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Written by Abun Nur   

The term ‘Law’ originates through the fiction of ownership, its original meaning was ‘Lord’; the landlords ‘word’ was law; the true term, that law is used in place of, is ‘Axiom’, meaning a self-evident truth that requires no proof, a universally accepted principle or rule. The axioms of the land, the natural axioms, that all of mankind are bound by, are inalienable and immutable across the entire earth.

A Court or a Moot?

Why would you care?

Because we must comprehend the clear understanding of the nature and purpose of the courts we now suffer, and the alternative understandings of the inalienable underlying model we must demand.

What is a court?

Court - A term through legislation used to describe the judge himself or herself, from Curia (the court of), court itself is from cohors ( a group or company of). So a court is: the group or company of the man/woman acting as judge.


Judge – from Judicem (to Judge the) judge from ancient Hebrew 'to Govern' (to rule by right of authority)

So Court – the group or company of (man/woman acting as judge) to rule by right of authority.

The Judge or collection of judges sit on the Bench.


The bench – old English 'Benc' – old Frisian 'Benk' – old high German 'Bank' – Germanic 'Bank-i', the Bench was the term for the Bank, as originally the money lender used benches to contract loans, so you go to the bench, or bank to become indebted, in modern usage a bank is a mass, a large amount, a heap.

So a Judge sits for the Bank, being the accumulated wealth, so the Judge sits on behalf of those with accumulated wealth.

So Court – the group or company of (man/woman acting as judge) to rule by right of authority on behalf of those with accumulated wealth.

Those who ‘act’ to give ‘legal’ advice:

Attorneys - who ‘attorn’ the land to their Lords. The word attorn means to acknowledge the relation of a tenant to a new landlord.

Solicitors – who ‘solicit’, they entreat or petition or beg the landlord for those who are not mentally competent.

Lawyers means ‘law’ trader, the ‘landlords’ trader.

The attorneys and barristers are collectively known as the Bar, from the passing of the Bar examination to act as a barrister. Bar - British Accreditation of Regency: This means, to officially recognize a person or organization as having met a standard or criterion as a person or group of people ruling on behalf of a monarch (representative of the Pope) who is unable to rule because of youth, illness, or absence, in person.


Bailiff – an overseer of a landed estate or farm.

Latin Baillier (Bailiff) – to hand over.

Bail – the resources of a person accused, or another person taking the responsibility for the accused, standing as surety to appear at an appointed time.

Jurisdiction (of equity an exclusive expression) - the committee plea jury dictates of twenty three peers in a true community or in the Jewish tradition twelve peers.

Alternative model: Moot


Moot - an assembly of people to exercise natural equity through political, administrative, and judicial powers. (In modern usage it has been corrupted to mean obsolete)

 - We now suffer a culture of entitlement based upon ;  are an extension of a grant (unattested), a grant is to believe without witness a superior will give a benefit or privilege, as benefits under a government (government means-mind control; an extension of the idea of ‘in capita’); to give (a person or thing) a title, right, or claim to something; furnish a person or thing with grounds for laying claim. A ‘Right’ means a just claim (superiors grant), ‘to cry out justly’ to an authority if that granted right is denied or infringed; but only slaves have masters and can be granted privilege known as .

We must move away from ideas of entitlements such as  and claims based in external authority, to ideas of equity, and witnessed use, self-declared and local community based.

Natural equity:

Do not encroach upon another man/woman or their resources.

Do all you have agreed to do.


Critical discourse based on:

Mental State - (Mens Rea) being guilty of the mind
Physical Action - (Actus reus) guilty of an act of

Jury committee conclusion and remedy through examples of previous torts (wrongful acts) remedy examples.


Accurate Sealed written record of all proceedings.

Allodial Use or Ownership?

Ownership can only be established through the inalienable right to - only own what you yourself create.

This is a problem if you wish to buy and sell what you yourself did not create, such as the earth itself and the resources of the earth.


Religion is the method used to bring the creator of the earth and its resources into the world, once you have established a man as a God, he is the owner, and if people consent to it, you can stand as a substitute for that God man, from that authority you can indeed buy and sell the earth, and it resources.

Upon this usury concept you may encroach further upon natural equity by selling leasehold upon your owned holdings, though tenure under a lease, as all ‘property’ (all property is a legal fiction) for example in the Commonwealth realms, is held by the Crown corporation; what people think is ownership is actually leasehold of Crown land. The ‘SEE’ of commerce is sailed upon by ships, the first ship is ‘ownership’, and all other vessels are under the authority of its master, the landlord is master and invents policy known as the word of the ‘lord’, meaning the word of the law.


Tenure – the holding of a tenement (any abode or habitation)

Latin: 'tene mentum' (meaning - 'keep thy mind'). From a practical perspective ownership is a trick of the mind, as long as people are convinced the earth and its resources can be owned, wealth and dominance will accumulate to an elite of landed lords.


From tenure you can further encroach upon natural equity through rental.


Rental – tenancy at will, this is a sublease which is held on short term contract, upon another who has purchased leasehold of crown land, the renter is required to pay both the leaseholder and the crown to hold the property.


Usufruct – Latin: usus et fructus (and the fruit of the use of), the right granted by the 'legal' owner of a property to derive profit, or benefit from that property. This is a type of servitude 'ius in re aliena' (another man 's right in the thing), the usufructuary never has possession of the property.


This concept can be taken further as the usufructuary can rent the property, or resources they have taken, encroaching natural equity, and derive rental payments through that fraud.


For Jefferson, "eating up the usufruct" means extinguishing the next generation's ability to share equitably in the benefits of a natural resource. No individual or society has authority to cause such extinction, whatever personal or collective  they may allege ..."


Allodial Use


Allodial - free from the tenurial of a feudal overlord: See Allodial  of use.


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