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Written by Abdun Nur   

Version 3 18th July 2015


Creeping malevolently, crawling courteously around, in the concealed places they attempt to remain hidden, waiting patiently, a predatory creature, multi adapted to move swiftly, venom-filled to nourish their prey, generous only with their toxic gifts, given when their fangs bite down, from that moment there is little hope of escape.

They have an integral spinneret to build webs, spinning deception, to ensnare their prey, webs that serve as nests. They show no mercy, they have no conscience, no pity, no end to their hoarding, they poison and then they bind, no escape, hung out in the air, unable to move slowly dying in misery, as they are drained drop by drop of their essential juices.

Industriously they construct an all but invisible trap, maintain carefully, completed; they just sit and wait motionless for the oblivious to arrive.

The Latin name is arachnid; the three human varieties are banker (billionaire), priest (organiser and procurer) and politician (millionaire) (formally king).

The arachnid soulless psychopaths surpass their name sake, their abilities are far more insidious and encompassing; orchestrating misery without parallel; in poisoning victim and environment, the fabric of the ever society they pervert; in draining the life force, the slow death, prolonging the suffering for their entire unnatural lives; in hanging them out cocooned in a prison of debt, transforming free souls into economic slaves; in having no conscience, no pity, no moral nor ethical depths they will not indulge and plunge in plunder and pillage, the spider in comparison is virtuous, saintly and genuine.

In their hoarding, their unrestrained avarice, ever escalating, eternally builds an unsatiated appetite that could never be satisfied, greed, hoarding and cupidity that exists without comparison; the slave masters of the earth in cold hatred, their arachnid empire evident, manipulations in millennia their prey complicit and eager serfs of the soulless spiders, a collective nest of criminal monomaniac parasites that have created a vast web spanning the entire earth.

And as expressed within the Qur’an the spider’s web is the weakest of dwellings, a precarious and delicate structure, exposed and so easily destroyed, the only requirement implicit upon you is to avoid the trap.

The arachnid empire loves monopoly, the monotone of the psychopathic mind sings out, a single world banking system, a single world religion, and a single world government, this is their dream, the Zionists control the banking, the Vatican Jesuits control the religion and the Monarchy the Zionists and the Vatican Jesuits control the monolithic government of the obelisk.

The sacrificial fly is every soul, enslaved and submissive to this trinity of depravity, conforming in complete subjugation to invented sovereignty and authority, entirely dominating the willing.

Deception is the paradigm of the age! The sinking ever deeper into a pit of depravity and delusion the result. The media created social engineering and blatant propaganda; the political agenda biased and perverted; the religious media honoured, piously distort all truths and skewing understanding, inventing fictional perceptions, producing mass apathy and ignorance.

The pact of the trinity is transparent. The soulless Monarchies are destined to be the worlds monarchical sovereign powers in feudal monocracy, the Pope of the Catholic church in Rome would appear to be destined as the worlds unholy religious sovereign monotheocracic power, and the hereditary descendants of Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) will be the worlds authoritarian nepotists based in Israel. The trinity of evil working as one.

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