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Written by Abdun Núr J.   

“Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true.” Guatama Buddha

The truth; provable through evidence and reason based in reality. All that actually exists and happens, not what we believe to be the truth without investigation, which is in perception alone the truth.

Pure truth, free from pervasive inflection; conditioned or indoctrinated ignorance; manipulated, edited and homogenized insanity, saturating the minds of the sleepers, perceived as the truth by the majority.

The actual truth, the factual truth, without the inconvenient facts omitted. The whole truth…

A simple exposure to even a little of the underlying truth, (a rarity indeed), is a powerful thing, upon accepting the truth you are set free from the lies, you are breaking the indoctrination, you are waking from your engineered psychosis.

Why is the truth hidden? If you knew the truth this would not be questioned. The truth is hidden beneath an ocean of lies; if you peer into the water you will see the truth at the bottom. This is all that is required to realise the truth, simply, to seek it.

Fear of the truth, or even fear to express the truth, maintains the lies, to understand the truth will expose you to reality, a thing the liars go to great pains to prevent, your conditioned to fear the truth, the truth is subversive, it’s unpatriotic, it’s anti-establishment, it’s racist, it’s insane, they label the truth to make the acceptance of the lies your easiest option.

Who hides the truth?

Another simple answer, the thief! Greed is the under pinner of all other evils; in truth the one that encompasses and envelops all negative acts. The ultimate endeavour of the greedy is the practice of Usury, meaning to be a ‘user’ of others for your advantage and their detriment, a crime without parallel, and a reality we all now experience globally, mostly in ignorance.

Why doesn’t the truth come out?

Another simple answer, it does, but the majority choose to dismiss it as inconceivable, if conceived, impossible, if possible, improbable, if probable, seek an expert to lie to you, reaffirming your belief of inconceivability. Most have been condition to think the establishment is working in their best interest, and the establishment have experts to lie convincingly, expert liars; expert liars on every topic, convincing people they are not in possession of the fact, only they have the facts.

Why is the world so corrupt, drowning in lies, hate, torture and mass murder?

The answer is the crime of Usury.

This is not new, it has existed as long as men have wished to have something for nothing, a concept that will always leave someone else deprived of what they deserve, a person the Usurers feel is beneath them for been foolish enough to be tricked, they call and view these people by many names, sap, Punta, goyim, sucker, investor, peasant, sub-human, the electorate, comrade etc. in so doing, viewing the victim as the one at fault.

The liars seek to justify Usury, diminish its significance, reduce its facets, simplify its elements down to one, the charging of interest; another lie!

The elements of Usury are many. To understand Usury is to understand the true enemy of the truth; the true enemy of freedom; the true enemy of justice; the true enemy of every human being in existence.

Apathy is the most powerful ally of these thieving bankers, corporate agents, sovereigns and bureaucrats, to which end they poison, medicate and educate the population into a state of enforced ignorance of all dangerous truth, replaced with conditioning and indoctrination of easy lies, this is the most effective weapon they wield, even worse is the wilful, wanton, desired ignorance practiced by the majority of the general populations of the industrialised nations.

Arrogant with misinformed delusions, confident and defensive of a system of which they have no understanding; this would best describe the average British, American or European, they protect and indulge in usury, they worship the fiat monies of the world, coveting and hording it without limit.

All money is in truth a representation of physical effort, personal energy, even when the money system is corrupt this principal is still the foundation of the value of money, so the majority physically work in exchange for a token of labour (money), while the corrupt manipulate, swindle, and exploit their positions of trust or opportunity and prey on the powerless in effect draining away your physical exertion, your physical energy, allowing them to receive the benefit as opposed to the generator of the physical wealth; the very definition of a thief.

The understanding of money is a secret the elite international banking mafia do not want the majority to know about, 99% of all the money of the world is fiat-debt. What does that mean? The paper printed to represent money, has absolutely no value other than official sanction: official corporate authorization. It functions purely on the blind trust of the poor, the blind greed of the rich and the total public co-operation and collusion of the establishments of population control with the banking mafia.

Many think we use representative paper money, (redeemable for gold or silver on demand) but the banking mafia created the second world war to make representative paper outside of America redeemable only for the gold backed American dollar, as, at its conclusion, this was engineered as the only currency holding gold, then in 1971 they removed the dollars link with gold, an action blamed on the cost of the Vietnam police action experiment, but actually due to the Ponzi economic structure of usury and the requirement of the doubling of debt every ten years or so, to maintain interest payments. Making the dollar fiat made all global currency redeemable for itself, creating true fiat money worldwide. The seed of fiat money is representative money, a seed if interest bearing that will grow into the enslavement of man on Earth.

The first creation of the truly modern banking system was the bank of England, which is a private company, it pays no tax, is not accountable to the government, while the government is accountable to it, it is the instigator of income tax, and most importantly is the originator of the currency, the fiat English pound, which it makes for the cost of printing and then lends at interest. It’s brother company the federal reserve, which is also a private company, which pays no tax, is not accountable to the government while the government is accountable to the FED, and is the originator of the fiat American dollar, and owned by the same families as the bank of England, prints the dollar for the cost of printing and lends it at interest. It is conservatively estimated that profits exceed $150 billion per year and the Federal Reserve has never once in its history published accounts. Take any national bank, the story is identical, only four now remain independent, Syria, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, out of more than 200 nations; (an interesting list when you consider whom the media and puppet governments are manufacturing an axis of evil against, under the control of the banking mafia).

The fiat dollar functions as a taxation system, they print dollars and purchase goods from the rest of the world, then blackmail, threaten, intimidate and manipulate or just bribe the nations of the world into holding dollars, only been exchangeable for oil and American government bonds, vast sums are held around the world. In effect the banking mafia are stealing the commodities for the cost of printing, the pound and the yen are also within this umbrella as sub currencies, which is the reason they don‘t compete.

If interest free representative paper money was in use it would be honest only as far as the link was honest, if a 100% link was enforced this would be honest money (of course it wouldn‘t be enforced for long, with a world of greedy men in power), and if honest would represent a credit based financial system. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a fractional reserve structure if interest free, as you would be getting an advance upon your labours, and after repaying that advance would balance the account, creating no inflation, causing no devaluation of savings, and would give no ability for the banksters to create boom and bust economics to steal assets, as long as no one held a monopoly on money, loans or labour.

The dollar will collapse due to the requirement of the doubling of debt to maintain interest, which will bury the world under the incredible debt it represents, the thieves are planning to establish a new dollar that is backed by gold, a representative note, as the original dollar was, this will ultimately replace the existing dollar, which will then spiral unrestrained into hyper-inflation and eventually hold the value of its weight in paper alone, in effect removing the burden of repayment, voiding almost a century of I.O.U’s. If the people of the world allow this, if they accept the loss then once more accept the new version of the dollar, they would be true slaves, how long would it be before they again removed the link from gold?

In other words only gold and silver as a currency can exist as truly accountable created money (although in theory any commodity that is a store of physical labour would work), the creation of money from the printing press is a debt based system, (fiat being the very opposite of representative paper), a system that creates money for no effort from the bankers, while reducing the value of the tokens for labour the fiat money represents constantly, reducing the purchasing power of the tokens, reducing the infrastructure and services of government, reducing the resources of the natural world, reducing personal freedoms, there are things that increase, personal debt, national debt, tax, indoctrination, conditioning, ignorance and apathy.

In truth the money they create is not money at all, it’s debt, redeemable for another identical piece of debt paper only, it cannot be circulated until somebody borrows it, whether the government or an individual, this is devolution of the understanding of worth. It is a note of debt created by a private bank and repaid with value from the effort of the population, as they print more interest bearing debt paper they create inflation in line with the interest rate, as they increase the amount of circulating debt the price of goods are forced up, the producers, wholesalers, retailers and tax system are forced to raise the cost, as they are forced to repay the interest on the debt. The prices go up only because the value of the money goes down. If the banking mafia wish to create a boom, they give out debt freely, so the economy grows from the influx of fiat money, when it’s grown enough they create a bust, they restrict the giving of debt, the money stops flowing and the banking mafia foreclose or buy everything for pennies; a familiar cycle.

At the present time gold is at around $1592 (18/05/2012), gold's real price (as deflated by the CPI) is still lower than the peak of every rally since 1972. In order to test the 1980 high of $850 the nominal value would need to trade at $2,177. The banking mafia are maintaining a false gold and silver price, to maintain the delusion of value for the printed, valueless, fiat debt money, this is a gift for every intelligent human being with the ability to invest in gold and silver, exchange your worthless paper for the true asset of gold and silver.

Consider this, the English pound is so named because it represented a pound in weight of pure silver, and 240 silver pennies weighed one pound. So even given the cost of silver is false, in respect of fiat money, the denomination has devalued from a fiat value today of approx. £281 (it’s original value) to £1 (18/05/2012) since the banking mafia and corrupt establishments began debasing the money supply, around 0.35%.

So we have gone from silver coins (true accountable money), to representative paper (redeemable for true accountable money), to fiat paper a certificate of debt (merely a promise to pay on a debt, a worthless promise as it turns out), don’t be fooled by fiat money when considering gold, they are deceiving you in to accepting the pricing of gold in dollars, to do so is to accept the unacceptable. How can you judge true accountable money against ‘a promise to pay on a debt’?

When the banksters create the new representative dollar, if you wish to trade for this dollar it would be wise to immediately redeem it for gold or silver, every individual and community on Earth should redeem the metal and mint coins, true accountable money, as people have to being to recognise that labour is the true generator of wealth not the token created to represent it. If not they will, in the not too distant future once again remove the link and create true fiat money, eventually manifesting yet another version of the dollar and another and another as long as the people are willing to give their labour and resources for a promise to pay on a debt, from a group of lying, cheating, thieving, murdering, Satanists, ‘the thieving bankers’.

The power driving the divisions of men, the destruction of nature, the perversion of education and history, the retardation of technology, the cultivation of wars, torture, engineered genocides and poverty, the management of the information around the world, the enslavement through debt and taxation of the populations, detached by concepts of geographical separation, is the power granted by the act of usury, empowering a few individuals to enslave through usury capitalism.

Usury capitalism is the enslavement of the people of the world through, debt, a slave of debt is 75% more productive than a physical slave, you don’t have to waste resources housing, clothing, educating or feeding them and they will work harder, longer and more conscientiously. The main advantage is they are motivated by greed, which can be nurtured through the media.

The Zionists prefer Usury communism however, not communism, which has never existed, without Usury the concept of communism would be unnecessary, the entire concept and implementation of communism is a creation of the Zionists.

Usury communism, is the enslavement of the people of the world through government, a physical slave, the advantage over a debt based slave is in control, far more control of the slave is permitted, they are more like commodities, to be bought and sold, harvested and abused, the disadvantage is they are motivated by fear, which can be nurtured through the media.

So you may ask what is the Zionist movement? Zion is a hill near Jerusalem, in Biblical times emblematic of the house or household of God. It is the establishing and developing of a Jewish state: a worldwide movement, originating in the 19th century that sought to establish and develop a Jewish nation in Palestine. Since 1948 its function has been to support the state of Israel. In addition they are working towards the establishment of a single world government, a single digital financial system, and a single religion, the worship of Baal, (Ka’Baal’a).

This is a paragraph from the USA Banker's Magazine, August 25 1924

"Capital must protect itself in every possible manner by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected; bonds and mortgages must be foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people lose their homes they will become more docile and more easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a central power of wealth under control of leading financiers. This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world. By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned."


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