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Written by Abdun Nur   

Riba (Usury)

Riba is defined simply as ‘usury’ in Lanes lexicon.

To understand usury, you must first understand trade, as usury is ‘not’ trade.

To understand trade you must understand ownership, innately you may only own that which you create yourself.

In trade the only thing you then own are your labours, and it is these labours invested in the exchange that are traded.

For example if I exchange a bag of apples for a bag of potatoes, the apples and the potatoes are free, it is only the labours invested within their cultivation and delivery, that have value in exchange.

Usury is a certain benefit, which is received for the use of the thing lent beyond the return in full of the thing lent, and is not lawful. This is the lawful definition as expressed in Black’s law dictionary; it is not interest alone; that is simply one expression of the concept of usury.

Consider this definition through the perspective of trade.

Usury is unreciprocated labours, which are received for the use of something lent, beyond the return in full of the thing lent. In others words, trade is an exchange of labours, usury is a taking of labours without reciprocation.

Usury under the lawful definition has wide application, it prevents all forms of renting that involves no labour, and the problem is people do not grasp the allodial labour concept. Resources must always remain free, only the added value of your labours can be chargeable.

One of the modern terms used in place of usury is profit, not to be confused with the fruits of your labours, this is not profit. Profit is simply an alternative term for usury; profit is the rent on capital, pecuniary gain resulting from the employment of capital in any transaction, as a term it was dormant until revived in World War I; 1912 as a noun. Profitable is from early 14c., meaning "yielding benefit”.

Allodial labour

For example: If I plant a field of watermelons, the watermelons are the bounty of the Creator, grown from the earth and out of the seed, and from the design of the Creator, but the physical labour you invested in the planting of the seed, the preparing of the land, the harvesting and marketing of the watermelons, is what you have honestly earned and deserve in reward of your labour, so when you sell the watermelon, the watermelon itself is free, as it is the bounty of the Creator, but the labour it took to reach its end user and consumer must be paid by the end user and consumer.

Riba must be understood in conjunction with two other concepts of reciprocation, which is the basis of inherent power (Islam), the first is you cannot hold a monopoly, and second you cannot ‘be’ or ‘use’ a slave.

The definition incorporating these three concepts collectively is ‘the theft of the fruits of another’s labours’.

This can be considered in examples:

If I need a wall building and I find a wall builder and we agree a price of a £1000, it is an agreement to have the work done. Once completed, and I pay the wall builder the agreed price, then the agreement is fulfilled, this is an equitable trade; there is no Riba (Usury).


If my neighbour see my wall and wants the same as me, but I say I can a get the work done on his behalf for £1500, I again form agreement with the wall builder and pay him £1000, and take the profit of £500 for myself, this is Riba (Usury). Effectively I am lending the wall builder to my neighbour and for the loan I demand £500.

In the first agreement the wall builder receives 100% of the fruit of his labours, in the second agreement he receives only 66%, the agreement was fulfilled as agreed, but the value of the agreement had been misrepresented, this does not alter even if all concerned are aware of the situation. The amount paid must always be for the labour invested, if you invest no labour, why are you gaining from the labours of the wall builder. Through two agreements you gained benefit, you grant the use of your builder in the first agreement to your neighbour, all loans must be a return equivalent to its full value, but you increased the value, so gained in Riba. 

You may argue the wall builder has been paid in full, but all the value paid was solely for the labours of building the wall, therefore all the value paid was earned by that action, the wall builder may charge whatever he wishes for his labours, there is no limit placed upon him except what another perceives his labours to be worth in exchange for theirs, the neighbour perceived his labours to be worth £1500, and so that was the full worth of his labours.

Example two:

If I have £100,000 and I lend it to my neighbour gaining 10% interest per year on my investment, this agreement is Riba (Usury), as I am gaining the labours of my neighbour from no labours of my own in exchange for the temporary use of my money. So I am receiving more than the full return on the thing lent.


You may argue I have lost the use of the £100,000 and deserve compensation, this is based upon the idea that capital generates wealth, which is a lie, this lie is imposed pragmatically through scarcity of resources established with monopoly and maintained with violence and intimidation. Usury ownership being the basis of this fraud.

The only thing that generates wealth is physical labour, and Riba is taking the labours of others in exchange for no labour yourself, having the effect of stealing the fruits of their labours.

The reciprocal (Islamic) model uses allodial labour as the medium of exchange, Allodial comes from allōd which means free of any grant, claim, registration; so “unattested”, utilised undivided, completely, unimpaired, free from all shared gains; so utilised in its “entirety”, your labours must always be your own. Slavery is shared gains, if 100% of your labours are owned by another, at what percentage are you no longer a slave, of course only at 0% are you free.

If you require an advance upon your labours a local repository system can be established, that can service this for the entire community at no increase based upon a simple accounting system. This concept is explained here ‘Repository Securities and Advance’

If you consider the Zionist and Vatican banks who charge interest, the Islamic banks charge a 'profit', all are equal at existing through usury in reality, interest (meaning- to be between) is a profit and their profit is interest, with the Zionist bank you pay interest on the loan at a set rate, or variable rate of interest, so if you repay early you save on interest payments.

The Islamic model is even more usurious. The Islamic bank takes the same 'profit', which amounts to the same as the fixed interest Zionist loan, but the Islamic bank adds all the interest at the beginning of the loan, so whether you repay over the agreed period or the day after the loan, all the interest is payable for the full repayment period. Therefore the Islamic bank is much more usurious than the Zionist or Vatican banks, as the Islamic bank take a return in full on every loan, no matter if the loan is paid early, while the Zionists take return in full with a much lower increase if repaid early.

Let us say instead of lending my neighbour the £100,000 I buy a house with it, and then rent that house to my neighbour so gaining 10% a year on my investment, this is a sever usury (riba) agreement, as my neighbour can never rid himself of the burden I have placed upon him, the first agreement of a £100,000 loan allowed him to repay the loan and rid himself of it over time, but the rental drains his resources without end, without the reduction of repayments the first agreement allowed as the debt was repaid, commonly his burden is increased as time passes and the landlords greed increases. If a loan of money had been given then the principle debt slowly grows smaller the burden of interest is reduced, as it is applied to an ever decreasing outstanding principle loan. The landlord causes more difficulty than the loan shark, he inflates the cost of property through hoarding them, he leverages his properties to gain loans, to buy more properties and has the tenants fund the interest bearing loans, he holds the tenant in subjugation to the rules he invents, demanding bonds, even administration fees, imposing restrictions of use, executed through the threat of termination of agreement, making the tenant subservient, and can demand ever higher rental payments, often spending as little as possible forcing the desperate to live in slums.

Example three:

If I buy goods from a farmer and take them to my shop, and then sell them at an increased price from the price I paid, this is not Riba (Usury), as I bought the goods in bulk and so gained a discount, compared with the price of a single product from the farmer, as I took the burden and labours of transporting and selling the produce saving the farmer that task, this means I am selling the produce for a similar or equal price to that of the farmer to the consumer.

If I am the only supplier and that monopoly is unnatural, meaning a maintained monopoly, and through that maintained monopoly I charge far more than I would be able to in a fair and open market, with independent competition, I am adding profit, a form of usury.

Example four:

If I have a shop and need more help, and I employ a man under agreement to work 40 hours a week at a set wage, meaning I gain the benefit of his labours and he gains the hourly rate I offer him; this is Riba (Usury). He is not gaining a return in full, for the loan of his labours. The man working for me (as the shop keeper), is the victim of Riba, I the Shopkeeper am the committer of Riba.

I am taking the fruits of his labours and giving him a part of that as a benefit. Human Slavery- The state of subjugation and control held upon you, of a master owning the fruits of your severe toils, and drudgery in exchange for the ‘benefits’ you receive from your disadvantage.

Slavery is a relation founded in force, not in right, existing, where it does, by force of positive law.

Each one of us has inherent power, and this manifests as a reciprocal obligation and responsibility towards all around you, no tangible man or woman can enter equitably into voluntary slavery (or self-sale) being a condition of slavery freely entered into, such as an employee for an employer, existing as a waged slave; the protection of the axioms of the land reasoned through a duty of care, function on protection, and the prevention of imposition, this means you cannot equitably make an agreement for yourself or any other to be bound into slavery, even within witnessed agreement.

The Qur’anic view is simple, once the concept of allodial labour is understood, you must receive 100% of the fruits of your labours, no man has the right to lay claim upon part of your labours for himself, an example of that would be taxation, a form of theft based upon a section of mankind acting as lice on the body of the people draining their life blood, to exist without their efforts matching their benefits.

Interest comes from the Latin verb "intereo" meaning ‘to be lost’.

The ancient Israelites called usury "a bite". It is like the slow poison of a serpent: "Usury does not all at once destroys a man or nation with, as it were, a bloody gulp. Rather, it slowly, sometimes nearly imperceptibly, subverts the victim's constitution until he cannot prevent the fatal consequences even though he knows what is coming."

The banking system is dominated by three groups, the Vatican, the Monarchies, and the Zionists (Formally Jews). The most active element in this cabal are the Jews who have for millennia existed predominantly upon usury and have worked tirelessly to install usury models wherever they could, this has for the past 2 millennia being in conspiracy with the Vatican and monarchies. The root of all usury models is hierarchy, known from ancient times as the tree of death.

Installing the Tree of Death -Genocide of Allodarii

“On April 8th spring of 1756 Governor Robert Morris of Pennsylvania offered cash bounties for the scalps of Delaware and Shawnee people. In front of a large group of people on the steps of Philadelphia’s courthouse Morris announced huge bounties for any subjects willing to “pursue, take, kill, and destroy the Delaware Indians” in volunteer scalping parties.

He would pay 150 Spanish pieces of eight for men over 12, 130 Spanish pieces of eight for women and children, 130 Spanish pieces of eight for scalps. These scalping parties were "the only way to clear our Frontier of Savages" according to Morris's councilor James Hamilton. As a result, hundreds of innocent Native Americans were killed.

Dozens of Indians scalped and killed in the winter of 1874 all were riddled with bullet holes & every one scalped. Most of them had their shirts & every one had a gash in their side. Bodies were shriveled up and skin was rotten.

No less then 800,000 Indians "disappeared into extinction" since 1900.

40,000 to 100,000 died, 1957-68.

The Indian population of Brazil declined from a half million in 1900 to 80 thousand in 1957 to 50 thousand in 1973. Whether the 450,000 missing Indians were assimilated or exterminated is not certain, but a significant number were probably victims of genocide.

Indian population of Brazil declined from 1.0M to 0.2M between 1900 and 1957, a net loss of 800,000 Porter estimates that 100,000 Brazilian Indians were victims of genocide during the 1960s.

87 Indian tribes in Brazil went extinct between 1900 and 1957 (Out of an original 230) This, by the way, is the authoritative study of Brazilian Indian population, which is why every other author discussing the decline of Indian population uses 1957 as a milestone.”

This pattern of genocide is standard, knowledge makes a soul unfit to be a slave, so those who inner-stand the true anarchic nature of community, which is the tree of life, will never understand or be subject to the hierarchical nature of slavery cult of society, which is the tree of death. The allodarii must be exterminated and repopulated from an already established slave colony.

Working against your own enslavement.

Boycotting all Jewish systems of usury is the real road to freedom, the founding usury model is ownership, this was generally achieved through the genocide of the allodarii and the repopulation with serfs, synonym humans. Ownership is a system of usury because all the land and all resources including the humans are the property of the State Corporation, and they share the gains generated from their resources, which is taxation.

Next the Jewish debt system can be imposed of money, through the constructed legal fictions of the debt courts system, next the land monopolies can be established and the land lords may further extort the humans on their land, through the usury of rental, then the capitalist model can be created, the money is controlled through monopoly scarcity, and the labour’s of the humans is controlled through money monopoly, the usury of profit is installed, profit is the amount added to costs for the use of the capital invested.

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