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Written by Abdun Nur   

Version 3 – 8th August 2013

Establishing Freedom of Evil at all Times within Bonded Community

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The main problem is comprehension or knowledge of alternative models, this means souls have to want to learn them, and that takes effort, after which the problem is the establishing of confidence in these alternatives through example, and that takes pioneers; these are the two obstacles souls face initially in removing themselves from slavery; slavery they often cannot perceive, by using the innovative models presented within the community section of the website they would establish a free environment. But having never witnessed or experienced any community founded on truth, equity and inherent power, the mental dissonance generated within the mind can be profound, most minds having only suckled on the media whore, swallowing its rancid milk; and upon the institutionalised school indoctrination of authoritative reality devoid of truth, as truth is treason in the worlds of lies created by the psychopaths, with their whores working hard, expressing logical fallacies, sophist thinking, pseudoscientific expert opinions holding no true merit, and all decorated with a subjugating farce of bread and circus played out endlessly for mass consumption.

A common adage is ‘state your terms’, yet we do not, and so through silent consent accept the terms of the State. The States system of control uses language to occult terms, we read the linguistic term while in dispute they apply the legalese term, we hear one thing and cannot understand why the opposite is imposed,  this is the casting of spells, expose the spell remove the mystery. For example the term secular means the opposite of sacred. Secularism, which literally means materialist, non-religious, Hellenistic, etc., and pragmatically means expelling all ethical idealists and their traces out of State institutions in three areas- politics, judiciary and education; while the perception is created that secular means a neutral platform in which all kinds of people could have a say; this evidently is not the case. It is, in fact, a deceptive term used as an instrument of opinion control.



There is a concept known as Dajjal (meaning - the blanket that is covering or hiding the disease). The blanket is a metaphor, in modern times this metaphor can be applied to present a vivid comparison to the blanket of constructed legal fictions that is used to create the three worlds, and hide the true substantive and equitable model free of all legal constructs; in fact almost everything legal is constructed as a fictional construct. To understand the three worlds see ‘Predator and Prey’.
The idea of a legal fiction is simple, if a fictional entity is authored, then a soul who believes in that fiction is bound by the authority of the author. For example, citizenship is a legal fiction applied to a living soul, if the soul does not rebut the fiction, meaning remove it, then it is implied and inferred they accept that fiction, so are therefore under the authority of the author of that ship of commerce; or take the fiction of ownership, if living souls accept that fictional ship, then the author has authority over the land and its resources.


As a perspective souls view things from a selfish personal advantage; they rightly consider without the system we suffer, how they and others who depend upon them can be supported, such as their family, as they cannot envision any alternative to State and capitalism, and further have the belief instilled within them from the institutions of State that the feudal capitalist hierarchical model is the best system possible. What alternative models are understood are variations of hierarchical structures such as socialism, communism, monarchism, feudalism, totalitarianism, fascism etc., all equally worthless, and the institutions expose the miseries these alternative hierarchical models have enacted when applied historically. This deters investigation into true alternative models free of hierarchy, ownership, usury, and slavery; fear and violence is the foundation of all hierarchical systems, to establish an alternative one must overcome fear; mental fears manifests as excuses to justify inaction, logical fallacies to dismiss self-evident truths, and groundless rationalisations to ease the mental dissonance wilful ignorance generates.

They cannot even comprehend a sovereign free system, finding it so alien to the mind it is rejected. They feel they must have hierarchy otherwise they would have anarchy! The reality is anarchy is exactly what they need; anarchy is the absence of any formal system of government in a community. The psychopaths in control of hierarchy teach the masses to fear anarchy, just as they teach them to fear apocalypse which means a revelation of understanding, to uncover, reveal knowledge, to a psychopath the greatest fear is exposure to truth.

Sovereign based thinking

Religions, States and corporations, are the result of a psychopathic way of thinking, based on a simple model, 'sovereignty', a pyramid structure of hierarchy, a sovereign at the top, below sub-sovereigns, below them lesser sub-sovereigns and so on, until you reach the bottom of the pyramid where the vast majority suffers under the dictates of the many imposed sovereigns, they are educated, indoctrinated and subjugated to worship, fear, and to feel powerless against these impositions.
Religions are manufactured, and a God created who commands through the priesthoods, who instil fear of death, damnation and purgatory, preying upon the ignorant; the overworld of Kings, Popes, Presidents and Emperors manufacture feudalism and command through fictional legal constructs, administered with officers through violence, or the threat of violence, instilling fear upon the ignorant; the underworld manufacture mafia’s, which by never being held to account, command fear within the minds of the ignorant, who are convinced they are denied relief from violence, theft or exploitation. The commercial world deceives, subjugates, manipulates and litigates, through the application of the imposed fictional legal constructs created by the overworld.

Modern Corporate sovereign/hierarchical structured trade

The commodities business model of the commercial world is based on monopoly enforced through fiction legal constructs, regulated through self-regarding corporate policy and chartered privilege, with discriminatory taxation and usury protection, the overworld monopolises capital, resources and land, through fictional legal constructs of money, ownership, trusts and corporation used to hold those monopolies in perpetuity; products are bought or manufactured as cheaply as conceivable, and sold on, adding as high a profit upon the capital invested as possible, with little regard for pollution, the environment, exploitation, or the suffering of living souls. The business model of boss and worker, better described as master, and economic slave drains the labours of the worker to the master, the overworld drains the funds of the economic slave further through taxation at every opportunity, taking 76% in direct and indirect taxation from the average economic slave in the UK; this model generates many problem, it is the evolution of a psychopathic perspective.
1. It reduces diversity of supply, resulting in every store supplying the same products; this we find in the modern world, every clothes shop stocks the same basic products, from Canada to Australia, Europe to the Middle East.
2. It forms slave master relationships in a pyramid hierarchy, so creates the exploited and the parasite.
3. It forces the physical producers to work for a minimal expenditure, taken globally that results in the economic slave workers at the bottom of the pyramid receiving next to nothing from the production of the wealth.
4. It removes local production, and ultimately results in products having a greater value than living souls, their welfare or environment, and so is an exploitative and communally destructive model the psychopaths in control poison the communities they dominate, turning rivers into drains, forest in grass lands, communities into slums.
5. It generates a community where the individual is specialised to the point of making each individual utterly reliant upon others, so at the mercy of a system of specialisations, removing the ability to easily acquire the skills and knowledge to sustain themselves independently if the need arose. As little as a hundred years ago self-reliance through basic skills involved in all aspects of living was the norm, today most could not survive independently for long, lacking not only basic skills and knowledge but common sense.
In contrast the bonded community model removes each, an every one, of the above problems, and its organisational elements are integral to the formation of a bonded community.
The economic slave, master, or employer, employee relationship, stands against equitable expressions of representatively apportioned earnings; we must work in unity not in conflict, in cooperation not in competition, in unrestricted exchange not monopoly, in full accountability not fictional legal instruments created to escape accountability, in true mediums of exchange free of usury, subjective increase or devaluation, as a stable medium of exchange applied, that continuously holds the original value until an exchange in the future.
A business without employees is nothing new, but is so alien to the experience we all share today; to a mind conditioned in hierarchy it may well seem ridiculous to suggest ownership, usury, fictional legal constructs, and the word of commerce are all contrived and worthless, but the truth has never been for mass consumption, the overworld and the underworld maintain the commercial world for their advantage, time for a reality check.
A livelihood should be a pleasure not a burden, we are not created to suffer, that is imposed upon us, when a group of souls join together to earn a livelihood it is a community within itself, ideally each soul working towards the same goals, and each soul sharing the labour, investment and rewards, this can be made equitable through a bond, a written witnessed agreement that holds each soul reciprocally bound in behaviour, relief and advantage, this forms a bonded cooperative. (See ‘Bonded Cooperative Livelihood System)

Establishing a Light - through Example

This is the million dollar question as they say, and the answer is simple, it must be presented as a way to sustain a livelihood and afford better opportunity.
The real hurdle most people have to overcome consciously, is to stop conferring authority and their individual responsibilities to the state, sovereigns or corporations; to take what is yours is a difficult thing, to believe someone else has ownership of your labour, or the natural resources of the Earth, is the result of a lifetime of propaganda, group conditioning and never being exposed to the alternative true natural communal order, never having considered the innate allodium upon the land, or the unalienable and immutable inherent power of your creation, or the responsibility that is integral to freedom that is so eagerly given in fealty.
So if the idea of just taking the land, under the natural allodial order of the earth, is suggested, without registering it to the corporate state; as when you register it, you imply ownership and give the allodium up, handing it over to the corporation you register it to. Yet for most souls the subjugation is so deeply ingrained they cannot even consider, not paying for the land, and would never refuse to register it, and so create ownership as a feudal vessel. (See ‘The Fraud of Ownership’)

Consider who was given ownership of the land in the first instance to confer the right to buy and sell it?

Feeding the Three Worlds

Tired of begging the masters not to steal from you with endless taxations; not to grant the rape of the natural environment to fictional legal constructs used to hide the culpable from accountability; not to restrict your movements upon the Earth with the encroachments of passports, duties, customs, and taxation; not to control, regulate, licence, certify, codify, permit or tax your actions in free exchange; not to subjugate you to codes, legislation, registration and the technological stagnation and repression imposed to sustain State sanctioned and granted monopoly, simply to travel on roads and land?

Begging a psychopath does not work, begging a coven of psychopaths, hiding within the fictional legal construct of government works no better.

If you march in protest, you are in truth not preventing the actions of the government but sanctioning them under protest, the psychopaths have no real dispute with protest for that reason, don’t protest, ‘reject’, even then begging is unlikely to succeed.

Petitioning the State means to submit a written prayer in the redress of a wrong, begging a psychopath does not work.

What does work is to remove the authority of the psychopaths; they author fictional legal constructs in order to have authority over that substantive fundamentals the fictional construct are created to hide, a fiction is another word for a lie, and when a lie is rebutted and proof is demanded of the validity of the fiction it dissolves into the ether from whence it came. (See ‘The Eight Point Community Plan’) Active Image

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