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Written by Noel Huntley, Ph.D.   


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Strictly, it is not women who have been suppressed, but the feminine energy---they are not exactly synonymous. This negative action might be considered to be one of the most closely guarded, certainly concealed, secrets on planet Earth for many thousands of years.

This suppression applies to both males and females. 'Male' does not mean masculine. Physics will eventually be sufficiently advanced in the humanities to understand the ratio of masculine and feminine energies. The balanced male contains a proportion of the feminine energy component; which ideally would seem to be 50%; that is 50/50 masculine/feminine. With this ratio the masculine energy cannot distort. The feminine energy in women might be considered ideal even if 100% feminine; though a small component of masculine energy might be practical but could, however, be provided by the male. This large difference would seem to be expected since we only have to observe the huge difference on this planet between males and females---they are almost alien relative to one another (this is not easily observed because of what is taken for granted; is programmed).

If we consider the theoretical balanced male and programme him to be more masculine, precisely what society encourages today with great ignorance of the big picture, he becomes aberrated; behaviour deviates from the norm (the condition today). And a civilisation will head towards destruction. The inspiration, for even an Einstein when making a discovery, will originate within the feminine energy component within the individual, and the masculine energy will bring it to fruition. Thus the feminine initiates and creates, and the masculine energy puts it into practice. Note that similarly the female has been programmed to be more masculine.

In terms of physics, the magnetic energy is associated with the feminine polarity and the masculine with the electric energy; the feminine principle processes magnetic energies and the masculine, electrical energies. Extraterrestrial and spiritual material has been hinting at this for a while but Dr. Larry Boren even wrote a book on this in 1965, which will be reprinted and appreciated much more today. He makes it clear that the magnetic force comes first and then the electric; and appropriately adds that the electromagnetic wave should be renamed the magnetic-electric wave.

This feminine/masculine principle is present in all universal phenomena. One of the tools of control and suppression is to bias the species' energy towards the masculine. If one wants a science-fiction example of an 'advanced' civilisation which is unbalanced in this way, consider the Klingons in Star Trek.

We must not, however, lose sight of the larger viewpoint and that this set-up even in our unbalanced civilisation would apparently have an agreed-upon purpose. This is where the 'Luciferic energy' enters our civilisation. We all know that the idea of the Temptation has both a positive and negative implication. Its purpose was positive but it could lead into negativity. This is the principle and whether one believes in the notion of a Lucifer or not it does not change the fact that the physics of the energies unbalancing our race was of this kind. It appears that at some point consciousness was given the purpose of exploring individuality, and data-processing the nature of problems, negativity, fragmented energies, to bring them into integration.

This state of affairs exists today. Our species has achieved the goal of exploring and developing individuality and independence, but as one can see it has gone too far into separation beyond the optimum. This increased separation has resulted in massive ego-development on this planet, resulting in deficient ability in experiencing compassion, perceiving another's viewpoint and, in particular, another's suffering.

Let us summarise some of the true attributes of the masculine (electric) and feminine (magnetic) energies. The masculine energy, from a higher spiritual perspective, as already stated, has been 'allowed' to dominate, to push the race towards greater independence and individuality. This energy thus gives rise to a quantitative reality (fragmented and requiring 3D logic). The feminine energy is connected to Source (magnetic stillness and attractive force). It is a totally benevolent force, holistic and qualitative; providing the sustaining, nurturing energies, the intuition, and inspiration, but also motivating thought and action. The masculine energy, besides action, yields the intellect and logic, which we should note is only 3D, that is, a property of our external world and does not handle inner space and higher dimensions. The masculine energy is restless and forever seeks (even if subconsciously) the Source. It is particularly adaptable to abilities in the material plane. One of its main strengths, however, is that it produces change, even though by introducing discomfort. This can be very valuable to higher consciousness (such as the Source), which desires exploration and discovery, new probabilities to be taken.

Starting with our excessively masculine society, the more advanced the civilisation the more feminine energy it will take on. What happens when we have excessive feminine energy in a species, over-riding the ideal male proportion of 50/50 and 100% feminine energy for the female?

 There would be no evolution of consciousness and science but, nevertheless, the peace and unity would bring a continual state of bliss. It would appear that there are other workable ratios between masculine and feminine, say, a more balanced one, something like 55% male, 45% female for the male, and vice-versa for the female. Humans could seemingly also evolve to this ratio.

The deviations of the masculine/feminine balance in each gender today towards excessive masculinity is clearly apparent in the egotistical, 'macho', tough image, selfish, insensitive behaviour and the lack of compassion and ability to know anyone else's suffering.

Most aspects of society's influence on people reflect the masculine imbalance; from the education of the left brain to entertainment heroes with images of materialistic success, obsessiveness in competition, cool emotionless unfeeling behaviour, one-upmanship, etc. These are all characteristics of polarity and the absence of the benign feminine energies resonating with magnetic unity consciousness. However, many women are today developing this imbalanced masculine behaviour, demonstrating ego, insensitivity, bad language, selfishness, etc.

Nevertheless we see the trend also towards a more feminine society, in the balanced sense, though not in the form of the women's liberation movement, which is still reflecting the masculine energy in its attack of the problem. Woman are being enticed to become more masculine with the illusion that this is what equal rights is all about. We are not talking about women doing men's jobs or possibly even developing muscular bodies but about the personality, the psychology of the female---as per the characteristics we have described. The female has been on the losing side for so long that it is a natural subconscious reaction to 'move' to the other side---but this is another aspect of the trap. It is sad to see the educated womans attaining, say, professorship and finally able to think logically like a man, and having eliminated that 'irrational intuition'.

Intuition, inspiration and holistic perception relate to the right brain; it contains the feminine principle, which emphasises unity, whereas the left brain handles logic, intellect, language, analysis and the parts (fragmentation).

The intuition is always correct. There are no limits to its power, even ultimately surpassing the intellect via the right brain plus the heart centre. Thus education is designed (contrived by underlying negative influences) to suppress the right brain and develop the left, using the latter to define intelligence and intellect by creating a reality based on, and rewarding, these left-brain traits. All realities are valid. It is entirely up to man to choose a reality which is most desired overall.

If one is still questioning the causes of negativity amongst humans on this planet, then we are in effect stating that if we began with the theoretical state of total magnetic unity there would be no negative build up since the unity would prevent any harm done to anything. Society would remain totally benevolent. But if we introduce a little negativity, or the potential for rapid change, and development of individuality through the masculine energy, then this change could eventually result in the build up of negativity---which is what has happened. But again the effectiveness of the ratio of masculine and feminine or the amount of negativity depends on the evolutionary level of the civilisation and also what it wants to explore.

This masculine/feminine imbalance may eventually be recognised as one of the key items and causes of our species' degeneration. And vice versa, proper acknowledgment of the role of the feminine principle and its restoration in society, giving balance and harmony, will bring inevitable peace, sanity, and higher evolution to the planet. It is vital that we recognise the unprecedented importance of this massive distortion in our civilisation, which could be the most determinant factor in the survival of our species.


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