Gemot of Axiological Inherent Power Functions through Axioms of the Land

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1.    In the legal system, meaning a system of imposed (positive law) polices issued from a corporation, dressed up as a government (to govern-mentally); legislation is defined as positive law (law is the policy of the landlord, this can be a sovereign or their imposed authority through the constructed legal fiction of ownership, they only have authority over the constructed legal fictions they author); the corporate policy is placed upon living souls by presumption of law and fact through the law merchants, who are venders of positive law within the trust of a court.

How Is This Achieved?

2.    The Roman Catholic Church Corporation at present holds inequitable authority through the invention in 325AD of the covenant of their Bible, which incorporated the older covenant of the Torah, through which they machinate claim of ownership of the earth, her resources and the living souls that dwell upon it, this ‘contract’ declares our corps is created in the image of ‘that which is invoked’, this means you are perceived by authority as the incorporeal reflection in the mirror, an inverse reality where those on the land of the landlord are bound by their policy, feudalism, natural equity based upon a reciprocal obligation and responsibility no longer protects, a soul is extorted, instead law imposes; justice is reversed to punishment, relief is reversed to amassing corporate revenue, tortious acts or more accurately terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ by the act of another, against the inherent power of the individual are rendered irrelevant upturned to impose legislation, prescriptive relief of terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ by the actions of another, is reversed to positive law, community is reversed to the corporate society of imposed authority, and we are no longer protected upon the land but are floundering upon the sea of commerce.


3.    The structure of the Church Corporation is a pyramid hierarchical dictatorship, this same structure is applied to all chartered corporations that function as subsidiaries of the Church, these corporations impose government through the threat of arms, and themselves charter lesser corporations that function as subsidiaries, these corporations can themselves charter lesser corporations as subsidiaries, each subordinate level supports those above it. The Church Corporation has taken this descending pyramid to its base and invents a corporation for each birth registered to a regional corporation. Making a living soul berthed through registration into a citizen-‘ship’, the landlord’s agents, sworn under oath as such, of judge, magistrate, lawyer, barrister, solicitor and attorney arbitrates which docked ship in dispute must pay the landlord. This system of the Holy See of commerce was developed by John Bernardone Morosini (Francis of Assisi), at the end of the 12th century. Consent to be re-presented is gained through several deceptive methods, the use of the registered name, which became owned by the State when the birth was registered, the use of a title, such as Mr, Dr, Mrs, etc., the use of a representative, such as solicitor, or barrister, etc., any acceptance of status, such as person, human, man, lord, professor, sir, etc., or any acceptance of authority such as, acceptance of understanding, acceptance of conformity to directives from an officer of the state, etc.

4.    The Church Corporation uses the Roman system of Admiralty or Maritime legislation placed upon the prescriptive axioms of the land, and attempts to assigns all, as make-believe ships at sea (incorporeal bodies) this ship is a citizen-‘ship’ a constructed legal fiction, which is a legal fiction ‘authored’ by the State corporation so they have ‘authority’ over it. In a court they are held in a dock which is a space in the trust of a commercial court where citizen’s vessels are harboured in berth (birth certified in citizenship) when brought for trial, formed from ‘Tria Capita’ (The heads of the three) in the Roman law, were oivitae, libertas, and familia, i. e., citizenship, freedom, and family granted ‘rights’ are judged, in the dock, used for the reception of vessels in the taking on or discharging of their cargoes. As the slave of the vessel is the living soul, and the citizen is a ship on the sea of commerce performing as the straw man, being his corporation; the citizen is the incorporeal body of that fiction, the incorporeal fiction is bound by fictions being the creation of fiction; the fiction tricks them into consenting to be responsible for the straw man and act as the trustee in the court, becoming the administrator so an agent of the corporate government and being bound by the rules of that office, so entering the world of the fiction, being the policy of the corporation, known as legislation.

5.    All trusts are founded in the imposition of ‘ownership’, this is not the equitable structure of immovable resources, but is an imposed system through the invention of the ‘simple trust’ in which all resource is held through the force of arms within the colour of positive law, as long as the threat of the force of arms is maintained to impose it, it will strand, so long as no one actually challenges it, and demands the proof be presented of ownership, then the state will claim completely, permanently, and inalienably the ownership of the Earth.

6.    Ownership is claimed so that one man, woman, or entity, such as a monarch, Pope, or corporation, of which the first two are simply corporate figure heads, can either deny all utilisation or grant only controlled ‘use’ as tenant upon a living soul. The corporations ‘owned’ resources are held as the fiction of ‘property’. For example the largest land ‘owner’ (hoarder) is the ‘Queen’ of England who ‘owns’ a 6th of the earth’s surface as figure head of the Crown Corporation, the Pope as the head of the Vatican Corporation owns roughly 177 million acres of various lands held by the Catholic Church throughout the globe, including the hundreds of Vatican embassies that are legally entitled to claim through ‘The Holy See’ they are each independent nation. Commerce is also owned by only four corporations, that you may not even be familiar with, they control the 147 corporations that own everything, they are McGraw-Hill, Northwestern Mutual, CME Group, and Barclay’s.


7.    It must be held in the trust of corporation to be owned, this also removes the burden of inheritance of living souls as corporations do not live to have the burden of death, as new controllers take control, it is of a constant entity, through its agents, working as a municipality they function without conscience, insatiable in their avarice, consolidating through legislated monopoly, a virtual clinical psychopath, passing from man to man, destroying the natural world, enslaving those under their influence, corrupting and in opposition to community.

8.    All Trusts are inequitable contract that cannot be recognised in an equitable Witena-gemot of inherent power, no living soul can be a party to a contract, which are exclusively between constructed legal fictions of corporation, as all equitable agreements are constrained by simple principles:

·      A substantive Binding (bindan- to tie up with bonds) agreement can only be between living souls (those that exist in truth, not that are re-presented as fictions), a legal instrument cannot make written agreement with a living soul as it is a fiction, an incorporeal entity, an invention, and not a soul with equitable reciprocal obligation and responsibility or inherent power, in contrast a contract can only be between constructed legal fictions, the persona, the citizen, the trust, the corporation etc.


·      When agreeing you must apply a wet signature (and ideally a wet thumb print as the thumb print is a substantive seal) to the agreement for it to be binding upon you, and only then if the agreement does not break the natural prescriptive axioms of the land. An incorporeal entity cannot sign any agreement; they are an incorporeal fiction of legislation, having no body they have no ability to sign.



9.    If substance is held within estate, it is held in the limbo of resources of a dead body, as estate is the resources of a soul after their death, in equity it cannot continue to be the resources of a corps, it must be inherited, through a living ‘will’, however, a corporate trust was never living to create a ‘will’, it can have no offspring to inherit, it cannot hold resources equitably through estate, and holds at present through the colour of law, within presumptions of law and fact that are seldom rebutted.


10.Trusts are based upon a trinity of parties, from the original holder/s of resources; the title is conveyed to the legal instrument (the incorporeal entity or ‘holy ghost’), this is serviced by the administrator, known as the trustee (the ‘Son’), who cannot be the beneficiary of the trust; meaning they can gain no benefit themselves. The trustee is controlled by the executor, the original grantor of the substance (the ‘Father’) of the trust, those who can gain benefit from the trust can be the grantor or a named beneficiary, as any party acting as grantor (executor) can confer to a beneficiary. This is a way to allow a third party, the trustee, to act as administrator on behalf of the grantor, with the trustee having full powers to administrate the directions of the grantor (executor) but having no power to receive benefits themselves, in effect a trust is a contract based upon a complete lack of trust, so ‘no trust’ exists between the parties contracting, so the estate or resource is held within a legal fiction to prevent the trustee claiming it for themselves.

11.The equitable system of natural prescriptive axioms of the land does not support legislation, corporation, or positive law; the definition of legislation is in making legal, so presumed equitable, what was before void or inequitable; to add the sanction and authority of positive law to that which before was without or against the axioms of the land. All laws are arbitrary, while axioms are universally applicable, because they are founded on inherent power, and an innate duty of care through reciprocation. Laws govern ‘human’ (serf -slave) affairs, and are subject to the arbitrary will of the ruler, or those agents representative of the constructed legal fiction of the people. If this was not so, then it would be impossible to make an unlawful law. Any law duly decreed by a legitimate ruling body, such as the Athenian assembly, would necessarily be lawful, yet history shows again and again that this was obviously false. Some laws are clearly criminal. Proof by contradiction.

12.Positive law is authoritatively imposed law (policy of the landlord), this means those who invent the positive law are not themselves bound by it, as they use their authored ‘spells’ to invent authority, to impose upon others, so who would then impose it upon them?

This means within all legal systems “All crimes pertain to slaves”. Crimes are not the same as wrongful acts, but a breach of corporate policy by the corporation’s property.

13.Within positive law all crimes involve those who have a commercial obligation to another, and the body of a debtor is security for his debt, the commercial obligation is founded in ownership, as those who own a thing, control a thing, and those who use a thing controlled by another, are bound by the rules that are imposed by its controller (owner) for its use.

So What Is A Corporation?

14.A corporation is an artificial person, an incorporeal entity, known as a legal instrument, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of legislation. Being the mere creature of legislation, it possesses only those properties, which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly or as incidental to its very existence.

15.A charter is a privilege from a perceived superior granting an inferior entity a right or privilege. This means all States are created by charter from a superior corporation, as they are the invention of corporation, to exist therefore they must be invented into existence, authored, as all State Corporations are founded upon ownership of all resources, and the Vatican claims ownership of all resources, all States by default must be through a Vatican charter.

16.A corporation holds all as chattel, in substance, as a contrivance designed to protect any of its agents who act criminally from any personal accountability by claiming its protection, and an instrument of establishing monopoly, privilege, and ownership. (See: The Fraud of Ownership)

17.A corporation is structured upon the concept of a trust, trusts have been widely utilised with slight variations in application; all trusts are based upon the holy trinity of the Roman Catholic Church Corporation.

The Axioms Of The Land; The Axiological Model

18. An Axiom is a self-evident or universally recognized truth. Axiological is reasoning in accordance with the principles of logic, being the thinking through of rational thoughts and arguments free of the influence of emotion or whim.

19.Axiological principles are values, moral or aesthetic truth reasoned through rational argument. To determine:

·      The Value of the truth, is it a valiant social principle?

·      The Moral of the truth, how it pertains to manners of conduct, determined through the inherent nature of reciprocal responsibilities and obligations.

·      The Aesthetic of the truth, can it be perceived in composition to be an argument that is pleasing in appearance both from the evidence and the logic?

20.Before the imposition of the simple trust of ownership by the Roman Catholic Church Corporation, an encroachment imposed upon Albien by their agent William the Bastard, formalised with the completion of the Doomsday book in 1086, which claim established the positive law system with the removal of equity and liberty and the introduction of the corporate culture of feudalism. Albien’s natural prescriptive equities were evolved and self-enforcing in areas free of sovereign influence, a system founded on the true axioms of the land of the Earth, functioning on community, an equitable system that favours and preserves the common good of all the land within its influence.

21.The axioms of the land are simple; they function to resolve disputes, only when those in dispute cannot resolve equitably between themselves, then a complainer, who feels wronged can seek the help of the community; the Witena-gemot system is simply the facilitator and administrator of the local community in dispute settlements.

22.A complainer can only be a living soul as a terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ is any act that inflicts mental distress, and no fiction (any constructed legal incorporeal entity) can endure mentally to bring any terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ act of another against a living soul, as a fiction of legislation has no consciousness to be injured, nor can it be a party to a written agreement.

23.Natural equity cannot impose anything, they function ‘only’ to protect, if the modern courts are corrupted and do anything except protect the individual, then it is not an equitable court of arbitration, as the function of arbitration is to give relief to the victim not to impose punishment upon the culpable.

24.There are only reciprocal obligation and responsibility inherently upon every living soul in equity, there are no rights, and there is ‘no’ collective right at all, this means you cannot invent collective rights and claim them equitable, as in the fraud of democracy, or in the case of a corporation, which is a body of men acting within the invented rights of the legal fiction of it charter, giving them presumptions of collective rights that are seldom rebutted. We must understand and apply our ‘inherent power’, which is an authority possessed without it being derived from another; being our true reciprocal obligation and responsibility to others, or ability, or faculty of doing a thing, without receiving that as a perceived right, or ability, or faculty granted from another.

25.Once you have served your Witena-gemot notification (writ) (called a ‘Breve’ because it briefly states the case), the defendant has been ‘instructed’ to be at a certain location, on a certain date, and at a certain time to arbitrate the dispute, and this is known as being arraigned which mean to prepare yourself for Witena-gemot (court). The Witena-gemot notification (writ) details the encroachment and the relief demanded, the time and date of arbitration by a Witena-gemot of your peers and the details of the complainer and retorter and the relief the complainer will accept outside of arbitration.

The Encroachments

26.The equitable system is based upon the settlement of encroachments, these need not be codified as the individual themselves decides what they feel is an encroachment requiring relief. The Witena-gemot of peers must decide what establishes a terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ act.

27.Declared encroachments are known as ‘torts’ which is a word meaning ‘wrongful acts’ this term has been corrupted through legalese, as was the term it replaced of trespass, the original term must then be applied who origins date back to at least the year 935, terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’, originally terrente would have well established equitable reliefs attached to them, established through the verdict of peers within a witena-gemot of inherent power with a permanent and irreproachable record of all proceedings.

28.The true foundation of inherent power equity is in this idea, ‘each living soul has a duty of care for their neighbour’. Officialism functions in disaccord, and opposition to natural duty or affection, and is therefore against community and reason.

29.The inherent power equitable duty of care is incumbent upon every living soul, as an unalienable obligation, for example: if you witness someone drowning and have it within your power to save them, but do not, you have failed in your inherent duty of care, so have committed an encroachment to the drowning soul, and relief can be sort of you. This duty is incumbent because it binds in your protection, if you were the drowning soul and the stranger did nothing to help ‘you’ this would wrong you, which makes you helping them a reciprocal obligation.

30.If a danger ‘to others’ is present in any activity that demands a skill and knowledge base to master, like driving a car on a common road of utilization, or flying a plane over a populated area, competence must be gained before that activity can be undertaken without undue danger to other souls, based upon your equitable duty of care to protect those around you, however ‘Licensing’ of drivers ‘cannot’ be required of free soul, because taking on the restrictions of a license requires the surrender of your unalienable reciprocal obligations and responsibilities, namely who is above me to grant me permission. In equity, reason, and truth no one.

31.To drive a car while being a danger to those around you, while being inexperienced, or inebriated, or contemptuous of the souls around you with no regard for their safety, no one would stop you constructively by law, however if you had an accident whatever the circumstances, it would be taken as a wanton act of negligence, the relief granted to those encroached would be at the very least tenfold, as you acted without a duty of care. When acting outside your duty of care it is always a premeditated act, so the relief due is without any extenuation. (This can be considered further through the unilateral bond of behaviour of the bonded. See: Bonded Cooperative Car Assurance)

32.Within your remit of a duty of care it is a wrongful act to witness a wrongful act being committed and not to prohibit it when it is within your power to do so; and anyone who does not prohibit when they can prohibit is at fault, just as another who condones, through their none action ‘you’ being encroached.

33.No justification can be declared from the antecedent wrong of another; a wrong does not excuse a wrong.

34.If a wrong is committed while the retorter, through his own want, is intoxicated, it has no mitigation upon the consequences of their wrongful actions, and may be detrimental upon the consideration of a Witena-gemot of their peers.

35.To understand encroachments in greater detail read part six ‘Encroachments, relief and recourse’.

The Court Structure is Founded Upon the Witena-Gemot

36.Any courts that keeps ‘no’ equitable record is not a true court even within the positive law system, this would include all county courts, which function as internal corporate policy arbitrators, exclusively for those who act in function of the corporation issuing the policy. At present the Bar Guilds control almost 100% of judicial assemblies around the world in the worst example of organized crime in recorded history, although the term crime is not accurate to describe these acts of immorality, maladministration, corruption, inequity and perversions of truth and record are common place.

37.A true equitable Witena-gemot of inherent power, records a written transcript, with the augmentation of any additional form of recording if desired, held for a perpetual memorial, containing all the oral and written evidence of witnesses, victims or complainers, those accused or defending, and verdict or relief, of such high and super eminent accuracy, that its truth is not called into question, all recorded and documented under prescriptive axioms of the land community records.

38.The Witena-gemot of inherent power with an equitable record, consists of twenty three random peers of the community, twenty three makes a full equitable community; a jury of twelve people would constitute a bare majority which is commonly used by the positive law corporate court. The ancient system of twenty three peers still exists in the grand jury of the corporate courts. These peers must make an equitable vow upon their soul, so solemnly, that they will well and truly arbitrate, and a true deliverance make between the complainer and the retorter, and a true verdict render according to the evidence, the established facts and by the natural prescriptive axioms of the land, without prejudice or sympathy.

39.A peer is simply any living soul of the community not connected to the complainer or retorter and of equitable standing, meaning they are not extorted. They must be fluent in the language, of sound mind and over 18 and be randomly selected.

40.Jurors (Lat. juro, to swear an oath; as a recognition of God's authority by the party taking it, this in effect defers to a fictional construct of a personified sky deity called or invoked, and all religious souls are by default universally corrupt and deceitful as they take authority as truth instead of the truth as their authority) a better term ‘Witena-gemot peers’ (peers means equals) act voluntarily to champion the cause of the weak upon their own vow, their word is their bond, brought together to arbitrate a disputed cause. What in the court model is labelled a head juror called the "foreman" or "presiding juror" but a more accurate label is the ‘speaker’ is chosen by the group before the arbitration begins or upon the beginning of deliberations, it would be sensible to divide the Witena-gemot peers into three groups of seven, each with one foreman, as people feel comfortable speaking, and they have an easier time reaching a unanimous decision in small groups. The role of the ‘speaker’ is to ask questions on behalf of the Witena-gemot peers, facilitate Witena-gemot peer discussions, and sometimes to read the verdict of the Witena-gemot peers.

41.Since there is always the possibility of jurors not completing the arbitration for health or other reasons, one or more alternate jurors are nominated. Alternates hear the arbitration but do not take part in deciding the verdict unless a juror is unable to deliberate.

42.A verdict is established from their own investigation and reason based upon the simple principles of the axioms of the land, aided in this by Witena-gemot administrators, known as Aldermen (elder men), those of advancing years with high standing in the community, in respect of trustworthiness. The Trivium, Quadrium techniques of reasoning and conclusion are good tool to establish reasoned truth, structured upon hypothesis, thesis, antithesis through reasoning and constructed rhetoric, to establish the facts and conclude relief. (See: The Trivium)

43.The ability to apply reasoning techniques is as important as literacy and numeracy, and should be classified with an equal significance; every child in equity must be afforded the opportunity to be literate and numerate and should also be ratiocinate; this being a duty of every parent, as every parent has an obligation to bestow a proper education upon their children.

44.The four verdicts of a Witena-gemot peer, guilty – not guilty – not proven, deadlocked peers – equal in dispute.

45.All verdicts (a word meaning – to say the truth) must be unanimous, if it ends with hung peers or deadlocked peers when not all agree upon a verdict after an extended period of deliberation and are unable to change their opinion due to severe differences of judgement, the considerations of the two alternate peers  could be applied to reach a unanimous twenty three peer verdict, or a verdict of ‘not proven, deadlocked peers being an  acquittal through lack of evidence, when the peers do not have enough evidence for all the peers to declare in favour of the complainer or the retorter or enough sufficiently convinced of the retorter’s innocence to bring in a "not guilty" verdict, leaving the case open to re-arbitration when more evidence can be established.

46.A verdict of equal in dispute, happens where equities are equal, equity will prevail equally. Equity in dispute will provide no specific relief where the parties are found equal, or where neither has been wronged.

47. All living souls shall have relief by the due course of natural equity, however, ‘No one’ is bound to make oath to the fact of their own wrongful actions as a living soul who does wrong hates the light of discovery; no one can be forced to give their own oath in evidence of their guilt. No one is bound to accuse themselves. No one is bound to expose themselves to misfortunes and dangers. No one is bound to betray themselves. Therefore they have a free choice to remain silent.

48.If a witness or defendant bear false attestation, and it is proven beyond doubt this was the case, the false witness should receive the consequences they had intended to bring on the living soul falsely accused, all their testimony should be viewed as unreliable and their intention should be arbitrated in light of the declarations of the case. If the complainer is ‘proven’ to have, with intention, falsely, and with malice, accused another of a terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ inequitably, the relief due to the terrente –‘the peace of their mind threatened’ invented to defame the innocent, should be inflicted upon the perjured informer.

49.The Witena-gemot peers adjudicates both the facts of the case and the natural equity axioms themselves, the Witena-gemot (court) administrator performs the function of explaining the simple principles of natural axioms in equity to arbitrating peers (jurors) and those in dispute, as well as taking oaths, administrating cases and organising the execution of a peers verdict.

50.Upon the plaintiff (the complainer) rests the proving – the burden of proof; proofs ought to be evident, (that is) clear and easily understood.

51.Both Parties affected present an affidavit and can speak and act directly, being solely responsible for responding in the Witena-gemot. No one else can represent you in a Witena-gemot, if you are deemed able to act on your own behalf, as any accused is permitted to face his accuser without fear, and any complainer should be able to face the accused without fear. If a child or timid woman fears, they can have another stand with them and represent them in a fearless and confident way to establish truth and establish relief.

52.No one can sue, meaning make a declaration to have incurred loss as a result of a retorter’s actions, in the name of another unless death or bodily harm allow, and no soul is bound in consequence of his honest advice.


53.Equity always regards the intention, as the basis of the truth of every action.

54. No living soul shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of their reciprocal obligation and responsibility or resources, or extorted or exiled, or deprived of their standing in any other way, nor will any party proceed with force against them, or send others to do so, except by the equitable arbitration of their equals through the implementation of the natural axioms of the land.


55.Each living soul has an unalienable reciprocal obligation and responsibility to liberty, if this is denied a prerogative notification (writ) initiated by any living soul on behalf of someone inequitably restrained, functioning by empowering the Witena-gemot with the full bond of the community,(See: Bonded Militia)  to release to the custody of the Witena-gemot from inequitable imprisonment, through improper executive, judicial, or private restraints of confinements within incarceration facilities labelled, prisons, jails, camps, hospitals, re-education facilities, mental institutions, military institutions, or whatever form it may take, all used to restrain others inequitably. Protection of liberty demanded release through the notification (writ) of ‘Habeas Corpus’ (held body) from the Witena-gemot (court), which is an ancient relief of the land prerogative notification (writ)  - a equitable procedure to which you have an undeniable reciprocal obligation and responsibility. It is an extraordinary relief at equity. Upon proper application, or even on naked knowledge alone, every equitable Witena-gemot (court) is empowered, and is duty bound, to issue the Extraordinary notification (writ) of Habeas Corpus commanding one who is restraining liberty, so holding imprisoned another, to forthwith produce before the Witena-gemot (court) the living soul who is in custody and to show cause why the liberty of that soul is being restrained, and if the Witena-gemot (court) finds no just cause, relief must be established for the victim of that inequitable restraint by every means and every soul. The term imprisonment usually imports a restraint contrary to the wishes of the prisoner; and the notification (writ) of habeas corpus is designed as a relief for them, to be invoked at their insistence, to set them at liberty, not to change their keeper. In the case of an infant or a child of tender years that is detained improperly from the soul protecting them, who is equitably viewed as their custodian and guardian, that being sufficient ground to invoke and maintain the notification (writ) of habeas corpus.

Part Three- Witena-Gemot Administrators of Terrente (the peace of their mind threatened) Relief

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