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Written by Abdun Nur   
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In the modern world education has fallen more and more into the manipulations and confusions of the elite sovereigns who dictate upon the people, this has inevitably led to a situation were, what is taught is not what is useful, true or evolving.

The Muslims of the world stand ignorant and are ridiculed and mocked for the wide spread ignorance they demonstrate to the other peoples of the Earth. Education was a fundamental of Islam at the instigation of its practice around 650 A.D, but is now largely disregarded, and religion has taken its place.

The problem in starting an anarchic community should be approached from a perspective of weakness and strength, the education system of the sovereign system is of very poor quality, filled with disinformation and confusion, this is its weakness.

For an example if we look at physics, they teach almost complete rubbish, that cannot stand up to any scrutiny, and discredit, marginalize, ignore or ridicule the ideas that are supported by the provable evidence, they apply abstract (theoretical; not applied or practical) mathematics, when this has little value in the explanation of a physical reality, this replaced quaternion mathematics (a quantity expressed as the sum of a real number and three complex numbers, equivalent to the quotient of two vectors. Accounting for reality). The reasons for this can be traced back to the modern banking system, which required the charging of energy to maintain its control of the world, this is the reason we are still using combustion engines, a technology that has not fundamentally changed very much since its first development a 150 years ago.

The profound connection between the charging for expensive and wasteful energy systems and applications, and the modern usury banking system is not widely understood, but can easily be investigated and establish. The soulless elite must dominate all fundamentals of life to maintain the economic slavery upon the masses, they monopolies through cenralied hierarchies, energy, medical, financial, nutritional, educational and land use.

Almost every field of knowledge has been contaminated by these financial forces, take geology, they teach the earths crust is floating on a sea of magma, and the land pushes out of this magma and is sub-ducted back below the surface of the land back into the magma, as an explanation of volcanoes, and great rifts on the earth surface. This does not at all stand up to even rudimentary investigation, to believe such non-sense takes a complete fool, yet the conventional universities achieve just that, an ocean of students who are trained not to observe the obvious, or contradict the conventional "authoritative" view.

The true physics of our reality can be taught in an pragmatic University established as a foundation of an anarchic community, this you may say would have qualifications that are not recognized by the sovereign systems. This is the strength, qualification are a document that signifies you have attained a level of knowledge of a subject, but the university certificated that they now issue are almost worthless in true value. A document signifying an understanding of the highest level of a subject would stand on its own merits, in physics you may not get the grants of the sovereign state but you will most certainly be sort out by any one who wished to truly develop technologies, utilising knowledge the conventional universities refuse to have known, or businesses that want truely able members.

In this endeavor you would allow the development of a community, in servicing the endless influx of students, in accommodation, shops and restaurants, the cost of attending a pragmatic university would be a fraction of the cost of attending a conventional one, as would the cost of accommodation and services. This would also increase the appeal and open up greater opportunities for the less affluent.

The opportunities of business this would open up would make investing in this idea appealing to the more affluent, in addition it would be easy to sell the idea of education to businesses that want graduates who actually know the subject they employed them to do, which with the conventional system is not the case. But the true objective would be to teach souls how to achieve the skills that would fulfil their dreams, and encourage them to establish substantive bonded cooperatives rather than to be absorbed into the corporate cancer.

The experts in the fields of study that do not accept the conventional views, these conventional views standing against the physical evidence, are marginalized, often refused grants, job opportunities etc., within State or lesser corporations, due directly to the control of the banking elite, wishing to make the truth an expensive career move.

This is again to the advantage of the pragmatic university concept, as the true cream of all the intellectual minds, are the ones pushed out of the hierarchical system. Just like Nikola Tesla, they are also the altruistic, the seekers of truth, the brave and the honest, as all these attributes are needed to stand up for the truth.

The advantages of creating a university founded on practical values and dedicated to the truth of all things, with the concept of the 'extirpation of sophistry', would be multi-faceted and a well-spring of invention and discovery.

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