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Anarchy” is the remembered cry from the dajaal (the blanket that covers the disease of the world), if any dare suggest sovereigns must be removed, implanted fear of the unknown convinces the sheeple anarchy equals chaos. The people of the modern world would not be under any threat as ancient history attests from the application of a sovereign free model; but the media and education establishment indoctrinate the minds of the masses to instant reject the idea of their removal.

To highlight how easily modern business models can be restructured to conform to an Islamic system, I will explain another aspect of society.

The corporate supermarket

In its present form is an exploitative and greedy establishment. This was clearly demonstrated in 2010, as Tesco in the UK posted profits that added up to £6000 per minute, this level of theft is unsustainable and forces the population to work harder, due to the facts, beyond the obvious, that they drain the local economy and concentrate the wealth in the hands of a few people, and as they source there merchandise from remote locations reduce local production. To compound this disservice they sell foods laced with toxins like artificial sweeteners, mono-sodium glutamate, pesticides and herbicides, fluoride and other contaminants, additionally due to the enormous distances the food is transported a need to extending shelf life is necessary with preservatives, like salt, sugar, irradiation and chemical additives.

The supermarket is no small proportion of any industrialized nations local economy, in America the corporation of Wal-mart alone accounts for 10% of the entire national economy, thats a huge amount of power and wealth concentrated into the pockets of a few individuals.

The slave - master structure and the concentrated monopoly of supply to the end users, established by the supermarket, leads to the exploitation of the suppliers, forcing them to supply at unreasonably low prices, which in turn adds pressure to suppliers to reduce quality of goods and production methods, to meet the demands of the corporate supermarkets.

If the relationship between health and corporate supermarkets is investigated, as can be easily done from Poland before joining the E.U and after joining, and the invasion of the supermarkets, through the prevalence of disease within the population, before they joined and now, which is directly attributable to the practices of these institutions, the incredible decline in population health is startling.

The Islamic supermarket structure

A supermarket as a combined undertaking; the local suppliers of the goods, supply the goods; those who provide the transportation of goods, transport the goods; and supermarket workers sell the goods.

Each person involved supplies their labour as part of a collective effort, and this is reflected within the price of the goods.

So if a food producer supplies 200 watermelons, and the customer pays a 10th of an ounce of silver for one watermelon, when all the watermelons have been sold they would have collected 20 ounces of silver.

The food producer has provided the largest contribution, and may have invested 3 ounces of silver in materials and equipment, and 9 ounces of silver in labour, so would receive 12 ounces of silver as their share.

The transporter of the goods, may have spent 2 ounce of silver in fuel and equipment costs, and 1 ounce in labour, so would receive 3 ounces of silver as their share.

The supermarket workers, may have spent 2 ounces of silver in material and equipment costs, and 2 ounces in labour, so would receive 4 ounces of silver.

The cost of the supermarket construction and maintenance would be a shared investment, all parties would have joined together at the outset and funded the cost through the repository model; described in the essay 'Human Energy Economic Model '. The remaining silver in this example of 1 ounce of silver would be repaid to the repository in settlement of the loan.

Once the loan was repaid in full by the community through the slight increase in cost of goods, the supermarket would be owned by the community as they would have paid for it, the remaining 1 ounce of silver, with the cost of maintenance taken, the remainder could be given to the community to fund improvements and developments. Or if this was not supported would result in a reduction of the cost of the goods sold, or the group could invest the remaining part of the 1 ounce of profit in new infrastructure or research and development of new products or services. If those involved in the service of the supermarket wished to own it they would have to share the burden of repayment of the loan through their earning.

Within the main groups are structured shares, as described in the essay 'Human Energy economic model ', so each person holds shares, dependent upon the level of competency, responsibility and knowledge within the group, and a person leaving the group holds a share of the invested infrastructure, as they contributed to its establishment and maintenance, so the individual wishing to join the group, to replace them would have to reimburse their investment.


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