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Version 12 – 22nd October 2015

The Nature of Ownership

What is ownership?

Ownership is the key building block in the establishment and advancement of the modern capitalist socio-economic system, now utilised to enslave mankind, pollute the earth and drain all resources, under the control of a comparatively small number of people, but what is ownership?

Ownership is title, which is separated and held by different parties, which means, when you buy immovable resources it is always under the idea of 'Sharing gains'; gains that are expected to be generated from the owned resource such as land or  the natural resources land holds. The land and permanent structures upon the land are immovable resources, but even other types of resources can be held under similar shared gain ownership (control) systems.

'Ownership' (meaning to have control over) this is the original Norman feudal preference for land utilisation. In the British feudal system the crown is the owner (legal possessor) of all land, and every citizen (slave) who occupies land pays the crown rent directly or indirectly; the Crown imposes ‘benefits’ for the tenant to justify the extortion of taxation, labelled ‘Property tax’, ‘Rates’, ‘Council Tax’, etc., paid to the state. So everything under ownership is held by the (corporate) crown (UK or corporate state in other countries) and they require a share of the gain from that title, which is there (legal) en‘title’ment; additionally as they hold second (after the Church) title they can take possession of the land whenever they require from the tenant who purchased the tenancy on those immovable resources. The Roman Catholic Church holds title to the entire planet under this fraud and all corporate states are ‘chartered’ by the Church.

A Charter - a superior granting an inferior man/woman a right or privilege (privilege - a right to steal)

The manmade concept of ownership was constructed as a legal fiction and applied through imposed trust law (positive law, is positively imposed through the threat of use of force of arms, and is exclusively applicable to slaves), the ‘simple trust’.

Once ownership is constructed as a legal fiction the authors have authority over that construct; from ownership is derived sovereignty and constructed inherent power held in fictions, and from that construct the imposition of legal codes (known as positive law or slave law). Through the creation of a ‘simple trust’ all become the property of the land, and the constructed legal fiction of citizen is imposed upon each owned soul, binding all through force of arms to the author of the citizens authority to constructed legal codes, in which all resources are simply held completely, permanently, and inalienably in the legal ownership of one constructed legal fiction of a person for the controlled ‘use’ of a citizen, and the nature of the trust is constrained by the way the legal codes of commerce are structured upon that owned chattel. Unfortunately for those who suffer this encroachment, the one who controls a thing, makes the laws (dictates of the landlord) that govern it.

The term ‘law’ is a solemn expression of the “legislative power”. It orders and permits and forbids. (Black’s law dictionary page 700)

Law is a term exclusively defined as imposed authority of corporate policy, in direct opposition to inherent power, which function upon protective axioms free of orders, permits and prohibitions. The landlords ‘word’ was law, a superior over an inferior man; the true term, that law is used in place of, is ‘Axiom’, meaning a self-evident truth that requires no proof, a universally accepted principle or rule. The axioms of the land, the natural axioms, that all of mankind are bound by, are unalienable and immutable across the entire earth.

The corporations of (E)State claim ‘Jurisdiction’ as the power and authority (labelled ‘constitutionally’ established) with respect to the "act of settling, settled condition, anything arranged or settled upon, regulated, ordered, or in ordinance," being the imposed policy of the corporate State or feudal lord in control of the land, that conferred authority upon a court or judge to pronounce the sentence of their Lord (feudal superior).

This is why if you leave the area held by a landlord, you are outside of their jurisdiction, as they impose through their control of the land, upon all slaves within or upon it.

Why are the axioms of the land unalienable and immutable?

The courts function as mediums of arbitration between a complainer (plaintiff) and a defendant, the complainer must ‘prove’ their claim. The fictions of ownership, legislation, statutes, charters, acts, constitutions, corporation and contract must be ‘proven’ to stand as fact in the court. The court will ‘presume’ that all un-rebutted claims are accepted as fact by the defendant.

A ‘defendant’ means - ‘against whom a claim or charge is brought in a court’ and is a term based in granted rights. This term is further exposed with the term ‘defender’ meaning ‘to serve as attorney for (a defendant)’.

As a living soul you are ineligible to use any legal court for arbitration, as all legal courts are based in constructed fictions, such as corporation, and a living soul is substantive, the court must get you to consent to be re-presented as a constructed legal fiction before any arbitration can commence. This is achieved through the living soul accepting any one of the following, to be represented either by a lawyer or other fraudster, or by accepting to represent themselves, accepting a legal name, accepting a fiction placed before their name if not legal, such as Mr, Doctor, Mrs etc., or accepting the authority of the court in action or word.

By if you are fool hardy enough to consent to be the representative of a constructed legal fiction on the sea of commerce, then you would best rebutting all claims founded on the fiction of ownership, by doing so you strip away the presumed authority of the fictions built upon it. When challenged the complainer must prove the fiction their claim is based upon, it is impossible to ‘prove a legal fiction as fact through evidence’ as all fictions by definition are lies; therefore if the ‘legal fiction' of State, corporation, church, legislation, etc., cannot prove their claim of authority it cannot stand.

The constructed fiction of the citizen that is adrift on the sea of commerce, when consented to by a living soul to re-present them, is based upon granted rights from a superior (owner – only title can own), to an inferior (slave), rights are exclusively for slaves. This model is feudal going back to fealty, meaning fidelity, sworn to the feudal liege lord who was then ‘entitled’ to allegiance and service from his vassal.

In contrast the axioms of the land are the natural innate reality of all living souls; they can be proven and so stand as unalienable, immutable and indefeasible truths of the equitable reciprocal obligation and responsibility through the inherent power each soul possess.

Due to modern courts functioning as commercial trusts for profit, they are no longer limited to arbitration, but actively impose fictions through un-rebutted presumption of law (legal codes) and un-rebutted fact, removing the burden of proof from the complainer (plaintiff); therefore the defendant must counterclaim to activate the eye of equity upon the plaintiff and require proof of all claims, assertions or declarations.

Counterclaim is a direct claim from the defending party against the party who initiated the lawsuit for concurrent claims, including being wrongfully sued.

The answer to this is through establishing arbitration without using the corrupt court system, but through the independent creation of witena-gemot’s to arbitrate terrente (meaning - the peace of the mind threatened) relief which you can read here:

Part One - The Writ

Part Two - How a Substantive Gemot of Axiological Inherent Power Functions through Axioms of the Land

Part Three - Gemot Administrators of Terrente Relief

Part Four - Wite and Binding Surety

Part Five – Tort - Duty of Care – Outcast

Part Six - Relief, Recourse and the Jury

Part Seven - Constructive versus Substantive

‘Legal’ Representation Exclusively for those Not Mentally Competent

Those acting as merchants for the landlord are known as:

Attorney - ‘attorn’ the land to their Lords. The word attorn means to acknowledge the relation of a tenant to a new landlord.

·      Solicitor – who ‘solicit’, they entreat or petition or beg the landlord for those who are not mentally competent.

·      Lawyer means law trader, the ‘landlords’ trader.

These parasites act for constructed fictions of status, for example a ‘Human Being’, also known as “Human”, is a term deliberately created in the 16th Century to update the naming of perpetual slaves to the Lords of the Land from the 13th Century term “Serf”. Human is derived from two Latin words humi meaning “land, soil, country, on the ground” and anus meaning “rectum, (marriage/pledge) ring, old”. Hence the word Human literally means “married/bound to the land/earth” and Human Being legally means “land creature” also known as chattel – the idea mankind are cattle upon the “land” of the ‘owner’.


Once a criminal holds the land by force of arms those upon the land are slaves, and so the owner (controller) of the land imposes legal codes founded on five impositions. All resources would be:


1. Subject to the right of the imposition of servitude from those on the land in shared gains (taxation)


2) Subject to the right of the imposition to repossess the land and resources from tenants (expropriation)


3) Subject to the right of the imposition to inherit the land, resources and tenancy of those without heirs (escheat)


4) Subject to the right of the imposition of regulation of all upon the owned property. (Positive laws known as Legislation are contrived legal codes placed upon the immutable axioms of the land to prevent equitable protection for the individual)


5) Subject to the right of the imposition of termination of tenancy without recourse. (Eminent domain)


The modern ‘Trusts’ are based on the Roman Catholic Templars model, were the “Father” is the grantor of the trust, he invests the substance, being the real physical value, so he is the executor, the “Son” is the administrator of the trust he is the trustee, who can gain no benefit himself, the “Holy Ghost” is the incorporeal entity that holds the substance in a legal instrument.

The Church makes the first claim from which all subsequent claims flow, as within the axioms of the land we can only own what we ourselves create, this means the creator of the Earth and the resources of the Earth belong in their entirety to the Creator. The religious parasites realised that if you could make the Creator a man, from that fraud you could claim ownership of the entire Earth and her resources, the Pope is the substitute for Christ (God) on Earth, and the spiritual adviser to Christ (God) within their fraud.

One’s Own

Based on the natural inherent power concept of ‘you can only own what you yourself create’; you ‘own’ only your labours, you cannot ‘own’ the substance itself, only the labours invested within it.

It's a different frame of mind, once you grasp that idea you will be able to see the foundations of control of your 'own' labours.

The word ‘own’ has two opposite meanings one is internal one is external.

The internal ‘own’ is real, the external 'own' is a constructed fiction.

“I 'own' this land.” This is the external idea of ownership; in whom is vested (clothed in the robes of) ‘ownership’, title of property, a title granted externally by a superior, a grant claimed, registered, taxed, and regulated; A ship of commerce; ‘ownership’.

“This is my 'own' land.” This is the internal idea of allodial utilisation; to acknowledge as one's own, recognize within your-self, as having full inherent power, through custodial dominion.

What you truly 'own' is all you have earned, the skills of the mind and hand, the memories of experience and study, the words you speak and the thoughts you harbour; you ‘own’ the efforts you have invested and the fruits of those efforts, beyond that you can only justify equitable utilisation.

The true utilisation of land you hold, binds you to full accountability, making you fully liable, as no other can own the land you utilise, that is fraud or slavery.

What is Real Estate?

Real (the word 'real' relates to a thing (Latin. res, "matter, thing")) - Estate is all interests in land held by a deceased person at death, or a body of men/women united or combined into one body, to make a legal corps (dead body), known as corporation whose holdings are known as mortmain, 'the dead mans hand'. The corporate state owns all property 'legally' as inalienable, but that is directly against the axioms of the land.

All estate is ownership (control) of resources by a corps (dead body).

Estate from Old French ‘estat’, from Latin meaning status - condition – state. So the state, condition, status of ‘death’.

Many corporations exist from church, state, police, banks to colleges, universities and schools, etc. all function as a legal corps (dead body).

So to own immovable resources through estate as tenant you have to represent your own corporation, or corps, this requires a straw man, and so the certificate of natural birth becomes the owner, and you represent the fiction becoming the head of the corporation titled 'Mr' (if your a man).

From this fiction, new legal frauds can be imposed - Tenement (holding as a possession) – immovable resources, such as land, rents, or franchises, held by one person leasing it from/to another.

Under the axioms of the land a dead man or woman cannot possess immovable resources, in truth they can possess nothing, their dead, and it immediately falls to their inheritor/s.

Ignorance of the axioms of the land allows the fiction of title of estate; it's a document that lays claim over the land in colour of law, a title is a grant from a superior to an inferior man or woman. It is proper, only when no equitable possession and utilisation of a living man or woman to the land exists. Banks and corporations like Real Estate because they can own it when under the axioms of the land they cannot. They and others can use the fiction of title to seize land under the colour of law.

The colour of law denotes the "mere semblance of legal right", the "pretence or appearance of" right; hence, an action done under colour of law colours (adjusts) the law to the circumstance, yet said legal action repudiate the axioms of the land.

What is a Land Patent?

A land patent is the legal codes rights to a tract of land, which was acquired by treaty (a legal contract (fictional) between two legal fictions of corporate states to manage immovable resources) held by the corporate state, through which the government grants an individual or corporation entitlement of control.

A land patent serves as a legal (not equitable) proof of land ownership (control). Land patents have more power than any other 'legal' (not equitable) document in establishing proof of land ownership (control).

A land patent is perceived to be a 'legally' indisputable document. Additionally, legislation mandates that land gained through a land patent is not liable for taxation, so corporation like the Roman Catholic Church Corporation, or the Banking Corporations, holding land patent pay no rent upon it to the state. The land stays in their ownership forever. If a legal straw man (individual) acquires a land patent, their legal heirs are granted ownership of the land after their death.

Corporate State government, local courts and the Supreme (High) Court have no 'legal' power to remove land from a person's ownership (control), and the land patent trumps all other 'legal' documents. Nobody can 'legally' dispute ownership (control).

Which has benefit, Control or Utilisation?

Ownership is not equitable just as control of a thing is not equitable, slavery is control (ownership) over the actions of a man or woman, ownership is control over the land, no one has a “right” to “control” land, so hoarding it to deprive those who labour upon it from receiving the fruits of their labours; ownership is control over resources, no one has the right to hoard the resources of the earth, to monopolise, exploit and restrict.

We each of us can only justify equitable utilisation, we came into the world with nothing and we leave with nothing, the labours of our lives we leave behind for the future, the inheritance of our birth to utilise the land and her resources is unalienable, that is "The Innate Natural Unalienable Equity of Every Living Soul."

Natural Equitable Allodial Possession and Utilisation

To declare your utilisation of the land cannot be supported within control (ownership) as shared gains of the fruits of those who labour upon the land, but only within the equitable inherent power of consent and utilisation; each person who wishes to utilise land must make an Allodial declaration witnessed and agreed upon by those surrounding the declared area of utilisation in an equitable written, witnessed unilateral agreement of behaviour upon the land to prevent dispute, verified by the living souls who live within the local community around the physical location of the land, and resources declared and witnessed (as these living souls are the only equitable parties involved), this is the only equitable method, whether in evolving an existing possession dominated by the fiction of registration into an equitable allodial utilisation through inherent power, or making any allodial declaration without regard for the frauds of estate, ownership or tenancy.

Likewise any alteration, improvements, or structures upon the land that encroach upon those around the declared inherent power of possession and utilisation, such as structures that dominate the views of neighbours, or activities that cause strong foul odours, like pig farming, or excessive noises, beyond what is reasonable, would require the agreement of those directly around them (without prior agreement this would represent an encroachment upon another). Of course to damage surrounding land or resources utilised by another with environmental poisons of groundwater or air, or any other form of encroachment from utilisation that are not speedily rectified, could forfeit all utilisation of that land as consent of their neighbours of utilisation would be lost, this would have to be established through arbitration of a Witena-Gemot, Moot or Substantive Court of committee plea of twenty four peers to establish terrente (the peace of the mind threatened) relief through the axioms of the land.

To build structures upon a declared possession and utilisation of land that represents a saleable value of your labour, at the point of sale must comply to the minimum safety standards of the local community, as to build an unsafe structure endangers the lives of others, and through that logic would be an encroachment upon them (breaking the natural inherent power of a reciprocal obligation and responsibility each possess for their neighbour expressed through the axioms of the land) this duty of safety is not lost, it has no limitation, if your labours are a danger to others then accountability is always with you.

Under Roman law based upon control (ownership) of land and resources, you had equitable utilisation to control the land to the centre of the earth and the limits of the sky, so that would demand you grant agreement for others to utilisation the sky above your land, and prevents others from mining beneath your land without written, witnessed agreement, as is done by the state today who subvert these Roman legal aspects of the land for their own advantages. This is not in line with natural axioms based upon our inherent power.

Under the logic of natural inherent power each living soul has a reciprocal obligation and responsibility of free passage over any allodial utilisation, both utilised by individuals and communally, as long as they caused no malicious damage or encroachment upon any other while doing so, a holder of allodial utilisation can establish set path of access for free passage around crops or to allow privacy upon their land, which obliges others to remain upon the set paths created.

In the sky above any declared possession all would have a reciprocal obligation and responsibility to allow free passage as long as they did not encroach upon those individuals and communities they passed over, through noise pollution, air pollution, falling objects or chemicals, etc., all these would represent encroachments. Noise for example would be reasonable acceptable levels; otherwise the noise of birds would prevent their free access, which would be unreasonable.

Within the axioms of the land only written, witnessed agreements verified between men or women are equitable, you cannot be a party to any fictional contract with a legal fiction, and you cannot have a contract or agreement imposed upon you without your consent and verification.

“We abuse the land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to utilise it with love and respect.” Aldo Leopold

The further understand the reciprocal obligations and responsibilities of possession and use concepts please read: Allodial declaration of use

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