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Written by Abdun Nur   
I asked the question, why do the innocent suffer without redress, hope, retribution, or any justice?

I fasted and waited for 37 days, and the answer arrived, this is the second time I have applied this Qur‘anic technique, on my previous application it took 36 days for the answer to pop into my mind, this is not communication with Allah, but simply the answer just pops into the mind.

To understand the question is important, this will only be clear, if you have a desire to see the innocent beyond yourself, which I have discovered many can not even grasp this simple awareness.

I Question why?

I flounder dissipated,

drained of fervour.

Humanities designation an irony,

its affront surrounds me,

inexplicably each mind labours to become less than nothing.

Their tangential thoughts exchange in ignorance,

rife this engineered psychosis labours,

wearing down passion to resolute drudgery.

I flounder,

disconsolate I hold humanity in contempt,

deeply and solemnly.

My thoughts spawn a fountain,


bewildered at pervasive acts perverse to reason,

from fabricated belief building each new feral mind.

I flounder,

like a landed fish,

isolated from the ocean of unity,

that’s so immorally drained into the sewer of mans sovereignty.

All that resolve to serve the unity of the human race, stands dejected, fruitless dedication steals all power.

My flaw is profoundly held.

I must surmount this intractable barrier of sentence.

I must consider the insignificant fraction of good,

without considering the balance of the overwhelming bad.

Respect the reflection of virtue,

each holds inside,

against the selfish greed and lust,

of confused ignorance outwardly displayed.

I consider this the hardest requisite of Islam.

Only the innocent sustain my purpose,

while the guilty punish my wards without constraint,

it builds a negative aspect,

a dwindling paradigm of reflected truth.

The innocent always a gift of gentle power,

so abused without recourse,

I question why?

The answer when understood makes it clear.

The universe has simple underlying principles, like for example, differential fractals, they repeat the order of all realities at every scale of creation. Take snow flakes, trillions upon trillions of individual flakes, each one almost the same as the next, differential fractal structure, this structure repeats in scale also, if you examine the orbit shells of atoms, they match the orbit shells of the solar systems, in relation to scale, differential fractals.

It is the limitations of these fundamental principles that demands the suffering of the innocent, in an indirect way.

If we consider this world as a training mechanism, and death as the completion of that training, so the results of our efforts of that training, dictate the success we experience, or lack thereof, from that new point (after death) of existence forward.

But then the question is asked, what about the innocent, they never had a chance to be trained, they suffered and died in innocent ignorance, their experience on Earth nothing but misery.

This seems a contradiction to reason, a system created to punish those who suffered without redress.

How can that be right?

The answer.

Allah created this entire reality simply to train our higher emotional energy, therefore this reality is the most effective method to achieve that purpose, this is reasoned.

In that case it would not be possible to achieve the same results without this specifically designed training.

In creation order matters, for example until something is in existence, it never existed.

This A-symmetrical model, just as the differential fractal structure, is again a fundamental principle of reality, and understanding this is the key to the understanding of the system.

When the innocent die, the companions of the truth, educate them, this would not be possible without the physical reality training, only this way round, the innocent can only be educated after the educated exist, and they could not have existed without the creation of the physical universe initially.

It is a system that can only work in this order, the innocent without the educated, would exist in stagnation, therefore the educated, or successfully trained, are a prerequisite for the advancement of all.

This means the system can give redress to the innocent within this method, they can achieve the same evolution from state to state, as those who have been successful within the physical world, and established correct beliefs, and evolved into the new state of being, through the experience, wisdom and example of these evolved souls; the children, as indicated within the Qur’an, can become the evolved, being transformed from state to state.

76:19 There will circulate among them youths made eternal. When you see them, you would think them (as beautiful as) scattered pearls.

I realise this is not the complete translation, but only its shadow, still it indicates the reasoning above to be correct.

We are in this reality for such a very brief time, we plot, scheme, plan, deceive, confuse, mislead, cheat, steal, hurt, manipulate and denigrate others for financial gains, social advantage, jealous wounding, ignorant hatred.

The Zionist / secular social engineering, herd the minds of the people into a belief, the most successful, powerful, revered and celebrated, are those who manage the accumulation of material wealth, with total contempt for human beings, the natural world, the food supply, the poisons and misery this philosophy generates.

The Christians confuse the baffled further with the glorification of religion, the propagation of sovereignty, and the silent endurance of human suffering, they fill the minds of the baffled with the idea they will get their reward in a fictional Christian heaven.

The Muslims are little better, they have adopted a direct opposite view of the concepts and principles of the Qur’an within their lives, they apply the Christian supplication of God approach, asking for forgiveness, while continuing to act iniquitously.

The innocent suffer not because of the system of Allah, the system has to work this way round, in the beginning at least. But because of the stupidity and greed of people, we are only here for such a very short time, yet we are willing to sell, not only our own lives for perceived gains, but the lives of those around us, and the ones yet to arrive.

The Jewish business model must be expunged from existence, the Roman Catholic financial, legal, political, and corporate models must be expunged from the world, because if we continue to defend and propagate these criminal models of extortion, theft, deception and stagnation, the innocent will not be the only ones that will suffer.

This structure also makes clear the Shirk concept of Allah, people hold onto false beliefs even in the face of physical proof to the contrary, so strong are false beliefs, not even the evidence of Allah in front of them will convince them of the truth, these beliefs hold the mind in total subjugation to confusion and lies.

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