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Written by Abdun Núr J.   

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A seed seems lifeless, a hard shell without movement, nor generally smell, nor taste unless broken. It outwardly appears as lifeless as a chip of stone.

Plant this seed, hide it in the damp, darkness of the earth and this lifeless stone bursts, expanding and releasing the contents within itself, driving towards the light with purpose and intention. We may wonder how could the seed know, when it is buried, or in which direction to push out to the light, yet it does.

The diversity of the seeds is miraculous, each variety of seed is charged with its own fundamental nature, an oak tree, powerful, majestic and useful. Or fruit trees, from the same earth, produce healthy, tasty, pleasures from soil; basic elements that appear to us to taste disgusting, look, in respect to consumption, repulsive, smell musky and unappealing.

The life begins within the heart of the seed, growing out, splitting through the husk, expanding into the world around it, ultimately generating endless copies of the original seed, spread by their nature, searching for fertile ground to nourish their needs. This is true of all seeds, even metaphoric.

The Qur’an is a seed of infinite diversity.

If opened in un-fertile ground it appears lifeless as if a stone.

If opened on fertile ground the bounty of fruits are endless, the growth of knowledge is astounding.

The roots are fed with concentrated wisdom, expanding the subconscious to ultimate enlightenment. In addition, just as the seed of any plant, the fruits of Islam are scattered wide if the implanted seed is nourished and the growth tended.

In opposition, there are bitter seeds of deception that exist, planted and cultivated by the negative powers.

The seed of fear is endemic within the nations of this tiny world, but most especially the hypocrite Muslims, it paralyzes and enslaves, dividing any unity. The ignorant cultivate this negative against the energy of Allah.

‘Fear Allah’ some exclaim, simply for its own sake.

‘Fear Allah’ some threaten and bully, to fulfil religious observance.

‘Fear Allah’ some say to express their personal will upon the ignorant.

All a misconception, a misunderstanding, a disservice to submission.

 Truly fear nothing, fear no one, live without fear, die without fear, and face eternity without fear. If you do this, you need no fear of Allah, yet any trepidation in the pursuit of fearlessness becomes calmed by the understanding of the ultimate power and therefore dread of opposing Allah.

But to fear everything; to fear the lies, to fear the establishment, to fear the indoctrinations, to fear the events of deception perpetrated by the dajjala (the blanket that covers the disease of the camel, i.e. the usurious banking, political and religious systems are the disease the media, education, and legal systems are the blanket), to fear the future, to fear the past, to fear the present. Even to fear the truth, to fear the righteous act, to fear the speaking out in a dangerous world, to fear the stranger, to fear the neighbour, to fear your brother, and right on the top of a mountain of fear you include the fear of Allah, simply for its own sake. This is the fruit of the seed of fear, and if you have grown that seed, truly you should learn to fear Allah (because in fearing anything other than Allah you cannot fear Allah).

The seed greater than that of fear is that of greed, a seed that quickly develops strong, powerful roots, with an appetite that’s insatiable, the more you feed it, the more it needs. Draining the environment around it dry, ever ravenous for more.

Like a parasite it destroys, or subverts all other values, crushing everything under the perverted lusts the seed cultivates. Greed is the seed of usury, a seed that will conquer fear, abandon morality, remove ethical judgement, focusing the mind upon the desire, the unappeasable covetousness it manifest. This stands in opposition to the capaciousness of Allah’s munificence.

So much so, it is a war; between truth and deception, between honesty and theft, between value and worthlessness, between justice and anarchy, between Muslim and Satanist.

I will make it plain for those who cannot grasp my point. Satanists (people that exist solely upon base desires) conquer fear through greed. Muslims conquer fear through the erudition of Islam (the understanding and implementation of submission to Allah’s guidance). It is easy to be greedy, not so easy to be fearless.

A seed in an un-tempered mind, free from guidance, open to every belief without discernment is implanted easily with many seeds; a few examples:

Many distorted truths are implanted through the media, seeds that exaggerate and sensationalize many things, in the west take the sensationalised incidence of child abduction, this seed transforms the behaviour of the parents, so they are no longer happy to allow their children to walk safely to school, and they feel compelled to drive them, when taken in context this propagated danger has not increased, only the perception of this danger, from the reporting of this without context; they congest the roads and ultimately increase the physical danger of the traffic, which far outweighs the perceived danger of abduction.

The seed of racism, a powerful and insidious cultivation within so many minds, one that must be fuelled or else the fire of irrational hatred dies, this of course is not difficult if this is your intension, you can generate an endless reserve of hatred, simply lie, exaggerate and mislead, an ability that is child’s play if you are an absolute dictator to the systems of control, systems that no one is able to demand that they provide justifications or rationalizations, never mind physical or even circumstantial evidence to these fabrications.

This seed is used to divide the family of Adam, pitting brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour, judging a person from superficial appearance, status, etc. in an attempt to convince each group they are superior or inferior to one another, thus making the world fertile for mass murder, exploitation and systems of powerful restrictions and inflictions upon the peoples.

They implant a seed to create superstitions, the parents, peers, media, so many farmers of seeds upon the fertile mind, for centuries witches and their magical craft was accepted universally as an incontrovertible fact, now for the most part dismissed as amusing ignorance from the past. The modern incarnation of this seed is alien abduction with all its established facets.

The greatest negative seed of superstition for the Muslims was cultivated as a highbred from the Christian dogma of demons, they have grown an entire fantasy of another parallel universe within this universe containing beings made of fire, this is wide spread, and ingrained, so deeply established it is as incontrovertible as the witches of medieval Europe, yet equally baseless and perpetuated through the same process of seeding. (See the essay; ‘Jinn’ )

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