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Written by Abdun Nur J   

The only thing any person living in submission to Allah with a clear understanding of the statement, ‘There is no God, no sovereign, no idol, no personification, no limited power, there is only Allah and Mohammed is the Rasul of Allah.’ must understand absolutely, having a clear concept of, is the crime of Usury.

The word Usury is not understood in the Qur’anic context, most, if they have even heard of the word, think it of little significance and believe it is merely the charging of exorbitant interest, others believe it’s the charging of any interest at all.

The simplest way to grasp the concept is to understand it as:

 ‘the premeditated theft of the fruits of the physical labours of others’.

Interest is one form of this crime, taxation another but reflect on this principle to quickly understand any usurious transaction. Traditionally usury was simply understood to be the practice of charging a fee for the use of property, whatever that property. Interest is the form of usury attached to money, rent to property, and tax to autocracy.

Firstly who is guilty? To furnish someone with a usurious transaction is obviously Usurious, the accepting of a Usurious transaction as the consumer is also Usurious and finally the legal witnessing of a usurious transaction is also usurious, all are guilty and in defiance of the Qur’anic law of Allah, not to mention the moral and ethical values of any intelligent human being with any regard for a human life.

Secondly why is it so important to understand and avoid Usury to be in submission to Allah?

The practice of Usury will ultimately enslave humanity, stripping back any community all the way to the family unit leaving you as an isolated individual easily controlled and manipulated. It will remove moral and ethical actions from the population and in due course result in the complete destruction of society. Degenerating in to war and exploitation of the weak and powerless, the annihilation of the defiant, the removal of freedom, the control and perversion of knowledge, the creation of monopolies, the removal of diversity, the increasing demands upon every individuals physical efforts to maintain a basic level of subsistence as the majority of the effort is redirected to the Usurers, the erosion of public services, the promotion of the vilest and most degenerate individuals to positions of celebrity or power and finally the removal from the truth and promotion of lies as facts. The effects of Usury are very evident within the world today, even more evident than any other influence or practice.

Thirdly, what is Usurious?

The paper money system of the world is based on debt, no note is printed except as the representation of a debt, whether public or private, a debt on which the bankers extract interest, this means all fiat money, (debt paper) is usurious, to accumulate and hold the certificate of any debt (like the English pound or the American dollar) in exchange for your efforts is usurious, the exchange of this debt paper as quickly as is practical into physical money, (in effect cashing in the debt) of gold or silver, or the purchase of goods to escape the usury is necessary, to horde paper debts is Usurious.

The monopoly systems of gambling manifest by the usurious banking system of the stock markets, the futures markets, the investment markets, the commodities markets, the bonds market, the insurance market, the pensions markets and the currency exchange markets are all without exception Usurious, to reap the rewards of someone else’s fruits and think yourself a sharp investor, ultimately of course a very poor investment upon realising your truth.

Many feel enraged by the progressively more debased actions of the Usurers, who through the empowerment of the population by indulging in Usury have taken total control of; the media world wide, the political establishments worldwide, the creation of the monies of the world for the cost of printing, which they lend at interest, and the establishment of obscene monopolies stripping the Earth of diversity, natural beauty and ecological environments, poisoning the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat, physically enslaving enormous numbers of human beings.

Income tax, value added tax (VAT), all tax is usurious, to pay it is usurious, to understand this you must firstly understand how income tax, and any other form of tax was started, who tax is ultimately collected for, and what the thinly veiled lie of democracy truly represents, how the Zionist financial industry with the Jesuits controls the entire planet and what are the goals and values of the groups in control of the financial industry, because there certainly not goals and values for the benefit or safety of the mass population of this tiny planet.

If you recognize the truth and understand the absolute requirement to refuse any usurious transaction even at the cost of your liberty, even at the cost of your accumulated wealth, even at the cost of your social standing, even at the cost of your public reputation, even at the cost of your physical life!

Simply understand this, the only thing Allah is at war with is usury, to stand against Allah is truly insane, to lose your liberty, wealth, reputation or even your physical life is of absolutely no consequence in comparison to being at war with Allah.

In this usurious world, Islam is the hardest road, a direct opposite to the negative, a light to the abused, a shield to the powerless, the understanding of Islam is the key to the future, the road back to sanity, the knowledge to escape the enslavement of the bankers, deep truth with conviction, in total confident belief, this is the purpose and answer for the baffled, ignore cultural traditions of religious practice, created independent of the truth of Islam, ignore religious dogma, this was created by religious men to enrich themselves, only the Deen of Islam, the true comprehensive understanding of existence.

And do not obey the disbelievers and hypocrites but do not harm them, and rely upon Allah. And sufficient is Allah as disposer of affairs. (Surah 33, 48)

The answer to the situation humanity finds itself in, the majority almost entirely unwittingly, unaware of any danger or premeditated abuse, amazingly complicit in its own destruction and enslavement, is not with the rich and powerful, but with the poor and apparently powerless, of the industrialized nations and to a lesser extent the third world if supported by the people of the industrialized nations.

If the true enemy is clearly understood, the evidence and history laid bare, the systems and institution exposed for what they truly represent, this will empower the powerless. As the true adage states, ‘the truth will set you free.’

Even on a personal level, independent to the acts of your neighbour, you can remove your support and empowerment for the satanic elite.

O you who have believed, do not take My enemies and your enemies as allies, - (Surah 60, 1)

If they gain dominance over you, they would be (i.e., behave) to you as enemies and extend against you their hands and their tongues with evil, and they wish you would disbelieve. (Surah 60, 2)

Allah is making reference to truth, your enemies wish you to disbelieve in the facts, Allah is the truth, but many will wilfully support a lie for personal profit, power or the maintaining of position, however lowly that position maybe.

O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?

Great is hatred in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do. (Surah 61, 2 - 3)

Upon the comprehension of the truth you must act upon it, to continue to support the establishment is to support a lie.

The establishment should be truly viewed as the privileged few in control of governments, along with all institutions, public as well as private. Through the greed and lust for power of these depraved individuals over the centuries we have arrived at this rendering of the human experience. They having created vast corrupt empires, enslaved populations, murdered entire civilizations, ransacked the natural resources of the world, polluted the entire planet, poisoned the food chain, restricted the human rights and civil liberties for the vast majority of the people of the globe, robbed, deceived, manipulated and indoctrinated, waged countless wars, lied and conspired against humanity, retarded technologies, actively encouraged moral depravity, and the dissolution of society, the community, the family and social structures, tortured, raped and exterminated inestimable numbers of individuals.

The question is not how can we change the establishment, nor how can we participate in government, but how can the existing establishments be removed completely, and definitively forever.

Jesuits like Tony Blair and Zionists like Paul Wolfowitz work towards the establishment of a new world order, a two tier system, were human beings can be owned, sold, and harvested as commodities. Classified as sub-human the majority will exist without power, dignity or rights, (this has been true for the majority of the world anyway, but the extent of this abuse will increase dramatically), as they establish a financial system, held exclusively within a computer system (digital money), the birth of a new world. Hell manifest physically on Earth, satanic rule not predominant as now but total, without any positive confrontation or balance, the ultimate Usury.

Consider the ramifications of the realization of such a system, the establishments would have absolute dominance of your earnings, everything you accumulate and everything you pay for, they not you would have the power to extract from you digital account whatever they wished, they could establish how much tax they wanted to embezzle, the power to isolate or starve an individual would be held by them, through the retrenchment of your digital account. Every individual would be totally reliant upon the bankers, in the hands of the Zionist banking mafia, the abuse would be ceaselessly escalating, balanced only by the despair this would generate.

Apathy is the most powerful ally of these Zionist bankers, enforced ignorance of the truth replaced with conditioning and indoctrination is the most effective weapon they weald.

Arrogant with misinformed delusions, confident and defensive of a system of which they have no understanding; this would best describe the average British, American or European with regard to the financial and political mechanisms and objectives.

We are viewed as economic slaves, our human energy is taken, the fruits of our efforts stolen, drained away almost as fast as we can generate it, the more established this usurious system is allowed to develop the greater the efforts will be required to maintain a basic existence for every individual.


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